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  1. Years of mediocrity (at best) under DG and the speed with which AE was given control of the program are both consistent with IU's commitment to D1 wrestling. Indiana was, is, and will always be a basketball school...period. If they weren't in the B1G, they'd have dumped the sport a long time ago.
  2. Really underperformed. Last year's AAs (Thomsen who was a semi-finalist and Foster) failed to AA and Lujan should have AA'ed. Holschlag was pleasant surprise. Still, Schwab is getting good classes but they aren't translating to a steady stream of AAs and the occasional finalist/champion. I'd start looking around for a new coach next year if things don't change for the better.
  3. I found the interviews, all of them, annoying. Dake clearly has a man-crush on YD. I'd rather just hear Jim Gibbons commentary.
  4. Nittany


    Thanks for the coverage, much appreciated. But for the love of all things holy, please stop with all the interviews. Your viewer-ship wants to watch wrestling, period. Oh, and while it's nice that Billy Baldwin is a wrestling fan, no one wants to hear what he has to say.
  5. Suriano loses to Lee whether he wrestles for PSU or Rutgers.
  6. Thankfully, I won't have to watch anymore Pletcher matches after tonight. Dean Heil-2.
  7. Wow, DeSanto is a real punk.
  8. Nittany


    None of what Tsirtsis has gone through was self-imposed.
  9. The near TD in the 1st and the successful TD in the 2nd were both to Cruz's right side after he reached. Great timing.
  10. Well, that a horse of a different color! The separation between Lee, Tomasello, Suriano and Cruz is so small - however, you might be right.
  11. It's a true statement - he didn't say when.
  12. 125: Nato 133: Micic 141: Lee 149: Retherford 157: Nolf 165: Martinez 174: Hall 184: Nickal 197: Rasheed 285: Snyder
  13. He definitely just went for some funk.
  14. Use the schedule bar at the top which shows all 4 mats with "LIVE NOW"
  15. I have all four mats on one screen. From the BTN2GO site, load one mat and then hover over the video and choose the four-way view option. You can then add the other three mats and watch all four at once.
  16. Oh, and we can thanks JTTS as the origin of the "I really enjoyed the ..... era". Guy was knowledgeable, but what a tool.
  17. To be fair, Marinelli got the win, period. That said, he was taken down twice, definitively, and were it not for an attempted big move by Joseph, he loses. Great match and looking forward to the reprise. Whoever shows up in March wins 165.
  18. He should just stay at 141. There isn't much competition there and he'll continue to have success as a result.
  19. I would never get rid of riding time in college - the bottom man has the potential to score by escaping and the escape is an important element of the sport. More consistent application of the rules in riding situations, especially as it relates to stalling, is needed. I think the top man has an obligation to try and turn the bottom man. To that end, you don't "ride", you work for the fall or you should get banged for stalling. If the bottom man makes it to his feet, the top man is obligated to return him to the mat (to work for the fall) - anything less is stalling. the bottom man's job is to avoid being turned and he does that by escaping. Anything less is stalling. I think one good rule change would be that if one man blatantly tries to force a stalemate by not improving his position, bang him for stalling.
  20. I agree with this. An alternative may be to just immediately stalemate a situation when each have each others ankles. Far too much time is wasted on these sorts of scramble positions.
  21. I don't think I crapped on anybody. 45 just doesn't call stalling very often.
  22. I would like to see it. I have nothing against Cox, but Moore is one gritty mofo. No quit.
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