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  1. I don't think Yerevan would get it because of the tension with Azerbaijan. I was expecting Baku to get it again but maybe they aren't for the same reason.
  2. I see Russia is not in the brackets - are they also not competing in the 2022 senior worlds? The 2023 senior worlds are still listed by UWW as being in Russia (less than 14 months from now).
  3. I'm familiar with that as well.
  4. He was lying at John Smith too and went off on the skrtc people (Humphrey) for having tomasello in the room I know someone coached by Caels youngest brother in Utah and he said Cael said they were a headache before they left
  5. Who has he tried to get In the past? Sasso, chlebove, Oliver???
  6. I know someone offered a $25,000 a year scholarship there and was told that is applied to their net price, they were able to do that because not fully funded. So if u qualify for aid, this is on top of that and is nice. I hope they do well as a program
  7. Anything can change but my source is a good one so see if it happens
  8. I heard a different name, none that u mentioned - someone currently on the roster. Nothing definite but heard from a good source
  9. Ragusin red shirting next year
  10. Does Ayala get a red shirt year or does he lose that by using it for part of a year? or can he just walk away from school to train at a RTC?
  11. I thought megaludis wasn't in the room when he was there?
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