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  1. Yes, I also Watched to last part where Ben's hand was raised. That is the part that most people will remember. I expect some damage in his next fights as well..But we will also see Ben's hand get raised. i am used to it...i have been watching the same thing for 13 years. It's no mystery....Look... Ben is not built like a guy from the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine. But sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Superior techniques, positioning and leverage can overcome brute strength. Watch Ben's NCAA final match as a Junior
  2. When facing a worthy opponent...There is always a degree of damage expected to win the war.. Ben is always a move or two ahead of his opponents in his strategy for superior position and he is in another world once he has you on the ground. It's a bad place to end up.
  3. Askren walked through everyone he faced. sometimes I felt embarrassed for his opponent. It had to be demoralizing to try to figure out how not to get pinned, or tech'd by him. Now after having to wait, and go through his prime, he gets on the main stage and can still take out a guy by submission at a high level. It you don't want to get submiited ...Don't let Ben get your back and start to choke you out. All you have to do it out position him on the ground. GOOD LUCK
  4. Askren has more natural skills, instinct, and intelligence than 99% of all opponents he will ever face. It;s a shame he had to wait until he is 34 years old to prove it to a mass audience .
  5. I have been watching this guy get questioned and second guessed since he was wresting in college. I guess Gavin was not pinned lol I have not posted since that match. Like a old Gable Iowa Hawkeye Slogan on a poster I saw years ago. "everything this guy gets...HE gets the hard way"
  6. Flashes of brilliance: J'Den Cox Missouri MAC Mike McClure Michigan State Big Ten Alex Dieringer Oklahoma State Big 12 Mike Racciato Pittsburgh ACC Thomas Gilman Iowa Big Ten
  7. I feel no nervousness about anyone Taylor wrestles coming from anyone in his current weight class that could even mount a challenge to beat him or even challenge him . However I cannot feel that same sense of a guaranteed victory coming from Howe with his 1 or 2 point victories coming against a couple people in his own weight class in order to take the title. One mistake or slip and Howe Goes down. To me that is not domination it is surviving the match.
  8. Taylor is the only one I see with any real and noticeable separation from the others in his weight class. I thought the same thing about Ruth Until yesterday. All the other wrestlers on the list have very close competition from at least 1-3 others the will have to face to win it all. Your list is pretty accurate.
  9. Dean did a great job...but Ruth looked like he was moving in slow motion compared to his normal pace during that match
  10. Gilman has done one hell of a job...You have to hand it to the kid facing these ultra high ranking opponents over the last few days. He should be proud of himself.
  11. I agree with carp..it was a very demeaning topic to begin with..... and that usually means that there is no logical or acceptable means to please... or reason with original author of the post
  12. Hardest to pick eventual champion as of today is 125, 285,133,149
  13. Iowa does not send out the Invitations, they just wrestle who they have to and make the best of it. We should be happy that we are entertained by two great tournaments to enjoy watching. Iowa is loyal to traditions and these commitments are done behind the the public eye years in advance. They did crush the teams at Midlands this year. It is important to have both of these tournaments going even if one year the talent has a higher level at the Scuffle from time to time. It's fantastic to be able to turn on a TV and watch college wresting. I can remember not too many years ago it was like trying to tune in a channel on a short wave radio to try to find any wrestling action anywhere. Let's be a grateful spectator to the parade....... instead of wishing for rain.
  14. I am sure that The Iowa coach is highly intelligent and has a plan for each team they wrestle. Their coach has seen just about everything and adjusts accordingly. This Penn State team is a extremely talented group of young men for start to finish up and down the lineup. Iowa can't beat every team, every year. It is just not possible. Penn State will enjoy their time in the sun and they deserve it from where they came from. As good as they are the buzz and excitement was at a all time high for this dual. Iowa has been in the hunt for 6 straight years and the program and coaches are top notch. They somehow beat the same team last year, this time it went the other way. 1/2 Penn States team are wrestlers we see on one team all at once maybe once in a 10 years. It was the normal thing to see this at Iowa as a long time fan. It is a little uncomfortable to the Hawk fan to see this arrangement coming from another team. I had a bad feeling last week and only counted on 3 wins during a dual meet, I cannot remember the last time over the last 15 years that I felt that way. Iowa will adjust again and reset their aggressive and effective searches for just the right group of wrestlers and get them back into the Hawkeye mat room. But IMO Penn State has the obvious edge to win the NCAA for the next two years. Cael is great , and has done exactly what he said he would do. But Iowa has the tradition, and they have always owned the sport with OSU. When they are ranked 2cd or 3rd, it's almost like a rebuilding year. They are not going away anytime soon.it would be impossible for me to believe that Coach Brands just walked into he room one day and told the guys , : Hey forget everything I have taught you for from now...we will not shoot as much.. let's just lay back and handfight, let the other team shoot all day.. and let the cards fall where they are?
  15. Been an Iowa fan for years.This is the first time I can remember that I feel they will only win 3-4 matches.
  16. Right now the PSU train cannot even manage it's own passengers. With the money they pay the coach to be there, I would think that he would have the very first basic responsibilty or the skills to be able to keep this great wrestler interested in staying. It does not take great management skills to fire people..The question any boss asks his manager before they fire someone is " What did you do personnally yourself to improve this person?" Now they are trying to manipulate where HE goes to wrestle in the best interests of PSU. Cael cannot duplicate the great gift that he and his brother were given by ISU. A true sign of honor is doing the right thing even if you don't have to, or it partially hurst yourself in the best interest of another to have the best possible chance for success. Part of the coach's job along with that big paycheck is to make a sitution with Bubba a personal challenge to work things out with him. that would be a earned Gold medal for his job at PSU. His failure in this sutuation raises a real question as to where his coaching and leadership levels really are. I wonder if the Big wigs at PSU are starting to second guess this whole hiring right now?
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