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  1. Starter - Brayton Lee Backup - Patrick McKee Go Gophers!
  2. I guess you feel really good about yourself now.
  3. How many wrestlers do we get to send to the Olympics once every 4 years? Or once a year to the Worlds. I don't believe revamping our entire system justifies the change. Guys like Baumgardner, Snyder, Burrows, and many, many others were able to adjust pretty well. Go watch freestyle and enjoy yourself.
  4. First- it doesn't need to be brought up again. Secondly- like I've said before, we already have freestyle. If you love it so much spend your time watching it and not trying to change folkstyle into it.
  5. Anyone ever seen Ching and Bryant in the same room at the same time? Me either, coincidence? I think not!
  6. Some of you people are pathetic. If you don't like it, STOP reading it.
  7. I think there are plenty of people that care about National Duals. I care.
  8. One and 4 are on the same side of the bracket. Three and two are on the other side. Can't beat 4, 3, and 2 in the same tournament.
  9. I really don't know if themat.com would allow a forum ranking voting, but I think it would be fun to compare us to the professionals and maybe increase their viewer numbers. I hope I'm making myself clear about the ranking. I'm talking themat.com forum members as a whole group. Not individually.
  10. I'll get it started: You are wrong. Moisey should be ranked #14.
  11. People would never lie as to who they voted for. Just not done here on themat.com. Someone much smarter than me would have to figure out how to set it up and what rules we would need. Perhaps maybe you?
  12. Since we all think we are a great deal more intelligent than the professional rankers (including Yours Truly, hey that might be a great name for a restaurant). Anyway someone with enough technical skills should set up a ranking board that themat.com members could vote on. We can keep it there all season long and see how we stack up against the professionals. It would change each week depending on weekly results. As an additional bonus we could have multiple discussions as to why we voted for a particular wrestler. And why I'm correct and you weren't. I think the top ten at each weight would be enough. It needs to be pinned to the board because much like me most wrestlers are to lazy to make an entire new list each week. What da ya think, Hombre's?
  13. I might be in the minority but I like the new rule. There has been a lot less eye pokes since they have been enforcing it. Simply put, stay away from the face.
  14. Today in the Minnesota "Coaches Corner" Coach Eggum stated that McKee wont be making the trip to the CK tournament. He is having some sort of minor surgery (didn't hear what) and will be back in a couple of weeks. I think you can scratch me from the Championship Bracket. Darn! I was planning on winning too. Anyone should be able to beat all you bum's.
  15. Agreed, although yesterday it looked like he got his act back together. Hope he can maintain this level of intensity.
  16. Intermat rankings - #17 Tommy Thorn defeats #14 Henry Pohlmeyer 11-5.
  17. Editing choice. 141 Mitch McKee HWT Gable Stevenson Go Gophers! Thank you qc8223
  18. 141 Mitch McKee 125 Sean Russell Gophers, Gophers, Gophers!!!
  19. Just curious, but why don't people like it?
  20. I'm almost 70 and I... what? I don't need hearing aids yet.
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