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  1. 23 hours ago, LJB said:

    i know Flo is the devil... they are an awful company who are the worst thing to happen to wrestling ever... constantly lie to us... and shirk their responsibility to "Grow the Sport"...


    caldwell coming back to wrestle pletcher???

    vito v alvarez added???

    shut the front door...


    What's going on with Flo and the girls not accepting to wrestle on this card?  Lots of arguments going on via Twitter today and it's tough to get the actual story.  Flo should chime in and tell the truth.  Some girls saying they weren't offered the same amount as the boys, and Pat Downey is going off on them not wrestling on Flo's platform.  

  2. D2 already canceled all fall sports (Sorry, I thought that D2 colleges in CA canceled fall sports and even worded that wrong.  I guess it was only 1 conference that did), and in California, all California State University classes will be online for the fall.  At the high school level in CA, the CIF is looking at a shortened football season in the fall where they start in late September or early October (all preliminary).  I teach and coach in CA and our district is not allowing any sort of contact, practices, or even hiring of new coaches right now for any sport.  I'm nervous that CA, and other states, might push this back even further.  I hope not.  On Twitter, Willie Saylor mentioned something about how his sources say we will have a college wrestling season next year.  What does it look like for all of you across the country?   

  3. After Khabib's dad got Covid and went into a coma there was a lot of news about what the Corona Virus has done to Dagestan.  I don't have any official sources so I'm reaching out here, but on Reddit, a lot of the locals in Dagestan were posting that at least 90% of the people in that area had the virus and the government was covering it all up.  Anybody have any facts on this?  Dagestan is a major hotbed of wrestling so I'd imagine this is affecting the wrestling world there a lot.  Thanks for any facts!

  4. Didn't Kary Kolat or someone win a semifinal match at the world championships, go to their hotel to rest before the finals, and then come back to find out their match didn't count because a protest or challenge?  I'm honestly very vague on this one and can't remember if they had to re-wrestle or if they just told him he lost the match.  

  5. I'd start on defining mental toughness.  What is it?  How can you measure it?  How can you replicate it?  Once you start going down that road you realize that the phrase, "mental toughness," is an overused and cliche term that very few people can define or measure.  A lot of coaches and leaders will use terms like grit, perseverance, resilience, etc., to define mental toughness, so what we should do is to teach those specific skills, which can be measurable.  In the wrestling world, we get it, but can we specifically define what it is?  HOw would we explain it to encompass all sports and all life situations?  

  6. Originally, I read the results from a non-Flo source, but I thought the publicity of the dual was pretty cool this morning.  Flo showed a video of people storming the mat after the win.  It looked like the gym was packed for the dual.  Regardless of anything, if a Big 10 team has won 60 straight dual meets then loses to a Pac 12 team, that is HUGE news.  

  7. Not sure if this is true at all, but I heard rumors that Jayden was not the best "team" guy in the room and got a lot of special treatment to support that.  Maybe the coaches are looking at the overall, longterm, big picture here about culture.  I also don't have a problem with Jayden looking after himself and wanting to put himself in the best opportunity to maximize his full potential.  Just like Snyder, J'den, and others.  There's a small window to compete.  

  8. 13 hours ago, scramble said:

    I don't think Deringer gets past Nikal, and possibly not past MyMar.  Let alone Taylor or Cox.  I like Deringer and think he is world class.  Right now he isn't gonna get big enough to take those guys.  There will be to much size.  I am also not a Bo Bandwagon person, but I think he is number 3 unless Dake goes up.  I also think Bo's style is an absolute nightmare matchup for Deringer.  You can not constantly pressure or push against Bo or he will send you flying into another dimension. Since that is Ringers style, to push and pressure, it does not bode well against a guy like BO. 

    Nickal wrestles in the U23 world championships next month, so that will be a great measurement for us all to see where he is.  

  9. 1 hour ago, 77again said:

    Those times are Kazak time. Subtract 10 hours for EST. Preliminary rounds will begin at midnight on east coast and run until 5am. Stock up on mountain dew.

    THank you.  I'm not a math guy, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to watch prelims on the west coast starting at 9 pm - 2 am?  Not too bad.  

  10. 47 minutes ago, CaliWrestler said:

    Just because he took 1 match from 

    J’Den and Burroughs he didn’t win the series

    doesn't impress me as much as Burroughs and 

    as of today J’Den.  Still Dake is great but 

    international he doesn’t have the best



    mostly because he hasn’t been on the world 


    You are either trolling us or you have been living under a rock.  Dake won the world championships last year.  

    Don't forget that internationally Dake has wins over Tsargush, Hasanov, and a bunch of others.  

  11. 5 hours ago, Zebra said:

    Ok, I'll bite. 

    125 Lee
    133 Desanto
    141 Gross
    149 YD (I am not even going to try)
    157 Hidlay
    165 Wick
    174 Lewis
    184 Valencia
    197 Moore
    285 Cassar in the most boring series of 2-1 matches in NCAA wrestling history


    Yes I am expecting some weight changes. 

    Wick's career is over.  He tweeted that he had surgery and can't wrestle anymore.  Unless it was his brother.  

  12. 15 hours ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Burroughs, if he chooses to go back into coaching.  He is the biggest superstar the sport has ever seen with his presence on social media and will have a huge advantage with recruiting.  

    His ability to coach the mental side of sport is probably his biggest, unique advantage.  The stuff he says in interviews/social media is extremely advanced in the world of sporty psychology.  He gets it.  Plus, he's pretty good at wrestling.  And he knows the commitment a coach must have in his/her athletes and program.  Once he decides to become a head coach I imagine he's going to be all in with every single athlete he has.  I would love to wrestle for a coach like that.  

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