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  1. 76 D1 schools, 62 D2 schools and 97 D3 now. That's 235 total. And if D1 goes down and D3 goes up, that's a loss in scholarship opportunities. What are you so please about, more community / 2-year schools with wrestling? Are you counting the rise in women's programs as part of the good news?
  2. Was Dake that big of a deal in HS? I felt like a lot of people didn't take notice until midway through his freshman year
  3. Jarrod king. Donahoe Suriano of course
  4. Although Scott was injured, i think him leaving early and his brother leaving was related. After placing 2 years in a row, why wouldn't he want a final season? I heard Matt was unhappy with all the lightweights they brought in after him (schram, lane, polito)
  5. Sounds like he quit, right? Said he left the team in November
  6. Wish they showed the entire match. Often they'd start in the 3rd period.
  7. I never thought these would be aired again. That's great because recordings back then weren't all that great.
  8. There was something - i have a good connection with a current wrestler. But he said they didn't want it leaving the team so i don't know what it was. Previously he had mentioned that Lee was sick, not sure if they are related
  9. He turns 22 in a month, so he will be 26 after his final year (sfter the season ends). Is there an age limit? He needs to be one of the oldest. Ashnault is what, 23 after 6 years?
  10. I can agree, if you post on a head he can move his head and change your angle or clear it. But if you grip the top of it, you can't clear it by moving your body or moving your head. I'm just repeating what Tim Johnson said, that he grabbed it but he didn't pull down on it and he seemed to think that made it ok.
  11. Grabbed more than pulled. The announcers made it sound like it needed to be pulled down to be an infraction. Im surprised no one put what the actual rule says on this
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