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  1. After looking at last years team, there is no doubt about what he can do, if and when he gets the talent.
  2. Or blame anybody else for that matter.
  3. Indiana gets a shot in the arm, naming state legend name to the coaching staff. Angel is keeping the pedal to the floor, trying to get the Hoosiers back to respectability.
  4. Lets put it this way, Maryland was a bottom feeder, ala Indiana and Michigan State, in the BIG for several years. You dont get there in one year so you wont be a top feeder in one year, no matter who the hire is. But the fact is, these schools direly needed a cultural shift in direction, after dereliction of duty by previous long term coaches. Hats off to the AD for stopping and changing a pathetic situation, and securing what seems to be the best coach they could get with the resources they had. The three schools I mentioned may not ever get to the top, but for the time being this sure beats them floundering every year and knowing they had no chance in hell of competing.
  5. I would be thrilled to take on the Twin Cities, never been there , as i never had been to Pittsburgh. I'm not the typical fan I guess, for example. I do like the nice ethnic restaurants 1-5 stars and local hang outs as well. And Friday between sessions, in Pittsburgh, the three of us hired a personal tour guide, a 60 something year old son of the city, and he showed and told us about the towns past and present for two and a half hours. $40 ea. well spent, and we still had time for Bloody Marys and smoked salmon, and mussels at a Strip district restaurant before the evening session. We did things between every session there. And also when we went to St. Louis. No doubt Minneapolis would be fun. Ultimately I'go for one reason and It is to watch wrestling and I do get good seats. Personally im not a dome man, I've seen several basketball games in different venues with so called "good seats", .and in the late 80's I said no more, if it ain't football I'm out. I hope it gets back there within the next few years in a quaint 20,000 people venue. I'm in.
  6. Attendance will be good, no doubt. But I can't buy the mantra about first timers," that for the first time they will be able to attend, or get tickets." Most go when they want to for the championships. And to top it all off, in a dome football field, unless you are sitting in the first 5-10 rows from the action, you will be disappointed in the low visibility. It will be no different than watching a basketball game in a football arena, you get so removed from the action that you feel you should have stayed home and watched it on TV. For me, I will introduce first timers to the more quaint surroundings of a Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cleveland atmosphere, where any place you sit in the lower bowl is pretty close to the action. But there's something to be said about being able to say , I was at the 2020 championship.
  7. Two years ago Michigan State, last year Indiana, this year Maryland. It's a race!
  8. Now that's hitting below the belt!
  9. I give the venue an A. the city an A, I Would go back. This was my 2nd NCAA. My 1st was 2015 in St. Louis, and I gave it an A also. I've been to several Midlands, Big Ten championships and a few Southern scuffles in Greensboro and Chattanooga.
  10. Thus the River from Cairo Illinois to New Orleans should be called the Ohio, or if stated logic and protocol was to prevail, the river from Pittsburgh to New Orleans would be called the Monongehela River! Not the Mississippi
  11. Anytime, ANYTIME! you repeat as an NCAA champion, it is great! regardless.
  12. RichB We all were on top of the incline trolly, and he pointed out the trail start and He did mention the rivers. Usually when two rivers meet, the widest one is the name that carries on down stream. Thus monongehela the widest meets Allegheny, the river they create would be the Monongehela. But I guess the Ohio Indians didn’t get the memo from the Monongehela Indians.
  13. Nothing wrong with the food in the town or the arena itself, Pittsburgh people seemed very relaxed with the influx of NCAA wrestling fans. From what i understand Football fans are very trying on bars hotels and the town itself. So with that said, while you guys were boozing it up between sessions 3 and 4, me and two others I was with took a private guided tour of Pittsburgh. Here are just a few of the things that Pittsburgh is known for. This is the city of bridges 446 in the area, more than any city in the world. Emoticon was invented here in 1980 Polio vaccine was created here 1950. Has more bars per capita than any city in the US. 12 per 10,000 residents Big Mac was invented here and first sold in 1967. The first commercial radio station in the world went on the air in 1920, KDKA The first world series was held in 1903 between the Pirates and the Boston Americans, Americans won 5 games to 3. The city of Pittsburgh was OFFICIALLY spelled Pittsburg (no H ) for 20 years, from 1891-1911. And is etched in stone, still at the Pennsylvania train station there. George Washington was commissioned to go to Pittsburgh to take bake the territory, taken by the french.He was defeated and went back embarrassed The country's first gas station opened in east Liberty in 1913. Any one notice the self driving UBER cars around town? The first PUBLIC radio stationed in the country ,WQED. Where MR. Rogers was on, "neighborhood of make believe" was here in Pittsburgh Carnegie Museum of Art is here, The worlds first modern art museum. Andy Warhol was born here, and his museum is here. The great Allegheny Passage starts or ends here going 334 miles to just outside of Washington D.C. Takes 6 days to bike. It is longer than the Application Trail. When you get to DC, Amtrak will let you put your bike on the train and bring you back.
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