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  1. Glane18

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    His ability to coach the mental side of sport is probably his biggest, unique advantage. The stuff he says in interviews/social media is extremely advanced in the world of sporty psychology. He gets it. Plus, he's pretty good at wrestling. And he knows the commitment a coach must have in his/her athletes and program. Once he decides to become a head coach I imagine he's going to be all in with every single athlete he has. I would love to wrestle for a coach like that.
  2. How many Hodge Trophy winners has Cox beaten? 3? Dake Taylor Nickal And he's a 3x world medalist including champ. Oh, and a 3x NCAA champ. Cox is absolutely incredible and I'm so happy he's on our team.
  3. Max Dean tweeted the other day he was going live with Dake and Dake was tossing him around, which makes me think that Dake is already recovering and doing well. He's probably just not in top form yet, and I don't blame him for wanting to make sure he's 100% healthy before wrestling Ringer.
  4. Glane18

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    Does anybody know why David Taylor waited until after the WTTs to announce he won't be able to wrestle in Final X? Did something change within that short window?
  5. Glane18

    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Pat Downey just posted on Twitter that Dake and Taylor are both requesting special wrestle offs - delaying the event. Not sure about Dake but he hasn't competed since the world championships last year either.
  6. Glane18

    Predict the world team

    57- Gilman vs. Fix 61- Graff vs. Colon 65- Retherford vs. Yianni 70- Green vs. Deakin 74- iMart vs. JB 79- Ringer vs. Dake 86- Downey vs. Taylor 92- Nickal vs. Cox 97- Gadsen vs. Snyder 125- Steveson vs. Gwiz
  7. Glane18

    DT Injury

    While it was going down and Bo Nickal was standing there, I was kind of hoping Bo would put on a singlet and wrestle for DT real quick. Bo needs to drop if DT can't go.
  8. Glane18


    OP, they had breaks in the action in between the matches. Sometimes there was a commercial and other times there was not. Maybe that's what your problem was. Flo was perfect for me.
  9. Glane18

    Askren/JB pic

    Ben is still in his prime athletically. He's undefeated in mixed martial arts and just put Robbie Lawler to sleep in the first round. However, I don't think he has a chance against JB in freestyle. If this were a fight or a folkstyle match I would choose Askren.
  10. So, Dake and Taylor are both going to the Open. If they win the Open they automatically get a bye to the Final X, but they already have that spot, so they wouldn't have to wrestle since they are the ones already holding it?
  11. Glane18

    Returning Placers per weight

    141 - Mizzou Eierman is taking an Olympic RS and won't be back next year.
  12. Glane18

    Throwing the brick...

    The only problem with all of this is time. I feel like it would take so long to do it correctly (a neutral group of people in the back who don't know what the call was, they make their decision, then see the call, then see what the ref is challenging, then make a conclusion). That takes a lot of time!
  13. Can someone break this down for us? I assume this will be freestyle. I hope all 10 from both sides attend. I can't remember all the names off the top of my head. Spencer vs. Gilman - Gilman unless Spencer is motivated and healthy again. I feel like Spencer needs a break for a minute but the switch to freestyle might be exactly what he needs. Suriano vs. ? - Does Suriano have much freestyle experience? If it's Steiber in free then I take Steiber. If it's Fix then who knows Yianni vs. Stieber - Yianni Nolf vs. Green - Nolf (unless they get the 4kg weight allowance) Mekhi Lews vs. Burroughs - JB Zain vs. Ashnault - Zain Snyder vs. Bo? - Snyder Dake vs. Zahid - Dake Taylor vs. Northern Iowa guy - Taylor Gwiz vs. Cassar - Gwiz
  14. Glane18

    Throwing the brick...

    As long as the same officials are the ones reviewing their own calls, they will never change their original call (unless you are in PA in front of the Penn State fans). Seriously, though, I think there needs to be some sort of group of refs who watch and review and then determine the correct call who are not on the mat. I understand they are all friends and will support their buddies, so that would be really hard to overcome.
  15. Glane18

    Suriano has the last laugh

    Do the rules about a stalemate change in overtime? I feel like the refs adjust their interpretation of the rules too much based on time. Everything should be called correctly, despite external factors. I was betting on the finals and chose Suriano to win, but I don't think the ref should have called the stalemate like that.