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  1. Originally, I read the results from a non-Flo source, but I thought the publicity of the dual was pretty cool this morning. Flo showed a video of people storming the mat after the win. It looked like the gym was packed for the dual. Regardless of anything, if a Big 10 team has won 60 straight dual meets then loses to a Pac 12 team, that is HUGE news.
  2. Not sure if this is true at all, but I heard rumors that Jayden was not the best "team" guy in the room and got a lot of special treatment to support that. Maybe the coaches are looking at the overall, longterm, big picture here about culture. I also don't have a problem with Jayden looking after himself and wanting to put himself in the best opportunity to maximize his full potential. Just like Snyder, J'den, and others. There's a small window to compete.
  3. Nickal wrestles in the U23 world championships next month, so that will be a great measurement for us all to see where he is.
  4. I haven't seen his name in the 74kg or 86kg. He is probably top 3 in the world at 79kg but might be in a tough situation size wise.
  5. THank you. I'm not a math guy, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to watch prelims on the west coast starting at 9 pm - 2 am? Not too bad.
  6. For some reason this was a nice refresher to enjoy the fact that we still have JB competing for our team. We are in a great era for USA wrestling and he's a major part of that.
  7. You are either trolling us or you have been living under a rock. Dake won the world championships last year. Don't forget that internationally Dake has wins over Tsargush, Hasanov, and a bunch of others.
  8. Wick's career is over. He tweeted that he had surgery and can't wrestle anymore. Unless it was his brother.
  9. His ability to coach the mental side of sport is probably his biggest, unique advantage. The stuff he says in interviews/social media is extremely advanced in the world of sporty psychology. He gets it. Plus, he's pretty good at wrestling. And he knows the commitment a coach must have in his/her athletes and program. Once he decides to become a head coach I imagine he's going to be all in with every single athlete he has. I would love to wrestle for a coach like that.
  10. How many Hodge Trophy winners has Cox beaten? 3? Dake Taylor Nickal And he's a 3x world medalist including champ. Oh, and a 3x NCAA champ. Cox is absolutely incredible and I'm so happy he's on our team.
  11. Max Dean tweeted the other day he was going live with Dake and Dake was tossing him around, which makes me think that Dake is already recovering and doing well. He's probably just not in top form yet, and I don't blame him for wanting to make sure he's 100% healthy before wrestling Ringer.
  12. Does anybody know why David Taylor waited until after the WTTs to announce he won't be able to wrestle in Final X? Did something change within that short window?
  13. Pat Downey just posted on Twitter that Dake and Taylor are both requesting special wrestle offs - delaying the event. Not sure about Dake but he hasn't competed since the world championships last year either.
  14. 57- Gilman vs. Fix 61- Graff vs. Colon 65- Retherford vs. Yianni 70- Green vs. Deakin 74- iMart vs. JB 79- Ringer vs. Dake 86- Downey vs. Taylor 92- Nickal vs. Cox 97- Gadsen vs. Snyder 125- Steveson vs. Gwiz
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