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  1. Josh Rodriquez probably has a few choice words also since he beat Cox twice this year and won the WCC.
  2. Silver of Stanford at 125 already qualified as he took 2nd.
  3. Track wrestling has Delgado a winner in sudden victory 1 12-1 and yep pretty sure there is no 11 point move. Also has Tsirtsis by fall over Lagenderfer, match was actually Tsirtsis 3-2.
  4. Ok watched the Wisconsin match a few times and yeah he isn't fully back but then who expected him to be. He was never in any trouble in the match and was close to getting a few more take downs. So if he had won 8-0 would we still be having this conversation or what if he teched or pinned Jimenez. Lets take a look at Jimenez, yeah he has a losing record but look at the loses. Two loses were to Josh Rodriquez 9-6 and 4-3 (TB1), Lambert beat him 5-0 and McCabe beat him 2-1. Jimenez is a 4 time Illinois state champ and Fargo All American so it's not like he is a total fish. Yeah it's obvious Delgado is injured (the big brace on his shoulder should be a clue). Before we start burying Delgado why don't we wait and see what he does when he wrestles some one who will actually wrestle him to win. So far his three matches back he did just enough to win while his opponents pretty much did nothing to win.
  5. This weaker opponent beat Jeske of Old Dominion 11-4 this year and lost to another NCAA qualifier Watterson of Brown in OT so maybe just maybe he actually is capable of wrestling..
  6. Jesse has wrestled TWO matches he pinned Kenny Baldrige of SIU and teched J.R Wert of Rider 22-5. To think that he is not wrestling to protect a seed is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Waters, Garrett, Dance, Gilman no matter what side of the bracket he would land he would have two of them on his side. Yeah really sounds like he has a lot of protection. This is the guy who last year to win the NCAA's beat 4 medalist, all who placed in top 6.
  7. Delgado wrestled at 125 his senior year so his friend who for 3 years had wrestled what ever weight he was needed at could finally wrestle at the weight he weighed. The friend made it to state that year and came a match from placing. Jesse wrestled 119 at senior nationals and won it. So for those who like to rip on Delgado as he stalls, and he's a punk and yada yada yada, well you don't know Jesse. Also a little bit of Trivia Jesse lost in semis to Vince Rodriguez of George Mason who his senior year won senior nationals at 125. He then beat Chris Mecate of Old Dominion to get in for 3rd where he lost to fellow Illinois team mate Isaiah Martinez. So you see it was a pretty stacked weight class. Also how about this for a weight class at Ironman. Jesse went 125 there his senior year and took 4th. 1st Logan Steiber 2nd Devin Carter 3rd Johnni DiJulius
  8. Did the Big 10 also actually watch the match and reprimand the officials. The head ref for being out of position to make the proper call and the side ref for not assisting the head ref on the call to begin with. All you have to do is review the big 10's video replay and you will see that Delgado had the takedown first when he was fully behind the leg and secured the far ankle. At the worse it could have been 2 takedown Delgado 2 reversal Megaludis and then 1 escape Delgado.
  9. Yeah I know was just trying to use Iowa logic. If your the best guy in your weight on that day of big 10's does it really matter where your seeded.
  10. 125 Taylor didn't beat Lambert as they have never wrestled. It was Lambert who beat Roberts. 2 and 3 seeds don't really matter since they are on same side of bracket but still like how you feel Gilman's loss to Megaludis doesn't count as it was out of conference. I guess if you take that logic Delgado's loss to Gilman shouldn't count either as it was out of conference. Oh well it will all play out soon so no matter what it should be exciting to see.
  11. Great match. Congrats to both wrestlers.
  12. That was a pretty pathetic display of wrestling by Illinois and at home to boot. No fire what so ever with the exception of Dallago that started it off. What ever is going on they better fix it and fix it fast or next Friday at Penn State will be extremely ugly.
  13. And the starter finished SIXTH after losing to the guy the 'back up' beat so continue with your logic please.
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