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  1. Pat Downey just posted on Twitter that Dake and Taylor are both requesting special wrestle offs - delaying the event. Not sure about Dake but he hasn't competed since the world championships last year either.
  2. 57- Gilman vs. Fix 61- Graff vs. Colon 65- Retherford vs. Yianni 70- Green vs. Deakin 74- iMart vs. JB 79- Ringer vs. Dake 86- Downey vs. Taylor 92- Nickal vs. Cox 97- Gadsen vs. Snyder 125- Steveson vs. Gwiz
  3. While it was going down and Bo Nickal was standing there, I was kind of hoping Bo would put on a singlet and wrestle for DT real quick. Bo needs to drop if DT can't go.
  4. OP, they had breaks in the action in between the matches. Sometimes there was a commercial and other times there was not. Maybe that's what your problem was. Flo was perfect for me.
  5. Ben is still in his prime athletically. He's undefeated in mixed martial arts and just put Robbie Lawler to sleep in the first round. However, I don't think he has a chance against JB in freestyle. If this were a fight or a folkstyle match I would choose Askren.
  6. So, Dake and Taylor are both going to the Open. If they win the Open they automatically get a bye to the Final X, but they already have that spot, so they wouldn't have to wrestle since they are the ones already holding it?
  7. 141 - Mizzou Eierman is taking an Olympic RS and won't be back next year.
  8. The only problem with all of this is time. I feel like it would take so long to do it correctly (a neutral group of people in the back who don't know what the call was, they make their decision, then see the call, then see what the ref is challenging, then make a conclusion). That takes a lot of time!
  9. Can someone break this down for us? I assume this will be freestyle. I hope all 10 from both sides attend. I can't remember all the names off the top of my head. Spencer vs. Gilman - Gilman unless Spencer is motivated and healthy again. I feel like Spencer needs a break for a minute but the switch to freestyle might be exactly what he needs. Suriano vs. ? - Does Suriano have much freestyle experience? If it's Steiber in free then I take Steiber. If it's Fix then who knows Yianni vs. Stieber - Yianni Nolf vs. Green - Nolf (unless they get the 4kg weight allowance) Mekhi Lews vs. Burroughs - JB Zain vs. Ashnault - Zain Snyder vs. Bo? - Snyder Dake vs. Zahid - Dake Taylor vs. Northern Iowa guy - Taylor Gwiz vs. Cassar - Gwiz
  10. As long as the same officials are the ones reviewing their own calls, they will never change their original call (unless you are in PA in front of the Penn State fans). Seriously, though, I think there needs to be some sort of group of refs who watch and review and then determine the correct call who are not on the mat. I understand they are all friends and will support their buddies, so that would be really hard to overcome.
  11. Do the rules about a stalemate change in overtime? I feel like the refs adjust their interpretation of the rules too much based on time. Everything should be called correctly, despite external factors. I was betting on the finals and chose Suriano to win, but I don't think the ref should have called the stalemate like that.
  12. Bummer. Ironic that Flo just switched to that option while ESPN just dropped it.
  13. I LOVE this! Such a fun idea with some amazing match ups. Once we have a list of who's competing I'll put my picks in, but I think most world team members will will. I do see Yianni beating Stieber,
  14. Thanks. I did not realize that. Do you agree with 1-Hall, 2 -Lewis, 3-Zahid, 4-Amine then?
  15. NEW EDIT: 1. Hall 2. Lewis 3. Zahid 4. Amine Lewis pinned Zahid, but Amine has a h2h win over Lewis this year.
  16. Can someone tell me what HEW is please? Thanks.
  17. I feel like they had a good showing against OK State today. OK. State was supposed to win and they won at the last match in overtime. Lewis did a great job against Smith, Eirman did a great job with the fall over Brock, the true freshman hwt did a great job, etc. The other guy with the upset (can't think of the weight).
  18. I didn't see anybody congratulating Wisconsin. Bono has done an incredible job there in a very short time period. It's great to see a coach move to the Big 10 and have so much of an impact in such a short amount of time. Has any other team done so well against Penn State this season? Also, it seems like Penn State has not been wrestling the greatest over the past couple of duals - even though they are still incredible and absolutely dominating. Penn State is amazing and are great for the sport.
  19. Askren can't compete again because he has a fight in the UFC in January.
  20. Maybe come up with your own definition of success? John Wooden is one of the winningist coaches in NCAA basketball history and never talked about championships or winning with his teams. Success could be something about commitment or improvement. Honestly, wrestling sucks and coaches get their athletes to hate their lives, but wrestling can be used as a tool to learn how to cope with stress, how to follow through on your goals despite setbacks, adversity, or plateaus. Ask yourself how you want to remember this experience when you reflect on it for the rest of your life and act in a way that will make you proud. If you hate the sport there is absolutely nothing wrong with moving on. You need to wrestle for yourself and not for your dad, coaches, or anybody else.
  21. I was looking for Ironman brackets on Flo Arena today and emailed Flowrestling trying to find it. They responded within a couple of minutes and apologized for not having the brackets and sent me a direct link to the Trackwrestling Ironman brackets. I know those companies compete and have had some public words against each other, but I thought it was a very cool move by Flo that others should know about.
  22. Holy smokes. I assume that they are being quiet about the incident is because they don't want anybody to blame the other wrestler who hit him (if this is true). I can only imagine what that other person is feeling like and I don't blame anybody if we never hear who it was. Of course, none of us would put any blame on that person but they must feel awful. THe person must have been big and strong to have done that through a helmet.
  23. Is Bryce Meredith at the camp? He tweeted that it was the worst accident he's ever seen. Still no details. I feel so terrible for Richard and his family. I think he has 3 kids? Hoping he can survive this.
  24. Gable should not RS, and I honestly see him having a similar season that Spencer Lee just had. He'll come in strong, have a couple of losses, grow very quickly from those losses, and then dominate by the time it comes to the NCAA's. He's already got a lot of confidence, but once he can see his own growth after setbacks by listening to his coaches and buying into it he's going to be unstoppable. On that note, I'm really excited to see Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix next year. I hope Daton goes 125 for my own selfish reasons to see the best face each other.
  25. It's amazing to see all of the Twitter posts today about Duroe and all of the people he's had a positive impact on. Truly a great coach who had a positive effect on the wrestling world.
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