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  1. Coaches making $1 mill + a year, professors making $80K. Ya, Div I schools are "non-profit". How many Div I wrestling programs were dropped because they weren't "profitable"?
  2. I've had Technique Wave(Flo Pro now) since November of last year. Never tried to cancel, but have read many stories about people having problems doing so. Matter of fact, I have read enough horror stories, if I were to do it again I would use a prepaid credit card to subscribe.
  3. Overall, it was good for me. I had the login problem on day 3(Junior event), but once that was fixed I calmed down. LOL. I did have a few buffering issues on day 3(Junior event), but then I noticed my computer running hot. Cleaned the cooling fans and fins with a little air in a can, problem solved. Didn't have any problems on Days 1 and 2.
  4. Me either. I'm able to watch the technique videos right now, just not the live feed.
  5. That's what it did to me. Kicked me out, now keeps asking for login but never lets me back in.
  6. Anyone having problems with getting the live feed from FLO this morning?
  7. Yes, that's right. However, I did notice the girls numbers for Louisiana are wrong. I know of at least 3 girls that wrestled high school that year. Zero school's that sponsored only "girls", but should be at least 3 participants.
  8. Get the club and high school coaches involved. Have USAW, AAU, NUWAY and any other youth organizations encourage their coaches to have "college" nights. In areas with multiple colleges, spread the wealth around, even if you are not a fan of a particular college. I'm sure, as with everything else, there are group rates available. IMHO, you have to get the younger generation interested. You have to make them life long fans. Just my two cents.
  9. Sounds good Pinnum. I'll do that after you and everyone else can convince the IOC to bring back Olympic wrestling. While you are at it, why don't you get 20,000 fans to come to every home dual meet. I mean, aren't the things you and everyone else gripe about here on a daily basis? Why aren't all of you fixing that on your own? How is this any different? It's not! I mean, you are more than welcome to start your own Olympics, create rules that fit what you need, hold qualifying events and organize a team of Olympic-caliber athletes to compete. You can get all the TV coverage you want since it's YOUR Olympics. You can arrange for travel, logistics, organization and while you are at it, you can get track to run the brackets online. I am sure the wrestling community would be grateful to see your product. I mean, you know, if IOC isn't innovating fast enough, or perhaps FILA isn't innovative enough, then create your own product. That's basically what you are saying, if you don't like it, create one yourself. How about you do the same then? The difference is no one ever claimed to be able to come up with a better Olympics. You, however, claimed to be able to produce a better product than trackwrestling. We're still waiting. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that since you can't even negotiate track's user interface, that it will be a cold day in Hades before you can do any programming.
  10. It points out that Cael was the most dominant EACH and EVERY year. You can't wrestle yourself. No one was even close to him, not sure how that is a knock. Makes absolutely no sense at all. And if Dake had stayed the same weight as a previous year, he would have had the same problem. But, he didn't. As a matter of fact, he took the challenge of going for number 4 in Taylor's weight class. He could have stayed at 157 and won number 4. But then again, that's not what being a competitor is all about. As for Cael vs Dake, I really don't know who I would pick. Can I have them both?
  11. I'm a big Dake fan, although I think Taylor is pretty darned good also. Taylor got robbed, he knows it, I know it, anyone who saw it knows it. The one I think knows it the most is Kyle Dake. Dake now knows Taylor can beat him. Taylor now knows he can beat Dake. The next match should be very exciting as both wrestlers make adjustments to what we just witnessed.
  12. Maybe, just maybe, if Missouri continues moving forward, it will open the eyes of some more SEC schools.
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