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  1. MN STORM always send a solid hand full of Greco Freaks
  2. Wishing Lance Bennick from MN-Storm and great trny!!! GOOD LUCK LANCE AND THE USA TEAM!
  3. No Karelin but an athletic kid by all means. Flat gut wrenches but has some fast hands and feet for his age. Karelin at that age was beating Olympians from different countries. I think he beat a long time world Champion from Russia, very close match but the crown was passed down from then on.
  4. Like to say congrats to Big Sammy Stoll for a nice showing at HWT for a Bronze in Greco FILA JUNIORS. :D I see the kid doing well at the next level
  5. Sketchy coverage at best. Seems to happen when you want to watch the most. Unfortunate. Pay the yearly fee to watch it live not a few days later. Just what I'm hearing back at camp!! :?
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