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  1. Why is 2nd place so bad? Suriano shouldn't change a thing except to try and gameplan against Spencer. Suggesting that he goes up a weight class to avoid someone only creates doubt in his own mind.
  2. All I'm trying to say here is that it seems as though he got what he deserved based off of his previous actions/antics. Desanto literally had the match won to be an all american but chose to stall his chance away. If he made one offensive move in the third he's an AA. It just seems fitting that Desanto had bad luck in that match. He seriously got called for a 2 point stalling, and riding time against him, with 2 seconds left.
  3. DeSanto gives up something like 5 stall calls in the last period while he's laying on bottom and trying to stall his way to an All American status, and then he gives up riding time and another stall point with 2 seconds left and goes into OT. Then gets taken down in OT! No AA as a true freshman. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy ('m being sarcastic about him being a nice guy for the people who don't get it).
  4. Lee is going to get a TD and a turn in the first. Suriano will not choose down and will get desperate and make a mistake. Lee will capitalize. Even if it's 0-0 after the first, I don't see Suriano choosing down.
  5. Gone this year. Sucks! I'm hoping it pops up when wrestling starts, but I doubt it.
  6. IMar has a very tough 2nd round match in Jon Jay Chavez from Cornell He's a huge greco guy and has been wrestling very well lately. That under hook might help Chavez.
  7. #3 seed is 29-0 with something like 24 of those coming via bonus points. Pretty dominating. And he has Bo Jordan in the quarters. If you want to get 1st, you have to beat them all anyways.
  8. Go Mizzou! They always seem to peak at the right time and rise to the occasion. I guess their sports psychologist is amazing and the team has developed the mental side of the sport to the next level ever since he's been working with the team. I know most teams have a sports psychologist, but I've heard some amazing things about this guy's impact on the team.
  9. I know last year has no ruling on this, nor does the All-Star match, but I just read that the coach's rankings impact a percentage of the seeding. Based on that, I think it would be: 1. Zahid 2. Hall 3. Lewis EDIT: Lewis is 26-0 with 22 of those coming via bonus points. He has 14 pins. All three are undefeated, and I think Lewis has the most bonus point win percentage out of the 3, but I could be wrong. I couldn't find the bonus point column for each of the three. I think the coach's rankings will have Zahid ahead of Hall. After 3, I'm not really sure how it goes down after that. 4 - Cutler EDIT: I switched 4 and 5 because Lemonpie told me Cutler beat Amine this year. 5 - Amine 6 - Jordan?
  10. I feel like this Big Ten's was the most exciting in a long time and that the season just ended. It's awesome that we still get the NCAAs! Having Flo stream all the matches of the conferences this weekend, along with the CA state championships, made this one of the best wrestling weekends in a long time for me.
  11. Not an injury. Imar went to Poland and placed 5th in the U23 world championships. I don't get why so many people are holding his record against him. During the first part of the season IMar was wrestling the best in the world. He actually did a great job and got 5th. Then he came back for the Midlands and was sick. Richie Lewis, Marinelli, and I believe someone else all ducked him in their duals. IMar should not get punished for any of this. He majored Marinelli last year. IMar should get the 1 seed at Big Tens.
  12. I thought this was pretty cool since many teams are jammed at at the same weight class. The first thing I think about is 197 for PSU. Who else?
  13. I imagine Imar or V. Joseph as an alternate at 74kg depending on who wins NCAA's or can commit. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mark Hall and Zahid in the mix as backups as well.
  14. When DT hit that little crab ride tilt, you can see the side judge in the back giving 2 for the other guy. That ref had no clue what DT was doing. He was still holding it up when DT ended up on top of the guy and was pinning him.
  15. Anybody have the link for Dake's semis match? I watched the first match live then fell asleep. If Dake controls his composure better (in relation to arguing with the ref) he can beat anybody. Seems like the coaches didn't tell him he's wrestling in Russia against Russians and that he wouldn't get any calls. I was actually shocked they didn't give that other guy exposure points at the end of Dake's first match.
  16. Where can we watch this dual? Thanks.
  17. I'm just glad the best of 3 finals is not on the same day as the WTT. Question: If Kyle Dake wins the U.S. Open, and then goes and wins the WTT, does he not wrestle at the X thing because his weight class does not have a returning medalist? Who would they choose for Dake to wrestle if he wins both?
  18. Anybody else really impressed with Dake? He's making it look easy. I honestly feel like this is a great weight class for him. He's looking quicker and more powerful than every person he's wrestling. Absolutely dominating every single person while making it very entertaining. His ability to throw at any given moment really makes it fun to watch him. If you missed his last match, he kind of did a shrug/slide bye thing and had a bear hug from the side and immediately did a back arch throw with ease. Old school freestyle it would have been 5. He's also hitting lots of different types of attacks.
  19. Watch the Yianni - Meredith match. Ref called 2 too early, but after a few seconds Yianni gets Meredith on his belly for a clear 2, but the Challenge cube is thrown so the ref stops the match to review. The ref literally blows the whistle when Meredith is flat on his belly for a review. That's ridiculous. Then the ref says no td because it was called too early. This forces OT where Yianni gets another td.
  20. This was after Zahid already had 2 major rest breaks because Bo had a bloody nose.
  21. Massa lost to Wick of Wisconsin who is off to a great start this year (I think a rs freshman). Honestly, I didn't think Wick had the first td, but was in deep on a 2nd td (I think he got it earlier but ref missed it) and in the crackdown position Massa screamed out in pain. Wick was about to go up 4-1 before the injury. One thing to note that I really respect out of Wick is that when he had a choice after the injury he chose neutral instead of choosing down and getting a point in the first period. He also was about to get the td and when Massa screamed Wick let up and pushed away instead of finishing for the td.
  22. I was hoping to see him and Chad Walsh wrestle in the finals, but Vincenso is not in the tournament. Is he hurt? I don't think he's ducking Walsh to protect anything.
  23. Hammerlockthree - the OP is basically saying that he knows that Snyder is going to be Coon, and after watching Coon tonight, he still knows that Snyder is going to beat Coon. Kind of pointless. I'd love to see Nevills vs. Gable at heavyweight out of pure curiosity. Well, Gable vs. every person at hwt. Although Gable is still in high school, I don't think that hwt has been so exciting since Snyder joined the group. We are so lucky to be able to have Snyder right now.
  24. Yeah, Cisneros wrestled in college and did not do well. I don't think he counts for this thread.
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