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  1. DeAngelis @ 149#...?? I think if he put some muscle on this summer, that would be great & I would consider him a legit 57lber...He has no body fat...If Justin cut to 49, I see a very unmotivated 5th year...Like his dad Frank, cutting weight is a DeAngelis's kryptonite!!
  2. When he's on, he's ON...Love to watch him!! I think anyone (w/ exception of the obvious) would have been in trouble w/ him this weekend!!...What a great showing...He honestly looked small against both Jordan & Caldwell but threw them around like rag dolls!! IMHO if that was a folk style match that same day w/ Bo...It would have resulted in the same smack down!! BoJo is not nearly ready for what will soon be a "scary sized beast" @ 165# named Alex Dieringer!!!
  3. Re-phrase: I meant surprised not to see him...
  4. I'm actually not surprised to see him in some of these post season freestyle outings...He did take a silver @ the worlds...Wondering if he's just off season transitioning to 165?
  5. I watched the match on you tube...I must say, Taylor HAD him!!...Yes, great game plan w/ the way he exposed JB w/ that slide out to the cradle roll...Not once but twice!! I think DT is a wrestler that exponentially improves...Folk, free whatever! That being said, had he hung on for that win, it might have been his "only" against JB for awhile...Every great one is going to get exposed (literally or figuratively) in their careers...Burroughs just buried him twice in less than 30 seconds...Pulled out the win and made the last 2 takedowns looks easy...WTT's will be fun if ALL are in the mix...Like someone said, he's certainly not in "world form" right now...He is a fine tuned athlete that seems to peak @ the needed levels...Great entertainment though...Match of the day!! JB will re-adjust, DT will just improve!
  6. I just read that this match will be @ Beat the Streets...This will a be very interesting match-up...I for one, can't wait to see it!
  7. D-1

    Round 2

    Just a few that will be interesting... Alton vs Miller Palacio vs Sulzer Veltre vs LeBlanc
  8. I'm just an observer in all of these posts w/o any particular sway but I have seen the 157# 1st round Alton vs Murphy post quite often...Doesn't Murphy have a pigtail w/ DeAngelis from OU? That match actually intrigues me...IMHO I don't see a hall pass for Murphy on this one...Probable yes, but Murphy still has to win to get in...Just saying!
  9. Interestingly...The Alton boys w/ 5 of the top 15 fastest pins...Where are those guys??? Also in the top 30, Taylor w/ the only top :30 pins over ranked guys (2)!
  10. Saw that...What a memorable way to go out in your final dual!! Congrats DT
  11. Didn't really see Maple losing to Villalonga...Lester wakes up for @ least a minute...Had it been OU w/ first bedlam line-up, Cornell goes to consi's...That being said, OU needs to give everyone a vacation before big 4's & ncaa's to get these guys freshened up...They look to have peaked in mid December...! Over trained? Over wrought? Possibly just, over & out!!!!
  12. I think Cornell picks up a big 6 @ 157#'s...Realbuto scathed by last night but he is most likely wrestling OU's 3rd string guy in Dennis...I think DeAngelis may have re-injured against Bloomsburg...I would have liked to see them go @ it again...I don't think Howe goes 184 against Dean...That seems a bit foreboding this late in the season...Oklahoma's line-up is all over the place...I think Cody might have grabbed a guy off the street for one of the matches!!
  13. LOL...Mr. Milkovich...J figured if I threw down my "constantly" handled by Jimmy Carr statement, I thought we might hear from you!! I know you had a great admiration for him...I also know you whipped his ass in college...That being said, you can't disagree he was a bad man for his size and never, never made it look anything but easy...Still my fav (High School) You have to admit though that he could have tossed Leif Erickson if he wanted to (or maybe he did) ...I will keep my pseudonym for obvious reasons but I do have some old ties to the Crimson Tide...Best to you!
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