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  1. Sounds like he fell into a honey hole to me. Now if he will just stay there, lm thinking he can be more successful than at Stanford.
  2. Sure glad you started this going nowhere thread.
  3. I think Bubba was relieved of his duties also!
  4. Jason was college ready, in high school. Learning and training with his older brother. Went to most of the national tournaments. Alex although never beaten, seemed to hit a wall after high school. But he made sure Jason was ready.
  5. You have to remember indiana didn’t allow freshman during certain years. I know of a few 3 timers, when freshman were not eligible .
  6. Again TexRef said it best ,no top tier successful program will lose its head coach, for this opening.
  7. This has been hashed and rehashed several times , two different threads. No established head coach of a top 10 or probably 20 school wants this situation.
  8. Man, you hit the nail on the head. Talk about a dead area for a school to be in. Champagne has nothing going for it. For activities for college students. If im a coach, this is a red flag and a tough hurdle to get over when trying to convince kids to commit.
  9. If the Illinois coach can capture half of the elite high school kids and northwestern the other half in Illinois ,both schools will have a say so in the top of the conference. Not unlike the Boilermakers and Hoosiers in Indiana.
  10. That’s what I said when you were giving the Illini the businesses, Barny
  11. Not head coach material in my opinion.
  12. Adding to this ,is a third and equal to theses attributes. High IQ.
  13. A loss is a loss. In the scheme of things, in this situation, not too meaningful. As was the win, it counts, but the prize was not for first. The results ,go on all their respective resumes for bragging rights.
  14. So......what is there to gain for Zain or Yianni, if they did beat Lee? Something we don’t know? Or is it more on line with a moral victory ? Not sure there is a second prize ,with not making the team. 1 winner, the rest losers.
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