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  1. Thanks. I'm also looking at the venue site, they haven't yet offered tickets. I think they are waiting for info too
  2. I think Taylor too big for Dake and Burroughs now. Have any countries indicated that they will go to the worlds? I can't see the European Union countries going (Serbia is open and not in the EU). That leaves Russia and the former USSR countries (who are also locked down). I doubt countries like Japan or South Korea would do it either.
  3. And the fact that he has 2 brothers in HS and Ok State is some place they can drive too; the year before Rutgers was a place they could drive to before they switched schools.
  4. Can you add names? I thought Yanni was going 149
  5. Make an all girls card (best girls you can get) and an all guys card. See what the numbers are and that shows the demand. I suspect it won't do well and that's why they like to mix the big womens matches between the big mens matches.
  6. Will they have it (in addition to the olympics)? UWW site makes changes pretty quickly when things change, and they still list Norway 2021 (and Japan 2021) and have listed both for months now. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/events
  7. That's cool. Not sure. I would assume 143 but ashnault was wrestling more than that and caldwell fights at 135. I remember flo saying pletcher was going up a weight (I doubt they meant 2 pounds more than his college weight). Couldn't be 154 right? Or would they just agree on something arbitrary? Didn't that last flo event give everyone a 5 pound allowance? Maybe it would be 143+5? I'm just guessing
  8. Yeah I'm sure he's in good shape from fighting. I'm guessing metcalf ia much heavier and wrestling college kids as an assistant i didn't realize he was injured before grajales. But he did wrestle in the Midlands a few years later and lost. So I'm not sure he'd get up for some random one off match.
  9. Everyone would like to see them both train seriously and have another match. Unfortunately caldwell hasn't been that good since being champ. He was injured the next year (and may have been losing when injured) and then lost post graduate in the Midlands I tbink
  10. Weren't they supposed to wrestle twice since then? And I thought caldwell pulled out of both? Am I wrong? Weren't they supposed to wrestle on a ship?
  11. If David Taylor didn't threaten to drop a weight to avenge his freestyle loss to Dake, Dake may not have gone up a weight and Taylor would end with 1 college loss and only a handful of regular decision wins. He'd be #1 in that case did Bo go up 2 weight classes? That's also impressive. He doesn't seem that big and Cael makes a lot of those decisions for the team (I think that's also why Ruth went up)
  12. Also looks like Ethan Kyle left Wyoming - any idea who will replace him?
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