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  1. What happened to the other 5 men's weights at the All-Star Classic in CO? I've never seen this when they didn't have a full lineup. That was rather lame.
  2. gmdband

    Senior World Team Trials

    I find this new WTT system stupid, confusing and it just alienates fans. I was watching all day to see Dieringer and Valencia wrestle at 79kg in the finals. I'm still not absolutely sure when they are supposed to wrestle. Do they realize how ambiguous and confusing this sounds: Tomorrow they wrestle in the finals so they can wrestle in Final X?
  3. gmdband

    Senior World Team Trials

    Are Dieringer and Valencia scheduled to wrestle in the Saturday finals or do they wrestle Sunday? Frankly, I find this new format somewhat confusing. When does the winner wrestle Dake?
  4. I think it is good to eliminate some of the swimming and track events. Swimming and track have WAY too many events and are overly represented. Shooting and weightlifting are not very spectator friendly especially on television. (Little action). Same could be said of sailing which really has a limited (although affluent) customer base. Wrestling has modified its rules to be much more spectator friendly and action-oriented. I wish the IOC would leave it alone and restore the 10 weights (for men at least). Wrestling is also much more cost effective to host than many of these other sports.
  5. gmdband

    Sanderson / DT Sportsmanship

    I can totally understand why Taylor and Sanderson were upset. That was one of the worst refereed matches I have ever seen in a major competition. 1. The mat was so slippery from Cox's sweat that it was like an ice rink. Why didn't the ref have a towel run over the mat? It was so obvious with the mat shining from all the sweat. It was impossible for Taylor to get enough traction to even shoot. I have wrestled on mats like that during long workouts with 50 guys on the mat at one time and its miserable. I also saw Taylor slide out of bounds on his knees and still get called for a pushout. 2. Cox should have been nailed for stalling numerous times. It was SO blatant yet the ref did nothing. He was backing up all over the place and not engaging. 3. I also saw Cox step out which wasn't called. I like Cox, but in this case, I truly believe Taylor got screwed and was the better wrestler. He got screwed by that ref who should not be doing major competitions.
  6. gmdband

    Boise State to drop wrestling

    College baseball is about the most inefficient sport there is in terms of money. This is particularly ironic in a era where universities and colleges are scrambling for money. Baseball requires a huge high maintenance facility, tons of extremely expensive equipment, and does NOT have a great following in the vast majority of states. I remember reading a story in a publication stating that baseball is a major money loser in nearly every college. In addition, there will be big Title IX issues where militant women activists will be screaming for equal scholarships and investment. What an incredibly STUPID decision. This is a classic example of an athletic director that has no clue and is not suited for the job.
  7. In addition, there was not a word about Collica's losses on Oklahoma State's website. I just thought it seemed odd.
  8. Perhaps I am just naiive. I just could not believe Collica not only lost his first match but the consolation as well after such a strong record this season. It sure put Oklahoma State in a hole. Crutchmer didn't do so great either losing his first match to an unranked opponent. I still wonder if it was a pressure or health issue.
  9. Was Oklahoma State's Collica sick or injured at the NCAA Championships? I have never seen such a meltdown before.
  10. gmdband

    Snyder Hurt

    Snyder probably has a torn cartilage in his lower most rib. I have done that twice and it is extremely painful (the 2nd time was when I was wrestling about 2 weeks ago. I threw a guy and landed on top of him just right when he hit the mat). I think I tore some rib cartilage. The bottom rib wants to flop over the rib directly above it when you do certain motions like bend over in a ball or twist a certain way. Also, if your opponent is in top position and grabs you around the waist and hits that rib it can be excruciating if he really squeezes. The trainers can massively tape around his entire rib cage to stabilize it but the problem is that taping your entire rib cage negatively affects your breathing.
  11. It seems like Metcalf and Molinaro have essentially one takedown move: high crotch or a slight variation on a high crotch. You need a much wider arsenal of moves to take opponents down at this level. They get so predictable that opponents can easily counter them. At least Aaron Pico mixes it up with throw byes and some upper body stuff. I am amazed at how one dimensional some of our 65KG guys are in their attacks and 59KG isn't much better. Why is this? I watch guys like Sadulaev using all sorts of varied takedown attacks at his opponents with obviously great results.
  12. gmdband

    Are the semifinals in session 2?

    Anyway, thank you VakAttack for the info.
  13. gmdband

    Are the semifinals in session 2?

    Incidentally, I was asking about the time of the Big 10 semi-finals. The Big 12 semi's are on Saturday I think. I wish they would make this a bit more clear with the Big 10 schedule.