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  1. Wow, pretty slim roster, that's disappointing.
  2. What about Robert Kokesh? 2013: 3rd 2014: 4th 2015: 3rd
  3. Subscribed! Can't wait to listen to all of these :).
  4. First, it is not realistic for content to be free all of the time. It is a product we consume. Time, effort, travel, etc go into creating this content and needs to be paid for. Second, $30 for over a week of the best wrestling in the world IS A STEAL. You could get a flight to Europe, hotel, food, tickets to the event, or pay $30 and watch in the comfort of your own home. Both Track and Flo are getting us access to wrestling content that was not accessible a while back unless you traveled the country full time. It is worth it.
  5. Wow, the snowboarding community has made a run! Last time I voted JB was at 41%.
  6. At the same time, it is on him as he chose to pursue the arbitration knowing it could make him late.
  7. I have to say, 8 golds and 2 bronzes is just incredible. Have we ever sent anyone to Japan to train with them? Do we have any insight into how they dominate women's wrestling right now?
  8. I have Burroughs winning it this year because I think he is wrestling great, both beating up on Chamizo and showing us he can still dig and win (Gomez and Imar). But look at this pattern, he OWNS the odd years. 2011- Gold 2012 - Gold 2013 - Gold 2014 - Bronze 2015 - Gold 2016 - DNP 2017 - Gold 2018 - Bronze 2019 - If the pattern holds, its a gold! :)
  9. All in high school: So I wrestled Derek Moore and went 2-4 against him in my career. I beat him the first two times and then never won again, LOL! I also was 1-0 against Chad Mendez (I was a Sr and he was a Sophomore).
  10. Thanks, on the home page under events it states 8am, but you are right, once you get deeper in it has the actual schedule.
  11. Does this mean that wrestling starts at 8a, or coverage?
  12. No matter what, I am picking Burroughs to win Gold. He loves the odd years! - 2011: Gold as a rookie. - 2012: Gold - 2013: Gold with a broken ankle - 2014: Bronze with a bad knee - 2015: Gold in Vegas - 2016: DNP - 2017: Gold in Paris - 2018: Bronze - 2019: IT WILL BE GOLD :)
  13. Great job Flo! Had it running through my Chromecast the whole evening. And let me just add another shoutout to Flo. I had two families over for a bonfire but had this running on the TV and was sneaking away to get some views. By the end of the night I had both of the other dads with me screaming during the Yianni match, and they had never watched a wrestling match in their lives. THEY LOVED the production. Keep it up!
  14. One thing I disagree with is that just because some takes ground it means the other wrestler is stalling. That is not correct. Some wrestlers push to just push, and Gable was doing that tonight. He never used it to score and so I don't think it should be called stalling. If someone very strong gets a tight tie or underhooks and shoves you out of bounds, what do you do? Desanto does it as well. If Gable was moving forward AND SHOOTING, I see the argument. If that old commentator says "He is taking ground" one more time, someone needs to smack him.
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