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  1. Unless I made a mistake, Minnesota has nine also. Missing a 149.
  2. Thank you for that information. I'm Big Ten fan and without them I no longer feel the need to pay for another subscription.
  3. I am and have been a member of Flo for a number of years now and when I attempted to watch the Flo Party on the Olympics I got the message that I needed to join Pro Flo for an additional $150.00 per year. When my subscription is up in November I am unsubscribing.
  4. The issue is riding time. The clock should have read 30 seconds not 35. Sorry for not being clearer.
  5. Did they change the overtime rules this year? During the Big Ten tournament semifinals at 157, Lee and Young went into double overtime. Young rode Lee out, and the riding time clock displayed 35 seconds riding time. During the first overtime they both rode each other for the full 30 seconds. What gives? In the end it didn't make any difference but I need to know.
  6. No, Sparks even credits Gibbons on video by saying to Jim, "like you like to say Ness is Highly combustible material." Sparks just ran with it more.
  7. Gibbons also came up with labeling Dylan Ness as "Highly Combustible Material," a classic in my book.
  8. I think we should change Freestyle to Folkstyle. Freestyle has poor attendance, seems like few care to watch it.
  9. You already have what you want. It's called freestyle wrestling. Go and enjoy it. I don't understand why some of you want to force others to conform to what you like. This is America. You have a choice.
  10. Now that's an intelligent argument.
  11. No one is forcing you guys to watch folkstyle wrestling. We already have freestyle. If you like it so much, spend your time watching it and discussing it on the freestyle forums. It's great to have different styles to enjoy.
  12. the only time the push out is not called is if you straight arm "push" them out. You just made my point.
  13. The step out is not black and white. I have witnessed wrestlers step out of bounds and not penalized for it (action call).
  14. Thank you for the civilized response. I am not in favor of changing to the push out. That still depends on the officials opinion, whether there is action or not. Yes, it's not an easy fix, but in my opinion step out points have nothing to do with wrestling. People are going to avoid wrestling with or without the push out rule. Wrestling should be determined by takedowns and pins. Not push out points. I have seen many freestyle matches were one wrestler has a leg up and simply walks his opponent out of bounds with no attempt to score. That to me is not what wrestling is about.
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