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  1. So we can assume that bouts wrestled against Ugi do not count on the official record...(?) JJH
  2. Should be available here. http://www.nusports.com/sports/midlands ... body.html# But initial brackets probably won't be released late Saturday evening. JJH
  3. Cradle Gear Invitational at Lock Haven Sat Dec 28 6pm Streamed live on PAWRvideo.com JJH
  4. Looks like the college field was down considerably this year. 13 Division 1 teams was down about a third, and there was only one ranked team present. Also a multitude of unattached wrestlers (6-8 per weight class). That used to be pretty rare. Also zero interest shown on this forum. Was this just a quirk of the calandar this year (Sunday before Christmas)? Does anyone know what's going on.
  5. JJH

    Reno TOC

    Never mind. Found them on TrackWrestling. JJH
  6. JJH

    Reno TOC

    Where can we find brackets? JJH
  7. Saturday Dec 14 EST. Rutgers at Princeton Ivy Network JJH
  8. Meys has just been cleared to wrestle. He'll likely go two bouts at the Clarion Open, then be pulled. THey want to be sure his medical problem doesn't recur, so he will be used in spot situations. He will not wrestle all Lehigh duals this season. It will probably be hard at times to determine who the starter is at 184. No decision on whether he will attempt post-season action. Napoli didn't attempt the weight cut. I have no idea why. No injury issue. He is expected to compete at the Clarion Open. JJH
  9. Jay has been very open about his battle with the Big C. The referee has his hand raised to slap the mat, and I can hear Jay's booming voice saying "ARE YOU NUTS??? I ONLY HAVE ONE SHOULDER ON THE MAT!!!" JJH
  10. Are the Illini going to wait until after the season starts to issue a schedule? JJH
  11. *** Only St Louis in 2015. JJH
  12. Not hardly. Bloomsburg, C Michigan, Chattanooga, Cornell, Hofstra, Iowa St, Kent St, Minnesota, N Dakota St, Oklahoma, Oregon St, Virginia Tech at Nat Duals That's 12 teams. We haven't seen Illinois' schedule yet, but they could make it 13. JJH
  13. Looks like Illinois is the last D-1 to report! JJH
  14. Not yet, but they still have plenty of time..... JJH
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