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  1. Has anyone heard anything on Brown?
  2. It sure seems like you do. It also seems like you have some good excuses on why you can't learn more. If you don't care about the people and you say you don't have time to learn, why do you continue to take shots at someone then.
  3. Any word on who is applying or up for the SIU or Brown jobs? Sounds like things have been kind of quiet about these two schools.
  4. Not sure what Rob Koll is going to do about it. I could understand the arguement more if Hamlin didn't beat Bosak earlier this year. Mustang - but Bosak was still in recovery from his Staph infection. By the logic of Hamlin not losing seed, this should clealy matter in seeding right? Hamlin has three losses, including to a low ranked opponent. He also finished 7th in a tournament Bosak won. He is not get an auto bid to nationals. All that outweighs your argument. There are a TON of guys seeded lower than those they beat head to head. The body of work outweighs that head to head - rightly. Look at Nevinger as an example! I am sure I was a Cornell fan, I would be upset as well. Everyoen wants to be away from Ruth. No shocker there.
  5. It is PURE NONSENSE and unreal INCONSISTENCY. Garnett won his conference tourney by pin, had a better record than Delgado with an OT head to head win and gets seeded 3 spots behind Delgado. Hamlin took 6th at THE SAME conference tourney Bosak won, had a slightly worse record than Bosak and had a head to head OT win. Hamlin gets seeded ahead of Bosak. THE LOGIC ESCAPES ME 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least compare apples to apples if you are going to make a point. They are two different situations.
  6. Not sure what Rob Koll is going to do about it. I could understand the arguement more if Hamlin didn't beat Bosak earlier this year.
  7. The only thing is that he had a direct head to head win over Bosak. I think it is a tough situation no matter which way you look at it.
  8. Why are you assuming that Hamlin pulled out to just protect his seed. Are you saying he was not hurt and that the Lehigh staff is being unethical.
  9. LtWtLooker....Are you suggesting that Pat should be let go and they need a new coach?
  10. How would they make more money if two events both make money. You seem to know everything so maybe you have some financial numbers to share with us.
  11. If it is this bad...why would the coaches vote for it. Seems like that does not make sense to me. This is in their hands isn't it. You were whining before they didn't have a say. Don;t you think some of the college coaches have a brain?
  12. aren't the coaches getting a vote? It sounds like they have an opportunity to shut it down. It seems on here there is at least many fans for it as against it.
  13. For a new poster, you sure seem to think you know a lot plus post a ton of negative stuff and love rumor mongering.
  14. How different is the actual proposal from what was written and put on the message boards. I have not heard anything that is out there in this proposal that I was not aware of really since it really first broke.
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