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  1. southend

    Looking for Suite Tickets

    I'm still in the hunt for tickets, if anyone can help.
  2. southend

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Looking for Minnesota Rodents wrestle offs, any word? This is a team that might surprise several teams at Pittsburg.
  3. southend

    Looking for Suite Tickets

    Southend is still looking for Suite tickets
  4. Sorry but I have found room in one, thanks for the reply though. I will keep your message handy in case otherfriends are looking though. What or where is your suite located. Thanks Craig

  5. southend

    Looking for Suite Tickets

    Likewise, PM me, thanks Southend
  6. southend

    Small world

    Did you introduce yourself, and say HI, i'm spladle?
  7. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    Yes he left the Indiana program and seemed to quietly build a resume. Steve Martin will miss him I’m sure.
  8. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    Now, Indiana needs to sign a top recruit, to put an explanation mark on a new, Indiana program.
  9. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    I'm ok, After 100 or so back hand springs, its hard on an old mans arms. And I have to thank Fred Glass for the money. Looks like he is on board now with wrestling at Indiana.
  10. southend

    What college coaches do you think read this forum?

    " with this nonsense." NONSENSE! Damn. I thought we were solving a lot of the worlds problems on here. You just busted my bubble.
  11. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    This would be a coup, if angel could get him. And AD has the money for the hire.
  12. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    I think 158 was talking about OSU staff replacement. But as far as Indiana, Red sr. , no thank you. Not a good fit.
  13. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    In this era of IU wrestling program, they have to get the talent first, to be able to AA. But yes, anything is a blessing for the program. I don't think many people understand how hungry the wrestling community in Bloomington is. The program always has had the potential to be top tier status. The campus, the schools athletic success in all sports makes it very desirable to in state athletes. So if Angel does good, look for the quick rise in talent and success. This will be a lot of work for an unproven coach, but this job comes with no pressure.
  14. southend

    Isaac Jordan signed to IU staff

    Don’t know if he needs an associate head at this time. Not knowing the money constraint, maybe with a little success ,that will be a consideration. But man ,Angel needs these tough guys to harden iu’s Lineup. One more big man coach, and we will see some program progress. Brandon Wright is, hopefully going to stay.