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    rd149 reacted to unbiased in JO nagging Retherford   
    After reading Oliver's post, does anyone else feel like this?

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    rd149 reacted to skikayaker in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I wrestled at tOSU in 1983/84, in Larkins Hall (no longer there), in the same wrestling room, using many of the same trainers, same locker room, yes, same gay trolls that shouldn't have been there, same open shower after practice, but NEVER did I EVER hear about a doctor as described by Mike D.  Chris Ford was our head coach just before Hellickson took charge of the team. Mike's older brother Andy was my assistant coach and a really good guy as far as I know.  Mike D's fraud and abuse of student athletes failing to pay for endorsements for his Cage Fighter line of clothing took the cake until now. I wrestled there with Andy DiSabato as an assistant coach, Jude Skove was a guy that beat me up daily, but again, I never heard a story about the doctor.  Grant this, Jim Jordan started coaching there about 4 years later after his great college run at Wisconsin, so we were there at different times, but not that far apart.
    I also would like to think that a D1 wrestler would hang the doc up on a wall with his jock strap if he tried to pull crap like what has been alleged.  Personal responsibility ought to be considered as well as the timing of these stories.
    I don't buy it, and know with good info that Mike D is a bit of a scumbag. Andy D however was a great guy to me.
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    rd149 reacted to Powerline in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    The star witness - maybe Helickson had good reason to ask Yetts to tell the truth. I mean reading the articles about him, he sounds like a honest guy  - https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/stories/2002/01/21/story4.html
    > "Yetts is also the target of a drug trafficking investigation in Columbus, in addition to the SEC matter, two civil lawsuits filed in Franklin County against Yetts and his own voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. On July 30, Yetts was arrested on a felony charge of possessing 21 pounds of marijuana at a warehouse at 5101 Trabue Road in Columbus. ."
    > "Yetts also had a legal dispute with former OSU fullback Nicky Sualua, who in 1997 agreed to have Yetts represent him in negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys and granted Yetts' request for power of attorney, according to a lawsuit Sualua filed in 1998 against Yetts. Sualua's signing bonus and all biweekly payments from the Cowboys were made directly to Yetts until the fall of 1997, according to the lawsuit.
    Yetts used his power of attorney to buy a house in Dublin in Sualua's name, without the football player's permission, according to the suit."
    > "After depositing Winfield's $700,000 in a bank account of World Wide Financial, the SEC claims Yetts used about $67,500 for personal and business expenses, including payments to prior investors, country club dues, attorney's fees, credit card bills, outstanding student loans and insurance premiums."
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    rd149 reacted to Fishhook in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I was just kinda throwing that out because the Dernlans were the family but the brothers didn't have any kids to add to the trophy case. I used to roll around with Tim Dernlan pretty often 
    One thing I want to know is I thought Jeff was more the face of the Jordan brand now and that Jim and Jeff aren't totally in lock-step. I am assuming that based on the Bo-Isaac dynamic.  I don't see how attacking Jim effects Jeff per se.   And I know Dom and other DiSabatos and coached with Dom. Never, ever did I hear a bad word about Jim Jordan from him.  So it seems to be between Mike and Jim and not so much the families.  I just think its a little more complicated and I definitely think that this will indeed muddy up the waters for really catching the real criminals. I mean the doctor is dead and they are worrying about this other dynamic and not really even trying to dig any deeper. Red Herring used to be a word for this thing. 
    I also should add I was part of the first Jordan clubs in 92 or 93 and drove an hour to Urbana which is where it was first held. I love the Jordans too.  And I know and like Adam and Dom D. Never met Mike somehow. I do feel bad if he really was abused.  That doesn't make vindictive behavior okay though.  And I still think this whole thing stinks and much deeper than politically. 
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    rd149 reacted to cbg in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Are you talking about the current president or the one that said he had never had sexual relations with that women when pointing his finger at the American Public?
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    rd149 reacted to stp in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Mike D is a well known douche bag, plus his side of the D family has a history of jealousy towards the Jordan's.  
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    rd149 reacted to JasonBryant in US Freestyle rankings (indicator of US Open seeds?)   
    How do you compare? Some fans these days ... SMH.
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    rd149 reacted to xander in Historic NCAA Finals losses that were shockers   
    Varner losing to puke. I know I know—they had long long history......and it wasn’t a shocker.
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    rd149 reacted to jstock in Best coach   
    Tim Flynn belongs in the top echelon
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    rd149 reacted to Jon_Kozak in Separated at birth?   
    They sound remarkably similar too!
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    rd149 reacted to MNRodent in Separated at birth?   
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    rd149 reacted to MSU158 in How many heavyweights actually weigh in at 285lbs?   
    The fact that he was a 4X AA, 3x Finalist and 2x Champ?  Just because a style doesn't visually entertain you, doesn't mean you can't be a fan.  I liked watching Baltimore win the Super Bowl when they had an incredible defense and next to no offense.
    The best guys are still the best.  It just come down to some guys maximize their best skill sets without worring about aesthetics.  In regards to Nelson, a light switch went on after he took a beating trying to go toe to toe offensively with Gelogaev and got near tech'ed I believe.  He realized that he was near impossible to take down if he just squared up and held center.  He also realized that no one can ride him and it was near impossible to escape from his spiral ride.  It may have made for some boring wrestling if you don't like to watch the small nuances, but I still appreciated how he found a skill set that was near impossible to beat when healthy.
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    rd149 reacted to ThorsteinV in Flo Wrestling Immune or Allergic to feedback and criticism?   
    The answer is yes and it seems to start at the top.  At the decentralized, personal level most of their guys (CP, Nomad, even Willie) will address criticisms and entertain ideas and views opposite to their own.  Scale it up, however, and the default response is to ignore and suppress. Even if you have a legitimate issue, you’re likely getting nowhere with their customer support. 
    For example, after having a monthly membership for some time, I purchased an annual membership for $150.  Later on, I realized they were still charging me for the monthly membership.  I contacted customer support a day after the payment cleared, requesting a refund but they wouldn’t even refund the most recent duplicate payment.  Flo got $270 from me this year but they’ll never see another penny. 
    I’d be ashamed and embarrassed to conduct business in such a manner.
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    rd149 reacted to TBar1977 in Flo Wrestling Immune or Allergic to feedback and criticism?   
    Finding videos of wrestlers is a lot harder now.
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    rd149 reacted to gimpeltf in Queens for a day!   
    Ian Issael?
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    rd149 reacted to TobusRex in Alex Marinelli   
    He's angry for being prematurely bald, obviously. He hasn't learned it's actually a blessed state.
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    rd149 reacted to jeffr_ideal in Ohio State v Iowa   
    I hope Cormier makes the wrestling broadcast booth one day.  He did some stuff for flo a few years back and he was really good at commentating. 
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    rd149 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Ohio State v Iowa   
    No no no! Mark Hall repeated kindergarten 17 times! Hes not a true sophomore, he's a "True sophomore!"
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    rd149 reacted to Buckeyebison in Stoll MIA?   
    We wanted to see Snyder to go out with a bang against #3 Stoll. Boy, we were super disappointed. However, I found it weird when some fans were screaming that NATO ducked Suriano but not much about Stoll or Brands ducking Snyder. Am I seeing hypocrisy in it?
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    rd149 reacted to superbowlhomeboy in Pico   
    Who are you? Step back from the keyboard, buddy. I feel like anyone with 30k posts on a forum should have sense enough to withhold judgement of others. Get outside. Go for a walk. Lighten up. Get a life.
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    rd149 reacted to fanta in California likely boycotting Ironman   
    You have to realize that the way things are, just doesn’t fit your version of reality like you thought. Tidbit after tidbit adds up, and it’s not possible to explain them all away and be honest. Adam T. had everything right, paperwork, cultures etc.  There are infinite paths of self-delusion, and the fact that you're spending your life in a brain mansion built of words means that you lack the objectivity necessary to see the terrible distortion of reality...Doc.
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    rd149 reacted to BobDole in Matside Weigh-Ins & Locked Line-Ups: 2018 Rule Proposals (Jan 17)   
    Please quit making rules.
    Submitting a locked lineup will not prevent forfeits, if a team wants to duck someone they will do it.
    Submitting a locked lineup will also prevent shifting of your lineup to better your chances for a win. 
    Dumb idea.
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    rd149 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Weight Classes & Growth Allowances: 2018 Rule Proposals (Jan 10--week #2)   
    I think the realignment of weight classes in 2011 has hurt the sport. How do you take a weight class from the most heavily concentrated arena where the most wrestlers are and put it in the weight range thats already filled with fluff and kids that might do the sport as a secondary thing?
    Sorry, but football players don't want to wrestle. You change 285 to unlimited and they wont wrestle. You can make weight classes above 200lbs at 5 lbs increments and they still wont wrestle. You can make wearing full sweats in matches so they can hide their bodies and they still won't wrestle.
    Cater to the middle weights. Those kids want to wrestle. Regrow the sport from where its strongest. Taking a middle weight class away has alienated the sports most loyal athletes and given it to a group that will never hold it a prioriety over football.
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    rd149 reacted to Angry_Fish in Jordan Oliver   
    You are the only person who suggested they change the date of the US Open.  There is no chance that happens.
    If they had a last chance qualifier in May, as they have for many years, that would not be for JO in particular -- although he would clearly benefit.
    And the other way he could be there is if they implemented an optional wildcard entry at each weight.  This would not be unprecedented. 
    In neither of those options is there a date changing for an existing event.
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    rd149 reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Why isn't whole US Team in Yarygin?   
    yeah, if u wanna be the bets need compete vs the best.... Yarygin is nice tournament, i agree. I think bad and aggressive environment makes the wrestler stronger, it made Snyder the best wrestler, he competed in Junior, in Ohio very many wrestlers. Big competition. All these reasons made him the best wrestler, it was with JB too. 
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