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  1. Good fit for VMI. Since Bucknell gives no scholarships I would think his recruiting abilities is one of the major reasons that he was at the top of the list. Leaving Bucknell with their new facilities had to be a tough decision.
  2. The Cornell trolls checking in.
  3. Nittany Kid are you sure the administrators at the high school have cleared you for that date?
  4. Grossman and Wahba both top 5 wrestlers at 141 do not advance. Grossman was returning national champ. They need to revisit these regionals they have set up. Some regions have 13 teams others 19 and 20
  5. LeFever could be 4 time undefeated against DIII. Would match Marcus LeVesseur who was 155-0 although Marcus never lost to a DI wrestler. Anyway you look at it he is poised to make history. His brothers were pretty good as well.
  6. Parker will not be back yet and not sure we will see Gentile st 184. Will be at match but pretty sure this can be seen on the Patriot League network tonight.
  7. Redblades you are missing the point of my post. My point is that come May-June the powers that be will change how points are counted. My suspicion is they will decide if the points are awarded but not counted correctly by a paid or volunteer employee those points will still count. Realbuto will be remembered as Oliver-Steiber etc. Yes Brian is an off the chart blue chip wrestler but according to the points awarded by the referee he scored fewer points in regulation than his oppenent. On we go
  8. So everyone (except Scribe) understands that Miller won and will be the one of those all-time NCAA screw ups that will forvever be known as RealGate. The worst thing, except for this talented wrestler, would be for him to win. We will be forever (or at least for 10 years) recalling this administrative screw up and of course will have rules changes next year. As many have already speculated the CU staff knew BR lost but it is very important to win at all costs
  9. 3 of the 6 tournaments finished, the West (Augsburg qualifies 10), Central (Wartburg sends 9) and the Midwest. Top ranked wrestlers that did not finish top 3 include West Region- Ambrocio (133) Concordia-Wisconsin Central Region- Anderson (133) Central, Watson (197) Loras and it appears Lowy of Central did not wrestle Midwest Region- Balsinger (133) Lacrosse, Einerson (149) Lacrosse, Tuttle (165) Alma, Jakes (174) Alma and Mahler (285) NCentral
  10. Clagon beat Sako, not sure that qualifies as a bad day
  11. Going back 10 or 12 years maybe, Princeton matted a female wrestler. The Tiger program has continued to evolve since that period of time and is seems to have great financial backing and a great coach in Ayres (sp?)
  12. Tough day for 285 at Clarion as #14 Stolfi goes down in semis to eventual champ Shaw of Cleveland State
  13. #12 Fager pinned in first round at Clarion by D3 Soslan Khamitcaev of American International, won 2 matches in wrestlebacks and then defaulted out
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