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    Michigan vs Minnesota

    that is what stood out to me the most an brings up a very great pt someone at flo stated about choosing bottom...Take ownership of yr shortcomings an go to where u are good and give yourself the best chance of success...great job by Mattin an UM coaches an props to Lizak for going against the norm...that said if Lizak had an average neutral attack he would be Damn near impossible to beat in Folk...GREAT JOB YOUNG UM STUD! Has to be the Ohio roots!
  2. rd149

    Iowa vs Okie State Thread

    Lee MD 4-0 Brock MD 4-4 Heil Dec 4-7 Sorenson MD 8-7 Kem MD 12-7 Marinelli Dec 15-7 Smith Dec 15-10 Moore Dec 15-13 Weigel Dec 15-16 Stoll Dec 18-16 74-97 are huge for Okie St.. Hopefully the 2 setbacks light a fire under Heil and he opens up his offense..Bonus by him could swing the dual in favor of the Pokes..I don't see Marinelli losing to Rogers but that would be key in a OSU victory as well but being in CHA you know the Hawkeyes will be on point so I don't see them dropping this one and wouldn't be surprised to see Kem get a TF or Fall
  3. rd149

    Iowa wrestle offs

    No Marinelli???
  4. rd149

    Junior World Freestyle Aug 1 -2

    apologies if this has been stated already but what time do the finals start. Thanks
  5. Agree that it isn't senior level but IMO you aren't giving enough credit to how tough Junior Worlds is. It is very similiar to the level of competition at NCAA's so saying its nice and not recognizing how incredibly tough it is to medal and or win is crazy
  6. rd149

    2017 MFS World Team Trials

    Man 86kg is starting to look awesome in the USA. Heflin DT Cox all are beasts and can do serious damage at worlds with the exodus of Saduleuv to 97kg
  7. Coach J is the man to answer that question......
  8. rd149

    Dear ESPN

  9. rd149

    Coaches getting 'long in the tooth'?

    What cael is doing is getting results with the #1 recruiting classes same with Ryan. Smith an Brands take A-to B Wrestlers an put them in the conversation with the A++ so to say that he is getting long in the tooth is absurd. 8AA's at any other school an he's COY but at Okie St he's slipping???? C'mon man Cael and Ryan should be commended more than ANYONE is ridiculed
  10. rd149

    David Morris Taylor the 3rd has arrived

  11. rd149

    World cup thread

    http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?eventStreamId=123521011&TIM=1487256817838&twSessionId=hfnrbzzvbmitvme that link has it going for me
  12. rd149

    World cup thread

    exact same thing I got HELP!!!
  13. rd149

    World Cup - Day 1

    How can I watch online...Sorry for my ignorance but UWW sight when I click on link posts that it is blocked for me to watch
  14. Several Ohio tough Holiday tournaments if thats within travel budget. Archer GA has come to the GMVWA in Dayton Ohio in the past. Several KY and tough Ohio teams attend.
  15. rd149

    Chaos in Georgia (via trackwrestling)

    Green kid backs up and ducks his head NO WAY is that an intentional head butt...Don't agree with the after match antics but that is a GARBAGE way to lose a state match that official should be reprimanded...embarassing..Feel for all involved..disgusting way to go out in a state bout
  16. If Burroughs gets to the ankle like the Georgian does at the 1:20 mark vs Dake the match will end rapidly. Burroughs has a world class lace and wouldn't transfer that position without selling out for the turn like the Georgian does in the above match. I like Jordan's chances.....
  17. I know Lorenzo Neal Fullback for the Titans Saints and Chargers wrestled at Fresno and AA'd in the early 90's not sure if he was a 190 or HWT though
  18. rd149

    Yoga vs Wrestling!

    What a joke lotsa $ changing hands looks like biddys
  19. rd149


    25 Dance (anyone but Gilman) pulling for Dance to have a positive finish to an amazing career with only hiccups occuring in March 33 Tomasello but I believe Brock is biggest obstacle and wouldn't hate it if Clark finishes out on top 41 Heil all he does is win 49 Retherford 57 Nolf 65 Martinez but really interested in the Massa matchup he has looked outstanding 74 Hoping Jordan but tossup with Valencia 84 Man of Steel Dean 97 Cox Hwt Snyder
  20. rd149

    Can Oklahoma State win it?

    I think Okie St. has a great chance of getting 8 AA 133 141 149 157 165 174 I think have about 80% chance of AA's and 84 an 97 I'd say are over a 65 % chance but those weights are very tough and upsets are going to happen for sure. HWT and 25 are there only guys with around a 50% chance but are both more than capable with the right draw. Like his style or not Dean Heil is a winner and I believe is the guy to beat at 41, he is a Kellen Russell type of guy who everyone knows can lose but seems to pull it out, a champions champion just without the style pts. Looking at PSU I'd say you have 2 guaranteed finalists with bonus in 49 and 57. I'm also confident in AA out of 25,84 and 74 if its that one kid (wink wink). They also have great chances at 41,65...They need 33 HWT and 97 to have crazy runs but really its razor thin and if it comes down to bonus I think we all know who wins..Definitely gonna be cant miss action and that isn't even mentioning Iowa Ohio St. FUN TIMES AWAIT IN MARCH GO BUCKS!
  21. rd149

    Any Matches More Anticipated Than Tomasello/Brock?

    Micah Jordan vs Zain Retherford
  22. Columbus Police most likely won't pursue this. I was at the state tournament 5 years ago and my car was broken into overnight by campus at the Varsity Inn. Police told me I should know better than to leave items in the car that a thief could steal. Officer told me to file a complaint and make a statement but basically tough **** and I should know better. Hopefully due to the significance of what was taken in this case they will put more of an effort towards retrieving it for the Champ!
  23. rd149

    Spencer Lee at 126 wins Ironman but ...

    He gave up 1 offensive pt the whole tournament(late TD by a top 5 kid) I'd say that is pretty darn impressive after wrestling thru the toughest tournament in the nation.. Lee is a force and overall the talent level at that tournament even the 1-2 2-2 kids is insane! Ironman where state champions go to die...
  24. rd149

    84 KG -- Dean the future?

    Vering and Warren were studs but not to the level of Dean. By most accounts he is going to be (in all likelyhood) a 3xNcaa champion 4x AA and I don't believe we've ever seen that type of folkstyle talent/credentials jump into the Greco realm. Folkstyle super elite almost always go the Freestyle route or hang em up real excited for the Greco program if he can bust thru that door and put the idea in other top notch folkstylers to choose that path. I for one would really like to see Isaiah Martinez transition to greco due to his insane explosive power. Nolf/Nickal as well.
  25. rd149

    84 KG -- Dean the future?

    When's the last time one of our "elite" folkstylers switched to Greco instead of Freestyle? I can't think of any multiple time NCAA champ that went the Greco route..Is the best folkstyler switched to greco Durlacher? To be honest, I didn't research this but I can't think of 1 NCAA champ in recent time '92 to present that went the Greco route. This is why I think the possibility of Dean and Greco is exciting for a sport with limited following compared to Free.