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  1. Everyone would like to see them both train seriously and have another match. Unfortunately caldwell hasn't been that good since being champ. He was injured the next year (and may have been losing when injured) and then lost post graduate in the Midlands I tbink
  2. Weren't they supposed to wrestle twice since then? And I thought caldwell pulled out of both? Am I wrong? Weren't they supposed to wrestle on a ship?
  3. If David Taylor didn't threaten to drop a weight to avenge his freestyle loss to Dake, Dake may not have gone up a weight and Taylor would end with 1 college loss and only a handful of regular decision wins. He'd be #1 in that case did Bo go up 2 weight classes? That's also impressive. He doesn't seem that big and Cael makes a lot of those decisions for the team (I think that's also why Ruth went up)
  4. Also looks like Ethan Kyle left Wyoming - any idea who will replace him?
  5. His dad was good at judo too Lee's parents met at a judo practice in Japan. Cathy, a silver medalist at the 1991 Pan-American Games, walked up to Larry, a former coach for the U.S. National Judo Team
  6. Where was the guy from that Glory wrestled in the semis? Somewhere in the big 10 (indiana?), he was good (was injured in OT). Everyone mentioned is not in the big 10 (picc, mueller, glory). Picc is going to Iowa to wrestle Lee, I doubt he wins there. So will probalby be Lee meeting Picc in the semis and Glory meeting Mueller in the other semis.
  7. I knew he was away - but if he was interested, Rutgers had other home matches they could have done it in (they still have home matches coming up). They were only honoring 2 people, how hard would it be to pick a date where both of them were in the country?
  8. He wasn't at the RAC when they put his banner up. I think he was away, but they have other home events so I figure he didn't want to be there because he's not returning. Too bad.
  9. Didn't he fail out? A little different. I think he wrestled somewhere else after (not a d1 school)
  10. How would it get heated? It was a vicious slam and Phipps probably has a concussion. Nick was nice after but looked like he was trying to hurt him and directed him towards his head.
  11. I saw it in the headline from a story online, nj.com i think, but i can't locate it now by searching. So perhaps that article was modified and that may not be accurate
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