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  1. Who does Dake have in the finals? Looks like they are finishing repechage and then 2 Americans are the first 2 matches on mat B for the finals.
  2. Maybe I'm totally out of the loop on this, but JB said he's moving to PA next year on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This was my first time hearing about this. He never mentioned that he wants to coach D1 and talked about opening some sort of training facility, but I'd be shocked if he completely steps away. Anybody know of his plans in PA?
  3. It was interesting to hear DT explain the situation. He said that a contact trace is treated the same as a positive test and he couldn't get there or travel. Now he has a bunch of negative tests so he can make it happen on Wednesday. So glad this is still on because this is probably the last time they will be able to make it happen logistically. Also, J'Den Cox said he's wrestling on that card now as well.
  4. Agreed. There have been many instances of Rogan talking about how amazing wrestlers are. He's very impressed with our sport and shows a lot of love to us.
  5. You can watch all of the wrestle offs on their Facebook page (I put the link below). The Enchemendia/D'Emilio match is the last match. I didn't see any sort of above average D1 scrambling and Ench could not ride or get out from bottom. https://fb.watch/2WiL9WPp0l/
  6. Loved the episode. Fantastic job by JB.
  7. Poor guy. He definitely was fun to watch and I'm sure that was a really tough decision for him to make. I'm glad that he chose his health.
  8. Lame. Not your comment but that approach. I almost feel like there was false advertisement from Flo if they knew this ahead of time. They got me to pay money for this based on the Vito, Yianni, Dake, and Dean combination. 2 of those 4 aren't there. However, I did really enjoy watching today's matches. I hope this event grows and we can get the NLWC, the Sunkist Kids, Hawkeye, and Nebraska RTC's into something like this.
  9. I renewed my Flo subscription today to watch the RTC duals but was mostly interested in watching Dake compete domestically. He was promoted as a member of this event and wasn't there. Anybody know why? I missed Flo talking about it if they addressed it. Besides no Dake, I really enjoyed the wrestling today.
  10. I think that when he started 3.5 years ago he also thought he'd be further along at this point. However, he was humbled early on and was a true martial artist and accepted where he was at as a professional fighter (based on what I've seen). He had some good fighters with a lot of fights early on, but then everybody realized that he needed to be groomed a little bit more. From what I've seen in interviews and training is that he's focusing on his own process right now and isn't disappointed or anything like that. It seems like he's over the past and is focusing on the next fight. I hope he gets a top 10 fighter soon so we can all see where he's at.
  11. I thought he officially un-retired recently? Maybe not? I know he's helped Dake train a lot lately so maybe that helped him realize how good he still is. Training with Dake doesn't hurt, either.
  12. Pico is killed or be killed so far. He's definitely due to fight someone who is top 10 now. I'm glad he got some fights in to help groom him a bit but he shouldn't keep fighting guys at that level. I think he started to yell "1-4" or something like that because the other guy's corner was yelling it (or his own). Not cool to talk trash like that right after but that adrenaline rush is probably out of this world and tough to control. Did I hear Pico apologize and say that was out of character? There was a little audio of that but I couldn't tell.
  13. This event is exactly 2 months away. That's enough time to train and peak for the event, but hosting any sort of trials between now and then seems tough to do. I hope the guys and girls on our teams are fully ready to go. Will we see the #1s? Dake, Taylor, Cox, Burroughs? What about Spencer Lee?
  14. I watched the Senior Nationals live today and I didn't know who half of the people were or what college they went to (or currently attend). I know that Vito, Massa, and Valencia still have eligibility, but was there anybody else? Any bio/background information put together would be appreciated by all. Thank you
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