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  1. Seems like they have talent close proximity to choose from. Givem time. The change was good.
  2. Northwestern would definitely move into the second of the three pods then.
  3. Ditto for the Purdue coach. And it’s great to see. Now we need to get Maryland and the Hoosier programs kick started.
  4. The definition of a pod is a cluster. One team does not make a pod. The original premise of the post was to have three pods. Take it from there.
  5. Hef or who ever woke up this year. Sleeping giant. I thought the same.....coaching change! But man look out.
  6. I’m just an innocent bystander, Illinois is doing the hype. Convince me otherwise.
  7. Man Illinois is looking like the sleeper in the conference this year. I’m not buying it.
  8. Pod1: Iowa , mich, Illinois, Penn, Neb. Pod2: Purdue, Minnesota, rutgers Ohio state Pod3: Iu, mich. St . NW, Maryland
  9. Let’s see but Wisky might drop to pod 3, take the Boilers place
  10. Illinois in pod 1 Purdue in pod 2 OSU pod2
  11. Again, Maryland stepped up and made a change. Good for them
  12. All good points. But pointing out the Mendez example illustrates another inherent problem for Indiana. Unlike Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, The Hoosier state lacks the volume of the elite. So going to other states with an unproven program for elites creates a huge hurdle to jump. But proven programs make it easy to cherry pick Indiana high elites. Nebraska, Michigan ,Penn state, and Northwestern love that Indiana is down.
  13. You are correct here. This is a challenge for Illinois. Indiana has tripled their attendance with the new coaching change, I could imagine what would happen if the Hoosiers could field at squad like Illinois has this year.
  14. Another program on the up and up is The Boilermakers. Who happen to take on the Illini this Friday. Will be a good measuring stick for Purdue. I don’t think Illinois will blink at this dual, but they better bring the A team.
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