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  1. Common sense is one way to put but I believe I meant logical thinking.
  2. I have always thought that some of the criteria for takedowns in freestyle defy logic. If, from a standing neutral position, one wrestler is gets completely behind another and has his arm around the waist of the bottom wrestler and the bottom wrestler is in a quadpod position, I think it should be ruled a takedown. It certainly demonstrates control which should be one of the major goals of a takedown. The issue of whether the bottom wrestler knee touches is confusing and sometimes ambiguous depending on what angle you are viewing from. Folkstyle even gives a standing takedown in some cases (where the hands are not even touching the mat). The Fix-Gilman Final X 3rd match is a good example of this. From my viewpoint, Fix was on top of and behind Gilman who was just hanging on Fix's foot as a last gasp desperation tactic. All this confusion and ambiguity does not really help the sport.
  3. gmdband


    Jordan Oliver may be a great guy but that many tattoos makes him like an MS 13 gang member. It certainly doesn't help your image if you are trying to get product endorsement contracts. I think all those tattoos would make manufactures shy away from him regarding endorsement contracts. i.e. How many endorsement deals did you ever see Dennis Rodman get?
  4. gmdband

    Predict the world team

    I agree about the injustice of cutting down from 10 weights to 6 for the Olympics to make medal room for women's wrestling. If the Olympic Committee wants to free up some gold medals get rid of some of the swimming events. Swimming is the most OVERREPRESENTED sport in the Olympics. You could eliminate 20 swimming events and there would still be too many swimming events. There are some also other aquatic events you could eliminate that few people watch. The only reason some water sports are even in the Olympics is that someone with a lot of political juice pushes the sport through the Olympic Committees.
  5. I haven't heard any reaction whatsoever from Oliver since his shocking loss to Yanni at the U.S. Open. Oliver also defaulted out of the consolations if I remember correctly. Was there an injury involved? Anyone have any news on Oliver's situation?
  6. There is a training center in Houston, Texas called Paradigm Training Center that offers classes in wrestling (folk, freestyle, and greco), kickboxing, BJJ, fitness, judo, weight training, and MMA training. Really nice facility with good mats and weight rooms. https://www.txgym.com/ School was originally set up by some Oklahoma State wrestlers. Great school, nice people. Wrestling is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30pm - 9pm. at the Rice Avenue location. Grade school, high school, college, and some older wrestlers go there every week. They will pair you with a suitable age/weight/experience training partner. You can work technique, wrestle live matches or both. It's great and the coaches are very knowledgeable. If you do it consistently you will get in very good physical shape. (Plus its fun!!). I have seen wrestlers show up from many universities and even Cuban Freestylers and Greco plus other nationalities.
  7. gmdband

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    Also the Paradigm Training Center facility is really nice and large in 2 locations.
  8. gmdband

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    In Houston, Texas there is a club called Paradigm Training Center originally started by some former Oklahoma State wrestlers. They have classes for kickboxing, BJJ, fitness, MMA judo, and wrestling (folkstyle, freestyle, and greco). There are wrestling classes where high school, college, and older wrestlers can come and work out. It's great. They have technique classes often followed by live goes (if you want) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30pm to 9pm.
  9. What happened to the other 5 men's weights at the All-Star Classic in CO? I've never seen this when they didn't have a full lineup. That was rather lame.
  10. gmdband

    Senior World Team Trials

    I find this new WTT system stupid, confusing and it just alienates fans. I was watching all day to see Dieringer and Valencia wrestle at 79kg in the finals. I'm still not absolutely sure when they are supposed to wrestle. Do they realize how ambiguous and confusing this sounds: Tomorrow they wrestle in the finals so they can wrestle in Final X?
  11. gmdband

    Senior World Team Trials

    Are Dieringer and Valencia scheduled to wrestle in the Saturday finals or do they wrestle Sunday? Frankly, I find this new format somewhat confusing. When does the winner wrestle Dake?
  12. I think it is good to eliminate some of the swimming and track events. Swimming and track have WAY too many events and are overly represented. Shooting and weightlifting are not very spectator friendly especially on television. (Little action). Same could be said of sailing which really has a limited (although affluent) customer base. Wrestling has modified its rules to be much more spectator friendly and action-oriented. I wish the IOC would leave it alone and restore the 10 weights (for men at least). Wrestling is also much more cost effective to host than many of these other sports.