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  1. Glane18

    Not the best day for PSU

    I didn't see anybody congratulating Wisconsin. Bono has done an incredible job there in a very short time period. It's great to see a coach move to the Big 10 and have so much of an impact in such a short amount of time. Has any other team done so well against Penn State this season? Also, it seems like Penn State has not been wrestling the greatest over the past couple of duals - even though they are still incredible and absolutely dominating. Penn State is amazing and are great for the sport.
  2. Glane18

    Tomasello to compete at Midlands

    Askren can't compete again because he has a fight in the UFC in January.
  3. Glane18

    Should I quit?

    Maybe come up with your own definition of success? John Wooden is one of the winningist coaches in NCAA basketball history and never talked about championships or winning with his teams. Success could be something about commitment or improvement. Honestly, wrestling sucks and coaches get their athletes to hate their lives, but wrestling can be used as a tool to learn how to cope with stress, how to follow through on your goals despite setbacks, adversity, or plateaus. Ask yourself how you want to remember this experience when you reflect on it for the rest of your life and act in a way that will make you proud. If you hate the sport there is absolutely nothing wrong with moving on. You need to wrestle for yourself and not for your dad, coaches, or anybody else.
  4. I was looking for Ironman brackets on Flo Arena today and emailed Flowrestling trying to find it. They responded within a couple of minutes and apologized for not having the brackets and sent me a direct link to the Trackwrestling Ironman brackets. I know those companies compete and have had some public words against each other, but I thought it was a very cool move by Flo that others should know about.
  5. Glane18

    Richard Perry accident

    Holy smokes. I assume that they are being quiet about the incident is because they don't want anybody to blame the other wrestler who hit him (if this is true). I can only imagine what that other person is feeling like and I don't blame anybody if we never hear who it was. Of course, none of us would put any blame on that person but they must feel awful. THe person must have been big and strong to have done that through a helmet.
  6. Glane18

    Richard Perry accident

    Is Bryce Meredith at the camp? He tweeted that it was the worst accident he's ever seen. Still no details. I feel so terrible for Richard and his family. I think he has 3 kids? Hoping he can survive this.
  7. Glane18

    Heavyweight DI

    Gable should not RS, and I honestly see him having a similar season that Spencer Lee just had. He'll come in strong, have a couple of losses, grow very quickly from those losses, and then dominate by the time it comes to the NCAA's. He's already got a lot of confidence, but once he can see his own growth after setbacks by listening to his coaches and buying into it he's going to be unstoppable. On that note, I'm really excited to see Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix next year. I hope Daton goes 125 for my own selfish reasons to see the best face each other.
  8. Glane18

    Rest in Peace, Mike Duroe

    It's amazing to see all of the Twitter posts today about Duroe and all of the people he's had a positive impact on. Truly a great coach who had a positive effect on the wrestling world.
  9. Glane18

    Valencia vs. Dake

    Honestly, I'm really surprised by all the negative comments. Dake and Valencia are both world class and I honestly believe that both of them are top 8 in the world. Valencia is really, really good for a sophomore in college and has continued to show that he is always showing growth. Great and close matches by 2 amazing wrestlers. The only bummer about Final X is that it's just like most finals matches; boring with people playing defense to protect a win or not make a mistake. I've always felt that quarterfinals and semifinals are more exciting than the finals.
  10. EDIT: I read some posts and forgot that Gross did not graduate. Thank you! I assumed the ACL might not be fully healed by next year for Yianni, but Spencer Lee did just fine with a surgery around the same time period. I got Yianni. I don't really know who is going to fill in where at a few weight classes so I'm looking for a little help here. I got: 125 - Lee 133 - Gross (even if Fix or Suriano are here) 141 - Yianni 149 - ? - no clue 157 - Nolf 165 - Joseph 174 - Zahid 184 - Bo 197 - Moore 285 - Gable
  11. Glane18

    true freshman champ 2019?

  12. Glane18

    Penn State Freestyle?

    Askren said the same thing on his podcast. Once the college season hits next year they are all in for the next 2 years straight. Makes sense to keep their minds and bodies fresh. I'm sure they are still in the room all the time improving technique.
  13. Glane18

    IMar to Ohio State RTC?

    I guess I would be surprised based on the success he's currently having and that Mark Perry is the Iowa RTC head coach. That's all. Nothing against Ohio State at all. I agree their program is way better than Illinois' (more money, more high level partners, etc.).
  14. On the Ben Askren podcast Ben said he heard a rumor that IMar is heading to Ohio State RTC and Tommy Rowlands gave the impression that it was true. I'll be very surprised if it is true.
  15. Don't forget his wins over Tsargush who had won 2 in a row before JB won a few, then Tsargush again. Then a Russian (I think) then JB again.