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    I think it's amazing that people assume it would be Dake vs Taylor in the finals if Dake goes 165. Like, we shouldn't even make them wrestle other matches in the tournament, just put them in the finals. What about Howe and Caldwell? If those guys end up going 165, they can't be take out of consideration for "upsetting" Dake or Taylor.
  2. 2 all session tickets for sale at a discount! Please pm me. My parents can't go and my Dad has a disability, which means their tix are in the "handicapped section" (I think in between the lower level and upper level). We called and asked the NCAA and arena if we can sell the tix to someone without a disability and they said yes. I have a group of friends who will arrive in St. Louis on Wednesday if you'd prefer to do the exchange there.
  3. 2 NCAA all session tickets for sale. My parents ended up not being able to make it this year. My dad has a disability and the tickets are in the "handicapped section" (I think bottom of upper level). We called NCAA and they said we could sell them to somebody without a disability. Please pm me so we can set something up. I have a group of friends getting to St. Louis Wednesday afternoon so we can do the exchange there if you prefer. Thanks. Oh, and tix at a discount.
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