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  1. Eliminating riding time would do little or even increase stalling, primarily due to the bottom wrestler. Going to a Pushout would be a 10x greater incentive for action then eliminating riding time. There is a loud group that just doesn’t like mat wrestling. It is very hard to turn a skill opponent, especially with the potentially dangerous rules. Aaron Brooks didn’t seem to ride with less vigor after attaining more than 1 minute riding time. He had a greater chance to score points from neutral, but stayed on top because it is a better position. I coach college wrestlers and we tell them every 1 second on top is worth 2 seconds on energy expenditure for the bottom guy.
  2. And nobody responded to the possible financial gains and publicity from having a one-on-one event separate from the rest. Easily more sell-able than the WTT. Keep World Medalists out of the US open and have them wrestle the winner of the US open in a best 2-outta-3 for the spot. If there is no medalist, then the Open finalist go 2-outta-3. That's a sell-able product. You wouldn't even need to have them all at the same time. No one even believes the current system is fair. Dake/Burroughs isn't even my biggest concern. Ruth/Herbert and Oliver/Metcalf happened at the open. They were good matches. 4 straight blowout here. It obviously stacked, its designed that way. This method is not good for the sport either from a competitive or growth standpoint. Honestly, if Burrough/Dake hadn't just happened and USA wrestling said one time event just DakevsBurrough 10 dollars for the stream, who doesn't buy it?
  3. I am all for giving past medalist/ US open winners a reward. They get that in the form of skipping the trials straight to the finals. Making the 2-outta-3 two hours after the challenge tournament is unfair, un-American, and counter-productive. Stacking the deck for any particular athlete does not ensure the best wrestler goes. What is the win rate for someone going through the challenge tournament and winning the 2/3? I am sure this is only possible when they are much better than their opponent. Not only did Metcalf and Snyder win, but they won more convincingly than a month ago. Same goes for Ramos, and Herbert. To think these guys are the only ones getter better in a month is naïve. It was as obvious as ever, how big of an advantage this is. Frankly, I don’t care who makes the show, but I want our representative to earn it fairly. Mo Lawal didn’t deserve to go instead of Hrovat even if he had a better shot to medal. Simmons didn’t deserve to go even if he would have medaled and Haze didn’t. That’s the point. To represent the US you have to beat everyone here. Their success at the next level doesn’t matter. Imagine if in the 2016 Olympics Usain Bolt got to wait through all the prelims and challenge whoever makes it through two hours later for Gold. It ridiculous. Now let’s think about entertainment value. What could be better than having two weeks to hype Burroughs/Dake? Everybody always complains about long tournament and their adverse effect on spectators. Take the US Open champ or past World Champ and pair them up with the winner of the trials two weeks later. Put it in a good venue and charge $50 a seat. Put it on TV for 90 minutes. You want the highest rated wrestling event, there you go.
  4. This years BTS match is underwhelming. Why have essentially the same team as at the World Cup. People want to see or #1s and all but at least I'm not that interested to see rematches from a month ago. Give me Pico or Steiber at 65kg. Give me Simmons or McDonough at 57kg. The most interesting match is Taylor-Lopez and that's only bc there are 2 74 kg matches.
  5. Don't change anything. Freestyle currently is the best on-the-mat product in the past 20 years. The low ceiling for a Tech is pone of the primary reasons the sport is so exciting. There is more of an incentive to keep scoring when up 5 or 6 than to conserve the lead. A higher ceiling will just lead to a lot more 4-6 point wins with the last 3 minutes of boredom. Criteria also makes the 6 minutes on the match way more exciting. Both competitors wrestle till the whistle. If you stop wrestling you lose. With OT, up by two just chill because even if you get taken down you don't lose. A slight complication with criteria means make sure you have more points. Refs are a totally different story. All refs perform a difficult job but can be even better. If it ain't broke don't fix it and freestyle is finally exciting again. So exciting that we want to makes change to college because we see what the sport could provide. Hard to believe, but UWW got it right with this set of rules.
  6. Its just for fun, but any metric used to justify Taylor Walsh having a better career than AJ Schopp( and Alan Waters and Nick Sulzer) needs to be reworked.
  7. I don't think too many people have a problem with someone dropping out to take another path or someone choosing not to go to college at all. I think most people's issue is with this young man's state businesses and aspirations. He comes off as having no idea what it takes to be successful. By regurgitating some sales quips and random platitudes, he feigns knowledge and experience. He seems like a lost kid grasping for something. Lots of college age kids go through this. He probably would have been better off just sticking to it and finishing his degree, at least then he would have that piece of paper to fall back on. He's young enough to recover from mistakes but he won't be making the Forbes 50 with Cutco knives.
  8. Watching the World Cup, one of the biggest differences I notice is the lack of potentially dangerous. This allows for the offensive wrestler to score even when the defensive wrestler puts himself in a bad position. In Folkstyle, just bend your bend a little bit and they stop it. On bottom, just wiggle your shoulder and wince, they stop it. Part of the reason Logan Steiber and Bo Jordan turn so many people is because refs allow them to work their holds on top. I've seen vastly more refs stop Bo Jordan's power half with other wrestlers, but allow Bo to work it. Obviously Bo has yet to injure someone so the refs are correct in letting him go to town on those shoulders. With all the complaint on funk positions and lack of turning on top, would a relaxation of potentially dangerous cure some of college wrestlings problems?
  9. The push out in Freestyle is the single greatest rule change in memory. By creating a border than you can't cross, it forces wrestlers to make a choice: get out of position or go out of bounds. In folk style if your opponent gets a good undertook, all wrestlers back out. If your opponent gets a single, just hang out over the line. This shouldn't be a stalling penalty. It should be a point. You would instantly see more points being scored and more exciting situations. The Iranians DO build a large part of their strategy toward push outs but it is more about threatening the push out to create scoring opportunities. I suggest you check out Zeke Jones analysis of their strategy on youtube. If you can not understand the game changing effect of the push out, then you don't understand the sport.
  10. I haven't seen this topic yet this year. My two cents. 2012 vs 2013 McDonough vs Delgado I've got Delgado. Steiber vs Steiber I've got 2013 Steiber. Russel vs Maple I've got Russel. Molinaro vs Oliver I've got Oliver. Dake vs St. John I've got Dake. Taylor vs Dake I've got Dake Ruth vs Perry I've got Ruth Bosak vs Ruth I've got Ruth Simaz Vs Wright Best match. Heart says Simaz but logic says the Wright that wrestled last night Nelson vs Nelson I've got Nelson 2013.
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