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  1. Take a look at Washington. He’s made tremendous strides, and continues to impress, from where he came in at. Coaching can be the only answer.
  2. Indiana has the coaches in place to develop top talent, from light to heavy , at this time. Stacking the room with talent is the natural next step ,if the program is going to ever be relevant. Remember, who the last head coach was, and how long he kept the program in a downward spiral. Eliminating any consideration by instate elites. This went on for 10 or more years. So getting to the point. It isn’t going to happen in two or four years. IU is getting lots of transfers into the program originally from indiana, although not With Mendezs credentials, but solid room material none the less. And all seniors getting offers from Indiana are honestly considering the program as a possible place to wrestle. It’s is a legitimate school, legitimate coaches, with top notch facilities and in the conference that provides the best competition. Soon one of the elites will make the leap for what the program has to offer. Could be Jesse or any of the many others that Indiana high schools put out every year.
  3. Strong RTC eliminates a lot of programs. At the same time gives Jesse a lot of programs to look at. Excluding any one out of the top 5-7 schools.
  4. The answer is no then , darn how will he fill his time up , between gig’s.
  5. The most popular wrestler the last 10 years needs a placement. David the superstar Taylor! I’m thinking treasury department. Can you imagine how great this country would be, being run by the wrestling community. All the common sense/ brain power. I mean even some of us posters might luck into a Cush position with Steveson running the show. Where could PD3 be placed? Defense secretary?
  6. I personally think Gable should pass on his folkstyle this year and form a committee, for the possibility of running for President of USA. Adam Coon would make a fine choice for VP. There would be many choices for picking a cabinet team. Dake secretary of the interior. J.B. secretary of state, I mean just think about it, all the possibilities here. You guys can fill in the blanks for other cabinet positions. After one term then WWE. kind of makes more sense.
  7. Man I love these threads! Everyone has the assumption that what They say , post, is important. Well don’t take yourselves to seriously……. I mean believe what you want. If you think convincing some one, on this site ,to believe what you say ,is important or right. Then you have other problems. because it ain’t important.
  8. NCAA, will cease to exist in the not to far off future. Little bites off their jurisdiction now. It will snowball and they will either reform into something we’ve never seen before with no teeth or they will cease to exist all together.
  9. NBC sports just reported that Steveson considering NFL, with the rest of his options. Says he has been approached, and it peeked his interest.
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