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  1. LJB,do you squat to pee? Man you are petty obnoxious on here, l mean like a woman on her period. I don’t know ,I’m new here, sorry,I guess I’m asking? Anyone agree with me?
  2. “Darn it ,I wish someone would have told me college was this hard!”
  3. Yeeess! Mom! I always go to my 8:30am calculus class!
  4. Lol, if dads and moms only knew,Lol
  5. Post J.Rob, is a reminder of what a good coach can do for a program.
  6. Agreed,Both Andre and angel AA'd the same year at IU, but I dont think they were beating up on Alex in high school. Thats just not the case.
  7. Quick story, 7’2” George Leach, IU Basketball player for Bob Knight, from North Carolina, recruited by all the major schools, graduated 2002 from School of business. He was a frequent visitor at my house with other team members during his 4 years on the team. During casual conversation while discussing recruitment he did mention Iowa, and the visit he had with the coaches. And this stuck in my mind every since, me being an old white guy, he said Iowa has a tough time getting black guys on their teams because there aren’t any black people there, town and campus. He said he liked to be around black people. His reason to dismiss the schools offer. I had to think hard about that ,which I would not have given a second thought to, but it came from a black mans perspective. So you have think about that as a reason also.
  8. I totally agree with this, that Maryland situation was all on him. He needed to cut bait there 5 or so years into that gig. But instead, ran the program into the ground. I guess if you need to feed your family? But I’m on board here with saying, head wrestling coach , Kerry is not. So,Staying involved in the world’s greatest sport, I think he has something to offer.
  9. I hope I works out for all concerned. McCoy is a class act.
  10. Just agreeing with the jist of your post. Aim at all other programs.
  11. They can be. And some aren’t. But both sports are extremely taxing. When going 3 rounds, an in shape person who isn’t familiar, may feel the gloves are like lead weights on their arms. Another sport that is equally physically taxing is ice hockey. Not mentioned very often as a physical sport, but equally as tough as wrestling and boxing. I would say the top 3 most taxing sports.
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