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  1. Word is that Hall will try and go 125 this year and he should make the lineup if he can get down as Ryak Finch has left the team and enrolled at Grandview. He hasn't dedicated himself to folkstyle in quite sometime so i suspect he may have some issues on the bottom. Hopefully he transitions easily we'll see, really pumped for the season and I think ISU can certainly compete for a top 5 finish. You have Weatherman @ 174, Moreno @ 165 and Gadsen @ 197 who have already cemented themselves as AA contenders if not AA's. Then you have a supporting cast including John Nicholson @ 157 (transfer from ODU qualified once or twice for NCAA) or Logan Molina (had a solid freshman year and has wrestled well in the offseason), Boaz Beard 2x NCAA qualifier @184 , Earl Hall @133/125, Luke Goettl @ 1492x NCAA Qualifier (wrestling up a weight, apparently had health issues last year because of weight cutting, so should be improved), Gabe Moreno (Mike's younger brother) @ 141, and Quean Smith @ HWt (an unkown but people are saying he's a beast, was at the OTC in June and threw Trevel to his back), 133 or 125 could be a question mark depending on what weight Hall goes at, but you could see Kyle Larson or Dakota Bauer who are two tough Iowa kids who were both ranked in the top 100-150 coming out of high school. I'm thinking we get Nicholson/Molina, M Moreno, Gadsen, Weatherman, Hall, Beard, Goetll, and maybe a few more that qualify for nationals, I think we can suprise some people and we'll get the chance as we'll be competing in the National Duals, Southern Scuffle and Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invite.
  2. No Jake Varner 1 Oly Gold - 5pts 1 World Bronze - 3pts 2 NCAA Titles - 4pts 4 NCAA Finalist - 4pts 4 NCAA AA - 2pts 18 points? Or do we not double count for his two NCAA titles and 4 AA's and 4 NCAA finals?
  3. MU is looking to recruit Daniel Lewis out of Blue Springs HS which would be a good recruit. I don't know who else out of MO they are looking at. Mizzou will also be getting Iowa State Transfer Mikey England he will wrestle either at 174 or 184, pretty solid wrestler, he barely lost the spot at 174 to Tanner Weatherman who made the round of 12 (he actually beat him once this year). Sad to see Mikey go, but excited to see what he can do given a spot for the entire year. Had he gotten the spot the last two years he definitely would have qualified for NCAA's both years.
  4. Iowa State! Great pick IMO for the cyclones, he is a super talented freestyle wrestler lets see if he can translate that into great success in folk for the Clones!
  5. I think Ruth would have competed well with Reader, possibly even beaten him. Lewnes was a beast, and Ruth handled him pretty handily in both matches. Lewnes wrestled Reader to a close bout. His Freshman year, Ruth did tend to lose his focus in matches, and that was the frustration that some had with him. It could be that he wasn't prepared for Amuchestegi's leg riding, and got himself caught underneath. That fact that he dominated Henrich and Lewnes after he injured his knee tells you how talented he was. When Ruth stepped on the mat as a Sophmore, he was a different wrestler and we have seen the results of that. The one thing to keep in mind is that Ruth wrestled both Heinrich and Lewnes that year on the backside of the bracket. I can only imagine there was a bit of let down with those two losing in the semis, just saying there is a bit of different min-set going from the top to the bottom side of the bracket. And its hard to do the well this guy beat this other guy by this much and this guy only beat him by this much, cause if you look at their results that year Reader had by far the more impressive season.
  6. Boaz Beard Luke Goettl Ryak Finch All from ISU
  7. His freshman year had Nick Gallick of ISU not been injured??? I remember watching nationals that year when a unkown Dake walked away with the title and thinking that Gallick could have won. Gallick i believe was ranked #1 before his injury and had placed Third the year before and 5th the year before that. Oh well it never happened just thought i'd see what others thought.
  8. I'm pretty sure a senior Jon Reader defeats a healthy RS fresh Ruth. Compare the twos results that year, Reader dominated almost everyone. Ruth lost to Mike Letts, Reader beat Letts twice that year and they weren't close. Ruth had a lot of close matches that year to the likes of Luke Manuel, Scott Glasser, Ethen Lofthouse, Austin Meys, Ben Jordan and some others. I'm not saying Ruth couldn't have won, but if I'd have to guess Reader wins that match should it ever be wrestled.
  9. Even if Ruth got by Amuch do you think he beats Reader?? Reader was pretty darn tough as he beat Amuch pretty handily if i remember right.
  10. I think next year you better watch out for Oklahoma, Howe, Maple, both lesters, Rutt, Patterson, Brewer, Glass comes off a RS. They just need a HWT and a 197lber. That's a pretty tough lineup.
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