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  1. Yes, meeting was held through a Zoom meeting. I can't report on anything as Gimp said. Look for somethings towards the end of this month or at the latest beginning of May on the final rule changes. There is several layers of rules proposals having to pass before they could become official.
  2. Events is a very small part of what we do. Our primary focus is in coaching development and growing wrestling . While our focus has changed some with events, we are growing and expanding in many other core areas. I am not sure what the mixed reviews are on the convention, but we again set an attendance record this year and continues to grow each year. In addition, we did free leadership training to over 1000 HS Coaches Last year alone and have put over 600 coaches through our College CEO Leadership Academy. We provide this training free to coaches. We are also very actively involved with the starting of nearly every new college program in some regards. With many of them we were helping facilitate start up grants to get these programs off the group. The NWCA is a lot more than just events.
  3. A few things: It is definitely going to be a different fan experience than what was before. You are not going to be right on top of the mat. I am not sure where you are getting the idea that planning is going in the wrong direction. The people planning this are fully aware of the fan experience and how important that it is. To say they don't would be completely false. I think there is opportunity to do something special by putting 40K plus in an arena.This would be a great thing to celebrate for the sport but it will come some changes in the experience. The good news for all the traditionalist it is back in a normal facility for the next couple years.
  4. There is another site visit coming up next week which there will be numerous people (myself included) that will finalize the layout. Contrary to what some people want to say here, the fan experience is very important to the NCAA and so they are trying to find the perfect balance. Will this be a different fan experience than before? Yes, but it is also something that is pretty exciting to see and something that could be pretty special. IMO, The opportunity to have 40K plus fans to attend the championships is something we should celebrate. It has been made pretty clear this is not something that will happen on a regular basis but a non-traditional site or location is something we might see once every bid cycle. Like anything in life, you can find the negative and say why its not going to work or look and find the positive and what it might bring.
  5. PT

    H. Stieber

    As SHP said, the 8 match minimum only relates to earning a 'pre-allocated' spot for your qualifying tournament. You must have 8 Division I Matches at the weight class to be eligible for a winning percentage. You do not need a minimum number of matches to compete in the qualifying tournaments nor do you need a minimum number of matches to be considered for an at-large selection. You could have 5 matches and if you met two of the bronze criteria you could be up for 'consideration' for an at-large spot. PT
  6. Not difficult to provide, but the way our event handbook to the teams reads is that the brackets will be released after today's coaches poll. While things might be the same, that is the way the protocol reads. Thanks. PT
  7. Gimp, I think that is pretty well said. I don't mind the overtime having to score but I would agree that some rules would need to be in place to ensure scoring and forcing guys to take more chances. I understand why the official would not want to make that call in that situation. Kudos to both guys though for going at it that long. Takes a lot of heart and so on so compliments to them.
  8. 1. We are approaching the presidents and admissions officers of all DI Historically All Black Colleges & Universities (most are enrollment driven and many are looking to bolster male enrollment) 2. We are working with a tax consultant to comb thru the tax returns of DI private schools to identify the schools that are most struggling for enrollment and tuition dollars 3. Over the past year, we have met with several university presidents of Division I schools who have expressed interest (We will be meeting with two more presidents over the next 3 weeks) As most people within the wrestling community already know, establishing new DI programs is much more challenging than the other collegiate divisions for the following reasons: 1. The costs are much greater at the DI level (the DI philosophy is much more about focused excellence). In other words, many DI administrations desire to invest more money into fewer teams in hopes they can compete for national titles in all sports 2. Most DI colleges are not enrollment driven so they don’t need to add sports to grow enrollment like many of the non-DI colleges. 3. The big DI-A athletic department budgets are the ones that are most scrutinized in Title IX complaints
  9. John - The committee reviews the number of matches each year to determine if they want to keep it at the 17 matches. By the time the 2nd RPI is taken over 80% of the wrestlers meet the threshold. Secondly, the way the system is set up if a wrestler does not have the 17-matches for the RPI, they can still earn an allocated spot for their qualifying tournament by having a coaches ranking and winning percentage. The minimum number of matches needed to earn an AQ spot for your qualifying tournament is 8 because that is the number of matches needed for the winning percentage threshold. The committee looked at this from a standpoint of wrestlers being injured or not competing first semester. In the event that someone like McMulland does not make it to the NCAA's they go through the at-large process that has its own set of criteria where head to head and quality wins take on greater importance.
  10. The irony here is that if, several years back, teams like PSU and Iowa and OK St had supported and attended the National Duals, there likely would not be any discussion of any blending of a national duals championship and the NCAA Tournament. Yep. A national duals has been on the NCAA radar for quite some time. This was not just overnight on their part.
  11. Their point transfer makes this proposal a very poor proposal. Also, this isn't the NCAA trying to make a second Championship. The NCAA has basically stated they don't approve of TWO Champions being crowned. The NWCA, not the NCAA, is the one making this proposal. It is good for the NWCA and their pocketbook, but it may not be good for wrestling as a whole and the pocketbook of each of the member schools. Take note of who is trying to bully whom. It is the small school trying to bully the big power players. Just to clarify the NWCA Is NOT the one making this proposal. This proposal is from the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship Committee.
  12. Two wrestlers were tied at 32 at 285, hence no 33. The last ranking along with the allocated spots will be released on Thursday, February 27
  13. There was actually quite a bit of talk and discussion about this issue. The problem was not the blue chip wrestlers but scores of high school wrestlers that were entering into the opens. The year that the rule went into place there was one collegiate open that had I think close a 1/3 of the entries were high school wrestlers.
  14. The deadline to submit bids is actually mid-September (15th I think). Decisions will not be made until later in the 4th quarter but before the new year.
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