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  1. Was not expecting this much success with this group of qualifiers:13 all-Americans 4 of the 13 in the Finals.
  2. 1987 pa 18 all Americans (record)1988 pa 5 national champions (record)
  3. Pa will return 14 of those 17 all Americans,lose English,Sheptock,and Ruth.Add Dylan Alton,and Spencer Myers as past all Americans and that would be 16 all Americans eligible to wrestle next year.that is insane.
  4. That can not be correct I would like you to recount New Jersey all americans,did you forget the 1 in front of the 2 ???? For a total of 12
  5. Tough semi round 3 finalist but 17 all Americans.anybody care to do New Jersey.
  6. Quick count looks like 9 in the semis and 13 one match away from aa status good showing,I predict 16 all- americans
  7. It's time for Cael to cut his losses with these two,if these two are getting any scholarship money it should stop.
  8. There are 13 kids that wrestled in Pennsylvania in their high school career that are in the top 33 at 141.that is amazing 40 percent from one state,has to be some kind of record.
  9. Cael made no mention to the Haines family that neveills was committing.sounds like Cael turned his back on Haines,that's just my opinion.
  10. http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ss ... er_default
  11. is that the same russel that used to get beat up on by the 1time pa state champ nauman?you jerseys guys are so phony.
  12. Good article on Ed Ruth http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ss ... rt_m-rpt-1
  13. actually they had 6 in the finals
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