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  1. If Howe, Dake, Taylor, and Burroughs stay healthy, we should be able to gain some more fringe wrestling fans. Those four are like four well-rounded graphic novel characters.
  2. If I didn't know the same movies as them I would probably not like them. However, they are saying the same things my old teammates and I say when we watch tournaments together.
  3. Looked like his shoulder was taken across when Wright turned back into face Scott. Scott was on the ankle, elevating a head centered shot.
  4. I'm writing a story centered on wrestling. This is a journal entry from the main character. Any thoughts? Is DF still around? There are few things one can work harder for than the chirp of the crowd: the sound of a crowd watching in recognition of a hand raised inevitably. Only a true victory can eliminate its own noise. Make it devoid of any triumphant calls or cheers. The chirp of the crowd can only be earned by the work put in when most are letting the real crickets make the only noise. An extra run through the dark morning or night; more importantly, extra work in a wrestling room more apt to be a basement storage facility than victory celebration site. Everyone envisions the roar of the crowd: a victory lauded by all. Everyone trains to win the big one, the title to celebrate. What we get is crickets, if you earn those crickets. you have to win, and win in a way that excites no one, that destroys the confidence of your opponent. That’s what brings out the crickets. Make everyone in the gym know you are the better man. Do it in a way that leaves no doubt. Make everyone know the result five minutes before it happens. Surprise no one. A Clockwork Mantis can even kill the chirping crickets that celebrate a one-sided win. A Clockwork Mantis is would up to do the task at hand. It kills each chirping cricket by killing suspense. Those crickets that are left don’t have the guts to make a noise. I want to be a Clockwork Mantis. I want to program myself to react perfectly. I want to execute instinctively. I want to overpower the opposition by being perfect. I want to do this all, but against more than crickets. Hawks, Lions, Bucks, Cows...
  5. PA fan, Taylor's arms are almost straight in front of him at about the 5:05 mark of the video on the second page. This isn't because he wants them to be. It is because Bubba is defending the shot very well. While defending the shot, he cradles Taylor...defensively. Why are you arguing with what wrestlers who hit the move call this move? I have seen very good wrestlers get cradled while in on a Hi-C. They were usually trying to score the Hi-C, continuing to be stubborn against defense that got the best of them.
  6. Hockey fans yell, "Shoot the puck!" Wrestling fans yell, "Just open up!"
  7. And just to add some fuel to the troll, Taylor was pretty out of position in that Hi-C position. At one point his arms were almost completely straight, which caused him to drop his hips all the way back down to the mat, which ended up with him being pinned...IF you ignore the EMPIRICAL evidence of Bubba being PINNED, for about 3 tenths of a second in a roll through of his DEFENSIVE manuever that resulted in his OFFENSIVE fall. If Kessel was ref'ing that one, he would have had double flashbacks to Hendricks being stuck but not calling it, but also seeing an inside cradle possibly resulting in the fall...I think he would have slapped the mat with both hands and raised neither man's arm in victory.
  8. As a former 5'4'' 141 (short guy), I can tell you that a cradle is absolutely a defensive move against a Hi-C. Some lanky guys from my era like Jake PTAX, Ryan Lange, J Jaggers, and really anyone who likes to scoot to the corner on their butt against a head outside shot, you would be told by people who much more qualified than internet posters to classify the moves they hit in matches as either offensive or defensive.
  9. I was hoping you somehow related it to Oedipus.
  10. wrestlingnerd deserves post of the year for this one. The last one before this post is also a great explanation. It troubles me that so many people don't understand the reversal rules. A reversal is not a takedown, it is reversing positions from bottom to top. You are still in the position of "top"/control if you are behind a wrestler when the wrestler is on their feet. If this call didn't exist, it would screw riding time up horribly, as someone could get riding time by not being returned. If a reversal and a takedown were worth different amounts of points, I bet everyone would know this rule.
  11. All of Alton's losses at 141 were to beasts. Look back at who he lost to, and I think you would increase his odds.
  12. I got so into one of DF's post, that I forgot to coach one of my wrestlers in the state finals. He lost on a controversial call that may have been overturned had a coach been there to plead his case.
  13. whoooo whooo whooo hooooo wooo hoooo hoooo
  14. There is nothing in the rule book that directly prevents you from doing it. However, I assume a ref. would give you an order and hit you for unsportsmanlike if you did not follow it, but even so, you have to give up four points before being disqualified under that penalty. Some antiheroes could come up with a strategy that would get themselves a self tech. However, that kind of sacrifice for the team rarely is seen in the antiheroes we love.
  15. You could already self-tech yourself before the stalling calls. You could false start 17 times in a row, even before the match started. Cautions have never been disqualifying to my knowledge. Now is it better to self tech. with cautions, or self tech. with stalling? Would a hybrid be best?
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