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  1. Wasn't David Taylor scheduled to compete at the Pan American Championships? I thought I read that or did I get it confused?
  2. Somehow this BIG 10 topic evolved to women's rowing. Women's rowing is the most inefficient, expensive, boring, unwatched sport I can think of for D1 sports. No wonder so many colleges have budget issues. It is utilized specifically to give a bunch of women's scholarships to satisfy Title 9. Virtually no high schools support it, no one watches it, and it is very expensive to maintain (boathouses on the water, $20,000 sculls, special trailers to transport sculls, etc., etc., etc.). I will be so glad when women's wrestling replaces women's rowing.
  3. Anyone know how Taylor's rehab is going and when he will be competing again?
  4. Anyone heard when David Taylor will start competing again?
  5. Good one! (I knew this was going to take a bad turn if I started this conversation.......LOL.!)
  6. Believe it or not, a wrestler who sweats profusely has a huge advantage. I help coach and am in still really good shape. I wrestle many matches on a weekly basis during live goes and I hate wrestling really sweaty, slippery guys. (I know sometimes it comes with the workout. Just saying....) If you can't get a good grip on your opponent due to the fact that he is slippery as an eel from sweat, it is really difficult to maneuver him around the mat for takedowns. You become much more defensive rather than offensively oriented. Forget throws, arm drags, etc. Your takedown arsenal gets much more narrowly confined to singles, low singles, and doubles from space. Maybe a duck under or spin behind. If your opponent is larger than you it REALLY becomes an advantage to the larger opponent because they want you to shoot so they can use their greater weight on top of you to try and get a spin around. I saw that last match between Taylor and Cox and I honestly thought Taylor got screwed in that match. Why the officials did not insist that they towel off Cox (and the mat no less) was incredibly bad officiating. The mat looked like an ice skating rink. I totally understand why Cael lost it at the end.
  7. One reason I always admired Jordan Oliver is that I have talked to guys who knew and trained with him at Oklahoma State. They would tell you stories that he was one of the most amazing wrestlers you ever saw. He would have easily been a 3X NCAA champ if he hadn't gotten totally screwed by the idiot who ref'd his NCAA final with Logan Stieber in one of the worst calls I have ever seen for not allowing an obvious takedown. I still remember a story where Oliver bet a 174 or 186 lb. Oklahoma St. varsity wrestler $20 that he could ride him for a whole round. (Oliver wrestled 133 at the time). The 174 lb. wrestler told me he could NOT escape Oliver no matter what he did. Same thing happened on takedowns. Team mates said he was incredibly fast, strong, and had a thousand moves. I hope Oliver keeps wrestling and finds success at North Carolina.
  8. Is it true that Oliver sustained torn cartilage in his ribs during the match? I have done that before and, believe me, it is painful. It certainly would explain a few things.
  9. I have always thought that Jordan Oliver is/was an incredible wrestler (although I hate his vast overabundance of tattoos). I was in Las Vegas for the U.S. Open and was amazed at how Oliver just imploded during the 2nd round of the U.S. Open match. Very few thought Yanni could win at the Open but tech-falling Oliver was totally unexpected. I have never heard the final determination as to what caused Oliver to falter like that. Did Oliver get injured, run out of gas, have a mental breakdown.....what? Up until the 2nd round it was pretty even and most thought Oliver would win before the match. Since Oliver and Yanni also were training partners, typically these matches are fairly close. No one seems to have heard much from Oliver since the U.S. Open and I since read that he left the training facility where he trained with Yanni. Anyone with any inside info?
  10. One way to strengthen the argument for 10 weights (at least for men) would have competitors wrestler for TRUE 3rd instead of two 3rd place finishers. That would save 6 bronze medals right there. 10 weights with 1st, 2nd, & true 3rd place finishers = 30 medals 6 weights with 1,2, (two 3rds) = 24 medals Then the difference would only be 6 total medals between Men's 6 weights & 10 weights. If you also had 6 women's weights wrestle for true 3rd you would save another 6 bronze medals.
  11. Common sense is one way to put but I believe I meant logical thinking.
  12. I have always thought that some of the criteria for takedowns in freestyle defy logic. If, from a standing neutral position, one wrestler is gets completely behind another and has his arm around the waist of the bottom wrestler and the bottom wrestler is in a quadpod position, I think it should be ruled a takedown. It certainly demonstrates control which should be one of the major goals of a takedown. The issue of whether the bottom wrestler knee touches is confusing and sometimes ambiguous depending on what angle you are viewing from. Folkstyle even gives a standing takedown in some cases (where the hands are not even touching the mat). The Fix-Gilman Final X 3rd match is a good example of this. From my viewpoint, Fix was on top of and behind Gilman who was just hanging on Fix's foot as a last gasp desperation tactic. All this confusion and ambiguity does not really help the sport.
  13. Jordan Oliver may be a great guy but that many tattoos makes him like an MS 13 gang member. It certainly doesn't help your image if you are trying to get product endorsement contracts. I think all those tattoos would make manufactures shy away from him regarding endorsement contracts. i.e. How many endorsement deals did you ever see Dennis Rodman get?
  14. I agree about the injustice of cutting down from 10 weights to 6 for the Olympics to make medal room for women's wrestling. If the Olympic Committee wants to free up some gold medals get rid of some of the swimming events. Swimming is the most OVERREPRESENTED sport in the Olympics. You could eliminate 20 swimming events and there would still be too many swimming events. There are some also other aquatic events you could eliminate that few people watch. The only reason some water sports are even in the Olympics is that someone with a lot of political juice pushes the sport through the Olympic Committees.
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