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  1. This is a nice showing for the ACC, good coaches go a long way for elevating programs that are being promoted by their respective schools athletics directors.
  2. This is done in the Hoosier State, one class finals. And I works. Usually you will see a better match ,when two highly ranked wrestlers meet earlier in the Saturday state final. Than if they met in the championship match. Most are out of fuel by that time, and it gets to be a dancing match.
  3. Nice win for the Spartans. I was with them Friday night against Northwestern and they competed but didn’t seem to match up very well with the cats. Got their butts beat. A stalling disqualification didn’t help.
  4. Look, weather you like or not , this is a new era in the Maryland wrestling program. Let’s talk about em. New leaf Turned over. Go getem terps
  5. One of the last original tough guys
  6. My only wish is that This creates an aura like the final four of basketball. And that people will sit In the upper tiers only to able to see the action with binoculars or with the many video screens in the venue. Just like ncaa basketball. All the basketball fans seem like thy can’t get enough of the great atmosphere. This can only grow the sport of wrestling.
  7. Freestyle does not expose Lee's only weakness , on bottom,being ridden. We shall see.
  8. Agreed, after looking at replay very dangerous
  9. I think you are right. After looking at replays.
  10. I'm definitely getting his autograph,
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