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  1. I have to thanks for reading. First and foremost, I think a few of you may be looking a little too much into the article. It is a "what if" or "what could". As we all should know very little about this sport is a "lock". As for writing, I spent 5 years writing about 90% of the content for TOM. We have now hired Alex and several others to write. IMO (which is probably biased) I think Alex has done an exceptional Job. To the person who thinks we have gone down hill, I am sorry you feel that way. We will continue to try and improve daily. If you are looking for a lot of banter and locker room talk, yea we won't be the place for you. Sometimes we have our fun, but our long term goal is to provide you with as much interesting and useful content as possible. Expect a lot of changes for TOM over the next few months that should help us cover the sport even better. Also, if you feel we could do better in an area, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to listen to the readers. V
  2. I am not sold this is good. Dealt with Ngin for year in another sport and their system is very clunky. With that said I am interested in what their plan will be.
  3. Wrestling is not as complicated as we make it.

  4. I fully agree with BobDole... People get way to excited about them or rather worked up. Jason did a nice job with that artilce. For the record I support a AP style rankings done by wrestling media.
  5. We do another set mid-jan. So things like midlands etc.. are accounted for.
  6. They are now out: http://awn.theopenmat.com/2013/12/awn-r ... r-11-2013/
  7. We will have free live audio from there as well.
  8. Hmm Competitor... How so, we do not sell USA Cards, we do not run tournaments and have no desire to be a governing body. So how is it we compete. Sensitive? Is that what you call it when someone calls out more moronic your posts are? The only think is that everyone is laughing at Willy not because of Willy. I am glad you learned how to use icons. Well done, it show the level you are capable of.
  9. Really, what am I promoting its free coverage. I thought there were wrestling fans here who may want to watch wrestling. My bad.
  10. Four mats running. Catch all the action free here: http://awn.theopenmat.com/2013/01/awn-l ... nia-duals/
  11. I would like to know why he would be #1 Please list his wins this year that would make anyone consider him number 1? The getting caught things is absurd. You win some you lose some pure and simple. Comments like this just make me laugh.
  12. A win is a win, a pin is a pin. Do I think Storley pins him again. No I do not. Matt Brown beat Storley who was a true freshman 2 months into his career. That 1 win should not hold his spot in the rankings. Lets look at this from a logical point of view. This year: Browns biggest win is over Brown of Lehigh. He has wrestled 1 guy ranked ahead of him and has loss. We have him 8 which based on the wins he has is pretty fair IMO. If he had won over storley then there is a case for top 3. There is zero case to have him over Kokesh who loss to storley also. Kokesh won both Cliff Keen and Midlands. How is that not better then a 3rd at Scuffle? He will be wrestling some of these other soon, if he wins he moves up.
  13. http://awn.theopenmat.com/2013/01/awn-l ... at-lehigh/
  14. Live audio up now. http://awn.theopenmat.com/2013/01/awn-l ... loomsburg/
  15. We are live with full audio as well. http://awn.theopenmat.com/2012/12/awn-l ... pionships/
  16. Yea, one example. Zanetta would be ranked 2nd.
  17. Here ya go! http://awn.theopenmat.com/2012/12/awn-r ... ecember-6/
  18. Interesting post our TOM Redshirt rankings will be released today.
  19. Thanks, I was just wondering is all. You know we aim to please. Last word thread anyone?
  20. Wondering where the "Evil" aspect comes from... Would love to know. Figure of speech. Any rival can be called the evil empire. The Yankees are a rival, people call them evil. Themat is a rival of TOM and FLO. That's all. But I suppose the fact that TOM is ultra-sensitive to everything said about them and even has a forum thread bashing what other sites may do or have done on their site could be construed as a reason why one would use the word "evil", as in "the hated rival" although hate is a strong word but goes with the flow (not FLO) of the statement. Hopefully with a new person leading the way that will change. But a rivalry is good. I was just cruous, although half your statement (I know you meant it as a shot) that we are ultra-sensative, I could you use some help with. So if we defend or discuss things outside our own forum we are the "ultra-sensative"? Interesting perspective.I know full well you were around here when it all went south. The blow up is what gave rise to the TOM forum in the first place. Nobody new is leading the way, Jason is joining the team yes but sorry you will still be stuck with myself and Ray.
  21. Wondering where the "Evil" aspect comes from... Would love to know.
  22. This dual could go either way. 125 and 149 may be what decides it. Also 174 is a toss IMO. Yea Brown beat him last year, but Storley improved all year and has that year under him. Toss up for sure. The big question for MN will be Thorn, if he gets down, holds it well, he should have a big impact at the weight. If the cut is too much, MN chances of doing much go way down.
  23. BB I am very against you making jokes like this :D
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