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  1. I was told two years ago that the middle school head coach had been promised the head coaching position at the high school when Jeff Jordan retired.
  2. On a more recent note: Phillip Simpson (United States Military Academy) 2005 NCAA D1 2nd Place at 149lb I have been told that Simpson was responsible for the personal safety along with other duties of retired General David Petraeus during the war in Iraq
  3. Big and strong kids seem to really present matchup problems for kids at 125. The only major issue is when they hold weight all season often times they don't wrestle as well at the end of the season as they do at the beginning.
  4. Oklahoma produces one or two studs each year but for whatever reason I am not sure they have the number of great wrestlers that they had 25+ years ago.
  5. The two programs that I feel could make the jump from being OK to being a traditional Top 5 program are Arizona State and Pittsburgh. Arizona State is a beautiful campus and there are some very talented wrestlers on the West Coast to select from. Pittsburgh has all the Western PA talent just outside it's back door not to mention it is only a short drive to the tradition rich Northeastern Ohio area. Let's be honest, Penn State cannot get all the good talent in PA every year. The question that I have always had about Pitt is if the school would put enough money in the wrestling program to hire and keep good coachs along with building a 1st class wrestling practice facility? Kids want good facilities for training.
  6. I am waiting to see if the women of the United States go after Urban in public at all Ohio State football games and public events
  7. Why would SL not just select top when it is his choice if he is truly that good on top?
  8. Is Iowa a Right To Work state? If so the employer may terminate someone for anything.
  9. 1/2 a sport? What about WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS & Olympics?
  10. Philip Simpson is from Nashville and he has a great career going not to mention he is around his family (9 siblings) all the time. I find it hard to believe that UTC would pay him what he needs to make and even harder to believe that he would move to Chattanooga.
  11. Is the kid that is 5'10" and 285 healthy? You have eliminated the opportunity for kids that are going to play D1 football to wrestle because they are not going to cut weight. Their meal ticket is in football but they could sure help their high school wrestling team if given the opportunity.
  12. IMO it would be best for the sport if wrestling returned to 12 weight classifications. With many of the current weight classes being so close together you have kids going both up and down trying to avoid various opponents. I would love to see a rule that kids must compete in 50% of their matches that they will wrestle in the weight they enter the state tournament series. The 12 weight classes would be as follows: 110. 118, 126, 134, 142, 150, 158, 166, 175, 190, 215 & Unlimited. Wrestling has eliminated the opportunity for the truly large football players 6'4" & 300+ linemen by placing a 285 weight limit. Let's go back to the old school way and see if things don't get better.
  13. As a coach I never like shaking the kids hand immediately following the individual matches in a dual. Shaking hands during the pre match ceremonies and after the conclusion of the dual is fine but not after each individual match.
  14. It will be interesting to see who UTC hires as the new head coach. Kyle Ruschell was named the interim head coach and former UTC head coach Ethan Reeve was an assistant coach last season. Would 2008 UTC All-American Cody Cleveland be considered for the position? Who knows what UTC will do. Does anyone definitely know if UTC fully funds the NCAA allotted 9.9 wrestling scholarships?
  15. Are you talking about the current president or the one that said he had never had sexual relations with that women when pointing his finger at the American Public?
  16. Scott Cochran makes more than most NFL strength & conditioning coaches. It could be that many of them are jealous of his salary. I will be the first to admit that coaching in the NFL and college are two completely different animals. What you can do with the college kids you would never get away with pushing NFL players that hard due to the players union and the maturity level of the players.
  17. IF TRUE, the father needs to learn some manners. I learned a long time ago that you never hold a kid responsible for the actions of their parents.
  18. Nothing at all against Jaden Cox but why on God's green earth would you hire him as a strength & conditioning coach. What is his experience level at being a top flight strength & conditioning coach? On a chart of the top 10 college strength & conditioning coaches with Scott Cochran (University of Alabama) being at the top would any of the current wrestling strength & conditioning coaches even rank in the Top 10? My guess is NO due to wrestling coaches trying to hire a wrestling guy that knows little if anything about strength & conditioning other that what they did as student athletes. Everyone should know that Scott Cochran probably makes more than the Iowa AD but I would begin by talking with Scott and looking at one of his assistant coaches. Training wrestlers and DB's would be very similar in that both need to be quick and have explosive power.
  19. Why not go back to the day's when NAIA, D2 & D3 wrestlers were allowed to compete in the NCAA D1 National Championships for wrestling? My guess is that some of the D1 schools don't want to take it on the chin to wrestlers from a lower division.
  20. I would love it if all states would do as Oregon. Allowing multiple kids from the same school the opportunity to compete in the state tournament would help grow the sport of wrestling.
  21. Pointers? YouTube Scott Cochran and the University of Alabama and you will see a real strength coach.
  22. This is the problem as I see it: Most college wrestling coaches really don't have a clue as to what a good strength and conditioning program is or what the true benefits could be but they want to tell the strength & conditioning coach how to do his job. All they know is what they did as a student athlete. I would really like to see one of the Top 10 programs be trained by one of the top strength coaches in the country and watch the progress that would be made. If someone like Scott Cochran were given the freedom to train the University of Iowa wrestling team for 2 years the results would be amazing. With strength & condition there is no quick fix. It would take 2 years of lifting 3 day's per week during the season and 4 day's per week during the off season.
  23. The problem with Gross next season is that he lost Bono. If Bono was still the coach he would have a 90+% chance to repeat.
  24. I would like to see more states allow schools to enter 2 wrestlers per weight classification in the district tournament. For team scoring purposes i could see how a team should be required to declare which wrestler would score the team points.
  25. All Mackall ever needed was to stay healthy and develop a gas tank. KD and his staff will handle the gas tank issue so all Alex needs is a little good luck in remaining healthy.
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