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  1. There was a rumor he had mono. I don't think it was knee problems. I think not making excuses is the classiest way to go - and he still finished the season on top. But would be interesting to know if others can talk about it
  2. Dylan 3rd NCAAs as a freshman
  3. I think he did this is college too. Does anyone have video of him doing this in college? or at least know the match
  4. Impossible. 3rd the worst he can do and 1st most likely
  5. All I heard was only 8 kids per weight (the placers) return tomorrow (which starts at noon)
  6. yeah, he did. not sure why other thing I though was unusual was how bad some of Lee's shots were - few times like not able to shoot the side of a barn. I was wondering if that was some weird setup or just rivera sensing it was coming and got out of the way
  7. cool - he was really impressive 3 years ago. I remember him beating guys like Pletcher easily. I'm sure he's a threat like you say
  8. he was good in cleveland and wasn't very good after.
  9. I got seabass winning . He lost to the penn state guy at penn state on some suspect calls. Next time I see a match with Lee more like a 6-2 win.
  10. Smith was first match his sophomore year. This throw was early his freshman year. I didn't see either match bit reliable source on the back points.
  11. I know he gave up two back points to this guy in a 12-2 win. I know someone on that team who was at the match at the time and he told me at the time https://buhuskies.com/sports/wrestling/roster/bryan-smith/1129 Dake got thrown to his back by Humphrey - I assume no backs.
  12. Are brackets coming out on Tuesday? I think that's how it used to work
  13. Is he wrestling now? Don't see him on the penn state roster
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