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  1. I agree and well said. I think we should do this, or add a 1 pt. push out rule. Both will 100% make wrestling more exciting. If we think long term for USA wrestling, this will ultimately help us in the international styles.
  2. For fun. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16935?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  3. Although I don't really see this happening at hwt, Ben Askren rarely gets hit in his face because he just takes the guy down and dominates him from there. In one of his title fights, he out punched his opponent something like 260-4. Sucks to get his over 200 times in a fight.
  4. Wow I missed that. Bummer!!!! Thanks for the info. I was really looking forward to our guys competing overseas. Oh well. I'm actually glad we are making sure our guys are safe.
  5. Excited to see what Imar can do out there. Can't find the dates. I'm pretty sure it's this month.
  6. I assume this is the world team trials.
  7. Pico announced that he's staying on for another cycle. He's the man at 65kg if he can maintain the size. Maybe he'll be at 70kg until the next olympics?
  8. Cox should go up to hwt for the fans.
  9. Thanks for reading my post. I was pretty negative about JB, but he did lose it mentally and did look like he was going to cry his entire match. I think the USA team actually wrestled very well. Dennis was never going to medal Molinaro actually did very well. His coaches should have challenged that chest lock for exposure. They put Frank on the shot clock right after anyways. He wrestled so freaking hard and I'm so proud of him. He gave it his all, and that's all you can ask. Super tough weight and the fact that he was inches away from beating Chamizo really shows how good Molinaro has gotten. JB - totally let down. Sucks that you have to have the best 2 guys wrestle so early. Not the best for our sport. He looked a little slower and tired. I wish he could have regrouped and came back for third. Cox- wrestled amazing. He is so tough to score on and never gives up. If they don't make that mistake and think he's winning at the end, I see him in the finals. I wish we could have seen him against Sadulev. Comes back and gets third with a last second td. Awesome job. He is really diverse. Snyder - olympic champ. Enough said. Huge come from behind in the semis. He can wrestle everywhere and those attacks he has below the knees are amazing. Tervel wrestled awesome until he got hurt. Too bad because he was on a roll and I truly believe he would have brought home a medal if he didn't get hurt.
  10. In less than a year he was a World Champ, NCAA Champ, and Olympic Champ. Pretty amazing. I remember him being on the Askren/TR podcast and they were trying to figure out what Snyder does in his free time and what he does for fun. Snyder seemed perplexed and simply just says he's always doing something for wrestling. All day, every day. Everything in his life is revolved around wrestling.
  11. I agree 100%. Dake is the man for 74kg. If he wants it, he's got to commit 100%, thought. No long breaks. He needs to go to the toughest tournaments and continue to train and get better and wrestle in way more tournaments. JB looked awful today. Just stating the obvious. He looked slower, he looked lost, he looked frustrated. He lost it mentally and couldn't come back after a loss today. I thought for sure he was going to come back on a rampage, but he looked like he was about to cry the entire match with the Uzbekistan guy. This might sound really harsh, and I might get some **** for this, but it's the truth. JB was the only person I thought for sure was going to win gold on our team this year. He was not the same JB from before. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was his lack of competition this year? Maybe he needs to get to more tournaments and continue to challenge himself?
  12. Agreed. One of my favorite tweets of all time was when the draws came out for JB's first worlds and he had Tsargush in the 2nd round. Everybody was saying how much that sucked for JB, but then he tweeted that he was the bad draw for Tsargush. Love it.
  13. JB's first match is against the guy who almost beat him at worlds a couple years ago as well. JB had to come from behind at the very end to win the match. Very tough draw. Can't overlook the first guy.
  14. Tonight, we all witnessed Deringer figuring out how to wrestle at this next level. His 2nd match was amazing. I seriously think we witnessed something huge here with him. J'Den was amaing. Wow. Stud. Snyder looked great, but needs to get some offense against someone who will just stall against him. He won't get the calls at the olympics. Molinaro is so confident right now. Pico made him a better wrestler. He's really looking improved. Green was amazing. No weight cut. 70kg is perfect for him Dennis and Ramos are good on their attacks. Dennis seems more versatile. Ramos seems one dimensional, but showed some signs that he's getting a little more versatile. Varner might want to try out some hwt.
  15. God I hate the international refs. Do they not have any common sense about strategies and what not? He already scored 10 offensive points.
  16. So is he going to be on the team? What weight?
  17. Did I miss something? Was he part of the Dagestan group that didn't wrestle?
  18. Valencia is such a baby and had no strategy at the end. He could have literally ran out of bounds 2x and still won, but he squares up with Cenzo with 5 seconds left and pays the price. Then acts like a baby again. Frustrating because he's so good. All 3 guys in the finals right now are Penn State. What a good problem to have.
  19. I am very curious on who is assistants will be. Nashon would make an instant impact on any recruit around that weight class. The only thing is, he's still training for freestyle and there's no regional training center in Fresno for that. He'd have to get down to L.A. and go with Pico. I say bring in Jason Welch as an assistant. You could get the good guy, bad guy approach and an entirely different style of wrestling to help with. Maybe Gerry or Stephen Abas as an assistant?
  20. Selfishly, I wish he would keep up his training straight through and not even start fighting until after 2020. Think about how much he's improved in just the past year since going up to seniors full time. With him being 19, Snyder being (20 now?), JB staying through the next cycle, J'Den Cox, and then everybody else, that could really be a dominant team for the next 4 years. I really wish he would show up to Junior trials and get that Junior World title.
  21. I really hope they don't send Tsargush at 74kg. JB barely beat him before then got dominated last time they wrestled. At least they would be on separate halves of the bracket and wouldn't meet until the finals.
  22. I know this sounds weird, but I always protected my ears throughout my career and now I only have a very small cauliflower ear. I kind of wish I had a big, nasty ear just so people know I'm a wrestler. I competed for 14 straight years and coach now, and don't even have bad ears.
  23. Send them both. Whoever qualifies the weight gets the spot. Their third match ended 4-4. If they wrestle in the tournament, and qualify, the winner of the match goes.
  24. JB - Gold Snyder - Medal Tervel - in the repechage and a chance to medal J'den - he has a huge advantage in the fact that he hasn't been scouted yet on the world scene. If he can take advantage of that and have the right mindset he can sneak in there Dennis - no medal Molinaro - 0-1. After watching his last international tournament, he looked really bad against foreigners. He was so off balance and out of position the entire time. I'm rooting for him, but I just don't see it happening.
  25. Can someone break down match 2? I don't have the subscription for NBC Sports so I'm just following on Twitter and Track.
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