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    cbg reacted to superbowlhomeboy in States using different weight classes than NFHS   
    Should read “it’s a lifestyle choice that most adult humans aren’t willing to make.”
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    cbg reacted to RichB in States using different weight classes than NFHS   
    Do you realize the smallest Public school in New Jersey would be in the middle third of school size in most states. That is to say, the smallest school [maybe the second or third smallest} might only be the 150th smallest of 450 in Pa. And in states like North Dakota or Wyoming it might be in the top half sizewise. If your school always carries a 25-38 man roster a forfeit may be a rare event, a freak distribution. if You have 1/3 of the boys in the school out for wrestling, and it is only 18-22 boys forfeits are inevitable. It is a real problem, but half the folks on this board are only capable of platitudes as solutions.  
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    cbg reacted to jchapman in The real "Warriors"!   
    My dad. Drafted at age 25, left his job as a high school history teacher for a tour in Vietnam. Arrived two weeks before the Tet offensive. Came home and taught another thirty years. His slideshow of personal photos from the war was the highlight of US History II every year.
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    cbg got a reaction from Erminio8 in Next Rising Program?   
    The two programs that I feel could make the jump from being OK to being a traditional Top 5 program are Arizona State and Pittsburgh.  Arizona State is a beautiful campus and there are  some very talented wrestlers on the West Coast to select from.  Pittsburgh has all the Western PA talent just outside it's back door not to mention it is only a short drive to the tradition rich Northeastern Ohio area.  Let's be honest, Penn State cannot get all the good talent in PA every year.  The question that I have always had about Pitt is if the school would put enough money in the wrestling program to hire and keep good coachs along with building a 1st class wrestling practice facility? Kids want good facilities for training.  
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    cbg got a reaction from TobusRex in 125 next year   
    Why would SL not just select top when it is his choice if he is truly that good on top?
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    cbg reacted to TobusRex in 125 next year   
    I haven't seen anything that would indicate to me that Fix has the mat skills that Lee has. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong. Plus I'm not sure that Fix's FS skills are much superior to Lee's, anyway. Weren't they both Jr World Champs or something?
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    cbg reacted to TobusRex in Worst Wrestler Turned Great College Coach   
    How about Tommy Chesbro? Tommy was a very average college wrestler, finishing his career with a record of 8-8-1 and his best result was 3rd at the Big 8 tourney in 1959. Tommy only won a single NCAA team title, but his teams won over 90% of their dual matches and OSU consistently had fine teams during his tenure. If it wasn't for Dan Gable I suspect Tommy Chesbro would've won several more.
    Plus, Tommy let this hick walk on to his program. I'll always respect Tommy and admire him, and it deeply saddened me when I heard he died.
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    cbg reacted to tbert in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Nothing would surprise me.
    I just dont get the fake news media saying Hellickson was pressuring wrestlers to recant.  Yetts is the one who texted Hellickson first and in part said it shouldnt be about Jordan  but he couldnt understand why Jordan was denying.  Then Hellickson replied saying if Yetts felt the message about Jordan was wrong, he could get him in touch with someone.  Doesnt sound too pressuring to me. 
    All this other crap about pressuring  from Jordan appears to be hearsay.
    It would be interesting to see Disabatos texts between him and Yetts and Coleman.  Wonder how much he offered Yetts.  f there is a case of extortion brought against Disabato these would come out.  Seems to me he was threatening if Ohio State didnt do the right thing (monetary)  he was taking it public.  
    If they only have spoken to 100 accusers so far, it will be well into 2020 before they get to finish talking to the other 1400 (minimum) victims.
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    cbg reacted to IronChef in Zaddick out at Iowa State   
    The strangest part of this is that they coached together for 3 years, 2 at VT and last year at ISU. If there's a personality or loyalty issue, why bring that guy with you to Iowa? What was the precipitating event that caused him to get fired?
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    cbg got a reaction from rd149 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Are you talking about the current president or the one that said he had never had sexual relations with that women when pointing his finger at the American Public?
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    cbg reacted to ryanwilman in Eslinger Resigns   
    Pretty certain Jordan Leen will be a great Head Coach but I don’t think it will happen at UTC...pretty certain his father poisoned that well a long time ago.
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    cbg got a reaction from teach in Handshakes immediately after in sports   
    As a coach I never like shaking the kids hand immediately following the individual matches in a dual.  Shaking hands during the pre match ceremonies and after the conclusion of the dual is fine but not after each individual match.  
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    cbg got a reaction from TheOhioState in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Are you talking about the current president or the one that said he had never had sexual relations with that women when pointing his finger at the American Public?
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    cbg reacted to TBar1977 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    And he never told his own brother?
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    cbg got a reaction from AHamilton in Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Still Open $40k a year   
    Scott Cochran makes more than most NFL strength & conditioning coaches.  It could be that many of them are jealous of his salary.  I will be the first to admit that coaching in the NFL and college are two completely different animals.  What you can do with the college kids you would never get away with pushing NFL players that hard due to the players union and the maturity level of the players.  
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    cbg reacted to lonewolf in Post-Fargo Recruiting: Whose stock went way up?   
    Carson Kharshla FOR SURE!
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    cbg reacted to BobDole in Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Still Open $40k a year   
    I'd much rather have someone that has experience with creating programs for athletes to help with their specific needs. Having training and experience is way more valuable than being a current or former elite athlete. Wrestling people need to get it out of their head that elite athletes are the only ones they can take instruction from. 
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    cbg got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Still Open $40k a year   
    Nothing at all against Jaden Cox but why on God's green earth would you hire him as a strength & conditioning coach.  What is his experience level at being a top flight strength & conditioning coach?  On a chart of the top 10 college strength & conditioning coaches with Scott Cochran (University of Alabama) being at the top would any of the current wrestling strength & conditioning coaches  even rank in the Top 10?  My guess is NO due to wrestling coaches trying to hire a wrestling guy that knows little if anything about strength & conditioning other that what they did as student athletes.  Everyone should know that Scott Cochran probably makes more than the Iowa AD but I would begin by talking with Scott and looking at one of his assistant coaches.  Training wrestlers and DB's would be very similar in that both need to be quick and have explosive power.
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    cbg reacted to lurshy92 in Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee   
    they say no good things happen after 2 am... dont play with guns after 4 am....
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    cbg reacted to Billyhoyle in Edmond Ruth   
    How generous of the team to allow Ruth to win an NCAA title for them.  
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    cbg reacted to pennsyrules in Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Opening $40k a year   
    I know the Baylor Strength and Conditioning coaches were making enough to pay big money for female entertainers:)
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    cbg reacted to BigTenFanboy in Why are colleges still wearing the singlet?   
    They did use the 2 piece uniforms years ago. Only a few schools used them part time.. I remember Lehigh and Hofstra using them.. didn't really catch on. I think most wrestlers like the singlet. It's the nonwrestlers who now have 1 less excuse to give when explaining why they don't want to wrestle, that don't like them.
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    cbg reacted to patmilkovich in Comparing dynasties   
    Jimmy was in the bottom bracket in '75...lost to Reinwand (WI) 5-4 in the quarters.  The domination of Gable/Iowa is very unique.  He had some guys that weren't All-Stars out of hs and developed them into monsters.  Kinseth was a pinning machine.  Davis was tough. Cysewski doesn't get much credit, but he was not a pushover and got better every year.  The Trizzino's...Holm, Yagla, Campbell, DeAnna, Heffernan, the Zalesky's....and the list goes on and on.  The thing is, Iowa didn't just win, they just pounded you. It was like guys playing Tiger at his zenith, they were beat before they ever set foot on the tee...It was intimidating to wrestle an Iowa guy.   It didn't matter how far ahead you might be in the first period, by the third (if you lasted that long) you were exhausted.  At the Big Ten's and NCAA's.. you could always tell when an Iowa guy stuck someone....the place erupted (and they pinned a lot).  And you could always tell when an Iowa kid got beat...the place erupted!  What great time for wresting and for fans. 
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    cbg reacted to patmilkovich in Comparing dynasties   
    FWIW, I would submit that it was harder to win the team title back then.  There were approx. 180 DI teams during Gable's reign.  DII NCAA champions, runners-up + wildcards (1972 Gary Barton-Clarion St. 134 w/c), DIII Champions (1977 Ken Mallory- Montclair St.134) were included in the DI championships.  More variables with more competitors. One may argue that there is more  concentration of good wrestlers at a few schools and that's probably true, but only one guy can compete. the others have to watch.  If those #2,3, and 4's had options to compete elsewhere with different coaching, workout partners, etc., they have the chance of becoming a spoiler, e.g., Suriano.  If he stays at PSU, maybe he's in the stands watching. Even tho he didn't win it, he took out some very good kids.  
    As one who was fortunate enough to compete/coach against one of the greatest wrestling dynasties ever, I can assure you that the Gable coached Iowa teams beat some very, very good competition.  It didn't seem that way because they were so superior in so many ways.  From the first year that Gable was hired as asst. coach at Iowa, his impact was obvious.  His coaching style, intensity, influence, and the rules of the time allowed him to make it look like there was little competition.  They were relentless, physical, in-your-face, and constantly pressuring you.  Factor in the 8 minute matches, their 3 acre wrestling mat, the rules of the time, and a rabid fan base and all the ingredients were there for domination.  I witnessed many excellent wrestlers get way ahead on points with Gable's kids, only to not just get beat, but eventually get pummeled or pinned because they were just too damn tired to keep fighting.  They were hard to hold down, they were hard to escape, and if you did, they were back in your face, pressuring, pushing, pulling, banging, and wearing you down. How he used the rules to his advantage was masterful in and of itself. With all due respect, Cael's a great coach and great guy, but I would still put my money on a Gable coached team v PSU or any other team now for that matter.
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    cbg reacted to superbowlhomeboy in Team Kong Does it again   
    Best club in the Nation! Coaches are doing a great job developing those kids!
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