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  1. Well, it sucks that I became a Gilman fan after the trials but now he told me to F-off and to not be his fan anymore. Now I'm rooting against him again.
  2. I just saw that Gable Stevenson is wrestling in the Daktronics Open this weekend! Very cool! Excited to see him wrestle some college guys. I'm sure he's there to win it and not just see how he does. What's a team list of who will be there? Any other high school guys mention they are wrestling in college opens this year?
  3. Great hire for them in regards to CA ties. J seems like a coach who builds positive relationships with his athletes and is there for them. Bringing in his pedigree helps a lot. I hope he can transition to head coach well. http://www.sfstategators.com/news/2017/8/28/san-francisco-state-tabs-jason-welch-as-head-wrestling-coach.aspx
  4. Helen needs to be on there 100%. Has any wrestler done what she's done over the past three years? Beating a 13x world champ and outscoring their opponents 52-0 at the world championships with all techs. Incredible.
  5. I agree 100%. There have been so many times when I've been out of town/cell range for a major tournament and want to watch match by match what happened, but then I see the bracket and know who wins before I watch the match. This would be a fantastic feature for the users.
  6. When did I complain about 10 bucks? I just didn't know if UWW or someone else was streaming it. I subscribe to Flo, coach year round, volunteer, I'm a board member of my local community wrestling organization, and way more. Don't try and tell me, or assume, that I won't support the sport for 10 bucks. I am probably going to stay up all night to watch this anyways.
  7. Anywhere outside of trackwrestling to watch this live?
  8. Trying to find videos of this. We got a lot of matches in here. If someone can find vids we'd all appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. I believe he is. The OP didn't ask about P4P, he said all time. If you have all the best wrestlers enter a wrestling tournament, Snyder wins. All the lighter guys are screwed. Snyder now would beat Cael head to head I believe. He'd obviously crush John Smith and Dake and all those guys. Only tough ones would be the best heavyweights, but after watching Snyder beat Gwiz, I think Snyder takes all those great heavyweights (Stephen Neal maybe being the toughest).
  10. Makes you stronger, faster, and makes you recover quicker than normal. Going through a series of matches in one day this is a huge benefit when all other fields are even (technique, experience, etc.). JO did look pretty jacked at the Open and seemed to be in better condition than in the past (yet still a little tired).
  11. That sucks for the people going through the mini tournament. I thought I read somewhere that the best of 3 finals were going to be the day after the mini tournament. Isn't the world championships switching to a 2 day tournament this year?
  12. Is Howe wrestling in the Open? What do you guys think about the seeding for this? 1 - Burroughs 2 - Dake 3 - Derringer 4 - ?
  13. They announced the signing of Gaxiola yesterday (who wrestled at Buchanan hs and transferred from Cal Baptist), which was literally one day before they dropped the program. WTF? Sucks that Randal and those guys went from such a high in the program to such a low and left Boise in shambles, then Mendoza goes over there to rebuild and it gets dropped after a year. Crazy.
  14. Pretty amazing set of brothers. Nick Nevills at Penn State and AA, ___ Nevills at Stanford and Pac 12 champ this year, I think the other brother just transferred to Fresno State, and now Seth is going to Penn State. I'm pretty sure Seth hasn't lost a hs match and pinned every person he wrestled during the hs season this year (not at Flonationals). I think Seth is bigger than his bro at Penn State.
  15. I don't fully know how Pico is in a fight yet, and GG is 10-0, however, Pico is a way better wrestler than GG. I know some people might get offended at that, but Pico has so many dominant wins over so many NCAA champs and even Hodge Trophy winners. I am very excited to see Pico's boxing skills. I know he's been training with Pacquio's trainer lately.
  16. I know Guerrero has tried a couple times to be a head coach and didn't get the position. Think he'll put his name in the hat for this job?
  17. I've really been looking forward to Snyder wrestling the Duke guy for some time. If you remember, the Duke heavyweight called Snyder out earlier this year. Hopefully Kyle is ok and can wrestle tonight.
  18. 100% love the guy and root for him, but he seemed to have lost a step. Burroughs went 4-0 at the World Cup, but he scraped by on a lot of these matches. He only won against the Azerbaijan guy when the ref disqualified the other guy (and JB was losing). Serious question: Is it just me, or did he seem to have lost a step? When you rely on speed like he does, slowing down has a significant impact on the way you wrestle. I think Dake might actually have a shot this time (Based on the past 4 matches of JB and how Dake did in Paris).
  19. Per Flo, he won a wrestle off and is traveling with the team.
  20. It will be interesting to see Dake with his "power" back. He obviously couldn't rely on it at 189, so he had to focus on technique way more, which obviously made him a better wrestler/tactician. Now that he's back at 74kg, imo, he's going to be better than ever.
  21. Exactly. If you don't like MMA, then you shouldn't like wrestling. They're both 1 on 1, combat, martial arts, with rules and regulations. How dare a college star make money off of his wrestling skills.
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