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  1. Brock gives a lot more than people know. It just doesn't make the news because it's wrestling.
  2. Thanks. Do you recall which team won? I would guess Iowa State.
  3. Who was coaching at Michigan State at the time? I don't believe they won the title in 72, despite having 3 champions, but my memory could be wrong.
  4. Starter - Brayton Lee Backup - Patrick McKee Go Gophers!
  5. I guess you feel really good about yourself now.
  6. How many wrestlers do we get to send to the Olympics once every 4 years? Or once a year to the Worlds. I don't believe revamping our entire system justifies the change. Guys like Baumgardner, Snyder, Burrows, and many, many others were able to adjust pretty well. Go watch freestyle and enjoy yourself.
  7. First- it doesn't need to be brought up again. Secondly- like I've said before, we already have freestyle. If you love it so much spend your time watching it and not trying to change folkstyle into it.
  8. Anyone ever seen Ching and Bryant in the same room at the same time? Me either, coincidence? I think not!
  9. Some of you people are pathetic. If you don't like it, STOP reading it.
  10. I think there are plenty of people that care about National Duals. I care.
  11. One and 4 are on the same side of the bracket. Three and two are on the other side. Can't beat 4, 3, and 2 in the same tournament.
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