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  1. Honestly, I'm really surprised by all the negative comments. Dake and Valencia are both world class and I honestly believe that both of them are top 8 in the world. Valencia is really, really good for a sophomore in college and has continued to show that he is always showing growth. Great and close matches by 2 amazing wrestlers. The only bummer about Final X is that it's just like most finals matches; boring with people playing defense to protect a win or not make a mistake. I've always felt that quarterfinals and semifinals are more exciting than the finals.
  2. EDIT: I read some posts and forgot that Gross did not graduate. Thank you! I assumed the ACL might not be fully healed by next year for Yianni, but Spencer Lee did just fine with a surgery around the same time period. I got Yianni. I don't really know who is going to fill in where at a few weight classes so I'm looking for a little help here. I got: 125 - Lee 133 - Gross (even if Fix or Suriano are here) 141 - Yianni 149 - ? - no clue 157 - Nolf 165 - Joseph 174 - Zahid 184 - Bo 197 - Moore 285 - Gable
  3. Askren said the same thing on his podcast. Once the college season hits next year they are all in for the next 2 years straight. Makes sense to keep their minds and bodies fresh. I'm sure they are still in the room all the time improving technique.
  4. I guess I would be surprised based on the success he's currently having and that Mark Perry is the Iowa RTC head coach. That's all. Nothing against Ohio State at all. I agree their program is way better than Illinois' (more money, more high level partners, etc.).
  5. On the Ben Askren podcast Ben said he heard a rumor that IMar is heading to Ohio State RTC and Tommy Rowlands gave the impression that it was true. I'll be very surprised if it is true.
  6. Don't forget his wins over Tsargush who had won 2 in a row before JB won a few, then Tsargush again. Then a Russian (I think) then JB again.
  7. I know for the girls waiting in the finals it's a 1x weigh in at the same time that every other person in the weight weighs in. I assume the guys are the same.
  8. Zahid is right there, imo. Only 1 college loss so far and redeemed that loss 2x. Junior World silver medalist in freestyle. If that's not ready I don't know what is.
  9. Yes, please! Easy flights, a million hotels and a million forms of entertainment in between sessions. Warm (possibly hot). Pools. The list can go on. Plus, Vegas has become very family-oriented as well. So, if there are people there for some good restaurants, family entertainment, etc., they can definitely go there and get the best of that type of world in.
  10. That's what I came here to say. Imagine if the Soviet Union got to bring their top 6 to the Olympics, AND there were only 6 weight classes. What weight was John Smith? 133 or something like that? NO way he would have medaled (and he probably wouldn't make the team) if there were 6 weight classes. 121 - no way. 145 - way too small.
  11. I am disappointed in myself that I didn't know Slay had an asterisk for his gold medal and that he only wrestled in one international tournament ever. Crazy.
  12. I grew up wrestling freestyle and greco in the 90's in CA and went to all the state and regional tournaments. I never wrestled a folkstyle match until I got into 7th grade. When we noticed that some teams had kids focusing on folkstyle for their youth development rather than free/greco, there was a major shift in the focus in our youth. I work with USA Wrestling to host their tournaments in my area and about 8 years ago we started including folkstyle in the spring season because numbers were dropping big time and that's now the focus. For the majority, it's an advantage.
  13. Umm, didn't I just read he's wrestling at the Pan Am Championships next week in Peru - SENIOR LEVEL?
  14. 2nd at the NCAA'S, 2nd at the U.S. Open Greco, 1st at the U.S. Open Freestyle. Pretty impressive. Congrats.
  15. This is the first tournament we have done this, correct? It seemed like a lot of guys who cut looked very lethargic in their first match, while there was a definite advantage to the guys who were not cutting so bad. Do they have to weigh in again for day 2, or is it a one time weigh in? Should make a big difference today.
  16. So, you don't want the best guys representing the U.S.? I guess you and I are different.
  17. Don't we want our best people on the team? If Oliver has beaten every single person in the 65kg field, and he is free to compete, he should be able to get a wild card. His punishment is over at that time, so why continue punishing him?
  18. I'm glad he's wrestling! I wonder where he gets seeded in that weight. Coon, Dom, Gable, Varner.
  19. Does Flo have an entry list anywhere? I always like to look at all the names and get excited about the Open beforehand but I can't find a list of entries.
  20. Good takeaways. I honestly think we can see Spencer Lee at 57kg. Thoughts?
  21. Evan Wick's brother, Zander, as well. I think he was having a successful season then hurt his knee or something like that. Are Bono's assistants coming with him?
  22. They both were teammates last summer in the Junior Wolrd Championships where Zahid got 2nd and Mark got 1st. I am sure they wrestled every single day for a large portion of the summer.
  23. Try and look at this objectively, even though most of you can't. One wrestler has a tech, tech pin, pin, dec. The other has a dec, dec, dec, major, pin. Each of them pinned an NCAA champ. I'm pretty sure the team race does not count in the OW category, but someone please tell me if I'm wrong. I think this is pretty cut and dry.
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