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  1. What was the result of the vote?
  2. Obviously the recruiting at IU is not getting it done. If it is what you suggest or other things. As I suggested, with Angel and at one time, Tsirtsis and Jordan on staff, how in the world did they not land st least one top 10 guys in the lower weights?
  3. Seems this is the problem then. They set the thing up in a two bit town with limited rooms ,and then realized the situation ,and grabbed all the rooms. Smooth move.
  4. Ok I’ll take your room reservation. I like your wife!
  5. Have they released anymore lately? Or is it still too early? Anyone have any luck?
  6. Would just like to see WVU relevant again. They’ve got a good wrestling history. And they have talent all around the area to pick from
  7. We wil see if Angel can groom him into a contender this year. Would be a case in point , reference,for future recruits.
  8. Mike Spangler jr college 125 champ transfers to Indiana university.
  9. You know this trend is going hog wild n the major sports. B-ball,F-ball in college. Spreading to the high school ranks.
  10. You’re probably right. We will have to wait and see. There is always an exception in most experiences.
  11. You did not imply. I just ask a question that has an obvious answer.
  12. Yeah, if there is a better room to get better, why not? He owes a high school something?
  13. I wasn’t either, but for the people on here that aren’t in the know, this is not just a 10 man roster of elites that decided to go out of state.
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