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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Husker_Du in Willie at Flo   
    thanks for the mostly kind words guys. (also thanks for following some of my work over the years).
    i'll give an explanation sometime in the next couple days. still love the guys at flo and appreciate all the invaluable opportunities 
    they've given me over the years. but also looking forward to doing my own thing and the excitement and challenges that come with it. 
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Willie at Flo   
    read it and weep, fool
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to jon in Willie at Flo   
    This separation perhaps a good thing for Saylor, definitely a bad thing for Flo. Willie's gimmick/character can be irksome and some of his politics/opinions spurs disagreement but, in my humble opinion, he's not just a loudmouth. Gotta give credit where it's due. When one looks past the gimmick it's easy to see good qualities such as his responsiveness to feedback, his diplomatic demeanor on this forum, his love for HS wrestling, his vision for wrestling as a lucrative venture, his willingness to 'embrace the grind' when it comes to rankings. Surely this list of good qualities is not exhaustive! I bet a lot of Flo's admirable involvement in experimentation comes from Willie's ideas. Flo would do well to have more personnel like Willie and fewer personnel like some other folks there.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to MSU158 in Great interview with Spencer Lee's father, courtesy of Hawkeye Wrestling Club!   
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to russelscout in Flo Wrestling is good/bad for wrestling   
    Instead of other threads getting hi-jacked all the time, why don't we just keep the discussion in one thread.

    I think Flo wrestling is good for wrestling. The first thing that is always up for debate here is whether or not flowrestling helps grow the sport. 

    It does. Why? 

    Consistency and accessibility. When I was growing up there was one way to watch wrestling. Iowa Public Television had a handful of Iowa matches every year. That was about it. There would be the occasional National duals match or National Finals, but not much else. Now I can watch every Big10 match and a handful of other programs live or days/months/years after the event. This is unprecedented for wrestling. I would never have dreamed 20 years ago that I would have this much access to wrestling. Not only that, but I have wrestling podcasts, news, recruiting, storylines produced daily whether is is written articles or in podcast form. It has allowed me to go beyond being a casual fan. I have yet to find another website that compares with the consistency  or mass of content produced.

    Now could ESPN take over those matches? Absolutely they could and it would probably be cheaper too, but lets assume they were ever even interested, the moment that there was a conflict with ESPN's larger goals, wrestling would take a back seat. I don't see wrestling taking a back seat at flo and I am willing to pay so I don't have to deal with that threat.

    I don't see why anyone has a problem with the payment model. 1. its actually affordable. 2. it makes sense to charge more monthly than annually. 3. There is enough demand to ask for as much as they do. It is the right to determine that cost, and I don't really see how that has hurt interest in the sport. Even without a flo account, I still have more access to wrestling content than I did 15 years ago.

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    mattchristensen112 reacted to TBar1977 in Push outs in College?   
    Push outs favor the more athletic wrestlers. Iowa might make it work at Heavyweight, but the other 9 weight classes getting a Push out when it's worth 0 points and getting that Push out for 1 point are two different things. 
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to jerseywrestling in Goodale Signs 5-year, $1.25 million Contract   
    Rutgers' Head Coach Scott Goodale is under contract through the 2023-24 season with his new five-year, $1.25 million deal.
    Full Story
    Scott Goodale's Profile
    http://www.jerseywrestling.com/profile.php?name=Scott Goodale&team=Jackson Memorial
    Rutgers' Profile
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Ryan-Warner in "John Smith was My Hero" - Tom Brands   
    Hey guys,
    Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were:
    Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried.   Here is the link to listen.
    Ryan Warner
    Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to 77again in Note to Andy Hrovat, and other aspiring commentators   
    Let me start by saying that I am a former wrestler and huge fan. I have no desire to be a commentator and I admire those who do it.
    Now, Andy Hrovat, you are a great story teller and a very well spoken person but you need to constantly remind yourself this. The wrestlers and matches are the show, not you. You constantly are telling stories during the World Championships, which is fine when an unknown wrestler from Tajikistan is getting tech'd by an unknown wrestler from Finland.
    When Jordan Burroughs is in a wild scramble in a match he is in danger of losing, PLEASE, talk about the match and not when you were coaching some little kids long ago. This happened over and over and over.  Your commentating partner (who I can't remember his name, but did a decent job) actually interrupted your stories a couple times by saying "Sorry to interrupt but that was a great move" referring to a wild match going. You would maybe make a short comment about the match and then fall right back into your unrelated story. At one point during a gold medal match (I believe Kyle Dake's final) your partner said "now let's try to focus on the match" while you were telling yet another story. It gives the viewing audience the impression that the match is boring or unimportant. Not good.
    When any American wrestler is on the mat, or even one of the big names from some other country, talk about the match, the technique, their wrestling accomplishments, or the history between the competitors. Not your trip to Moscow 15 years ago.     
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to 2td3nf in Track Wrestling Charges   
    I agree.
    But what some of us were trying to say was, dang, we had the World Championships for free on a nice UWW stream for a few years there. Almost too good to be true.
    Not happy that I have to pay for all this content now, but to me, the $150 annual membership for Flo and the $50 UWW seasonal (annual) pass to Track are still worth it. I'm on their sites all the time and thoroughly enjoy them.
    Also, if it all helps grow the sport, even better.  
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to LJB in How does Flo not hire ...   
    for all of willie's faults (and there are plenty) he was not wrong today...
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Antitroll2828 in How does Flo not hire ...   
    pyles and nomad were below average folk style wrestlers and probably never wrestled a freestyle match , yet I just listened to an hour straight of them declaring the match was scored wrong and telling Willie he’s biased...I get these guys promote the sport great, have the best ranking around but does any real wrestling man enjoy listening to JV wrestlers ( who play obvious favorites)  trying to explain something that they truly don’t understand.
      Logan steibler broke down the match on the rudis podcast and it was so informative and well spoken .He explained so many little things and mental things that your average fan or Flo writer would never catch.Having competed at the highest levels I feel like he was able to explain things a lot better.  With all the money Flo brings in they really can’t hire a high level wrestler who understands situations and things that CP and nomad clearly don’t.They had an argument zains shot couldn’t be more effective then yhannis because he didn’t score. That’s a JV take, meanwhile steibler explains the best thing zain did was shoot and stalemate and how effective that was and how that’s something Logan learned from John Smith .
       As a wrestling fan I appreciate Flo and being able to watch wrestling 24/7 but as big as they are now it seems they should be bringing in better wrestling minds and cutting down on the “drama”/clickbait articles
    pending for your thoughts...
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to wrestlingnerd in Zain Wins   
    Well earned. Kudos to Zain for enduring all that drama and staying focused.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to VakAttack in Rules of exposure - Yianni / Zain   
    My initial thought was 2 red, and I believe after rewatching it was pretty clearly the right call.  Yianni's action was stopped.  Zain started trying to roll him.  Yianni tried to kind of initiate his own roll, but Zain had already started his own move.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to LJB in Rules of exposure - Yianni / Zain   
    watching it live, i felt zain was the easy call...
    just got back home and rewatched it...
    still zain is the easy call... 
    anyone looking for shanigans is just trying to make it more complicated...
    zain stops the shot... flattens him out... then crotch lifts him... no way yannis can build u0 from that position whitout zain bringing him over as eveidenced by that entire match of zain stuffing every crappy shop by yanni...
    this stuff isn't hard...
    BTW, yanni should have let go of the leg once zain got his hands locked around the crotch and started to lift...
    but, whatever...
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to IronChef in Rules of exposure - Yianni / Zain   
    Yianni took the shot, but the scoring "action" was initiated pretty clearly by Zain. This is not a controversial call, as evidenced by the confirmed points and lack of challenge.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Yianni U23?   
    Koll calling up the Cornell lawyers as we speak....
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to jchapman in Accept Yianni for what he is,   
    Schultz was way more hairier than Yanni.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Lurker in McKenna bolts Columbus   
    He's also a business graduate who will be at the Wharton school and trained by a Wharton grad. 
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Gantry in Japan's Junior Women's Team   
    They are amazing and now starting to get better in the upper weights, which is where the rest of the world had a shot.  The women's team (or at least groups of team members) have definitely trained over there a few times, remember seeing on Twitter and the like. 
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    mattchristensen112 got a reaction from Thaddius_21 in Japan's Junior Women's Team   
    I have to say, 8 golds and 2 bronzes is just incredible. Have we ever sent anyone to Japan to train with them? Do we have any insight into how they dominate women's wrestling right now?
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to treep2000 in Macey Kilty   
    Good topic.  She reminds me of a female Kyle Snyder.  Not so much style wise, but more around their attitude.  She seems to be all in on wrestling, and for a long time.  Like it's her life's mission.  Good for her.  She will be a mainstay for Team USA for years to come!
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Mphillips in Ben Honis transfers to...Syracuse (for football)   
    You asked a question.   I answered it.  
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to Lurker in Mekhi announces olympic redshirt   
    Couldn't agree more.  That's what usually happens when you win a world title, then an NCAA title from a 2x'er your freshman year.  You lose confidence.
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    mattchristensen112 reacted to buckeyehomer in Kevin Jackson   
    I think Kevin has done a good job with our young guys. Sometimes tournaments just don't fall the way we wanted them to.
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