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  1. Agreed. I wonder if Alan Waters plans to continue competing; I know he has aspirations to continue coaching. I doubt J'Den will stop competing any time soon.
  2. I wonder if they would get anybody that is still training as their top assistant, only because they 1) may not be able to dedicate enough time and 2) the Missouri Wrestling Club isn't really star studded outside of Alan Waters and J'Den Cox, so training partners might be scarce. Logan would be an unbelievable get, as would any of the others that you mentioned. How likely are we to get him? I don't really see any of those names having interest in Mizzou, but I could be totally wrong. While Mizzou is always top 6-10, it doesn't seem that most recognize that.
  3. With Sammie Henson just down the road in STL, does he come back to Mizzou to fill the void left by Alex Clemsen? I don't think Sammie is cut out to be a head coach, but when he was previously the assistant under Brian Smith, the team was in national title contention. Thoughts?
  4. The problem is that if 20k people buy all session passes now, you might have 30k buy tickets to the finals, but you'll only have 5-10k buy tickets to the first round or wrestleback rounds. Unless you're a family member or friend of a wrestler, or a die hard, most people don't care to watch the first or second rounds, consi's, etc...at least in my opinion. I have friends that are not wrestling fans, but will watch the semi's or finals because it's like a main event and it's the best of the best. I have a feeling that a lot of session 1 and 2 tickets would go unsold if they didn't sell them all together. With that said, I usually can't get off work to go to the earlier sessions, so I usually can only attend the finals and would love it if they split them up.
  5. Worst call I’ve ever seen. These ref’s need to be held accountable for this BS...
  6. Do they offer multiple subscription plans? Why does it say "plans starting at $12.50/month"? Anyway, I agree that it states it right there before you put your CC info in. While I think it's BS that they wouldn't refund you entirely (and therefore lost you as ever being a customer again), I'm not sure they can confirm if you actually watched any programming. How do they know if you weren't trying to scam them and watch content for free? Just playing devil's advocate. At the end of the day, they're a business and choose to run their business as they see fit. I personally would have refunded you the entire amount and hoped to gain you as a customer if I ever offered a monthly subscription service again (it's clear you weren't going to pay for a whole year). But they chose not to. At least you got the majority of your money back. With that said, I just signed up for a subscription for the first time about 2 weeks ago and love the content. I've watched about 5 of the films so far and they're great.
  7. That's a nice way to put it with the stall calls. Were those refs local guys? Took them forever to call stalling in Moore, but they sure were quick against Lewis and Koelling. Heck, that last one against Koelling was called as he was circling away (not backing up). Ridiculous. Question...which team wins the dual if OSU wbf at Hwt? I think the first criteria is matches won, so 6-4 in favor of Missouri?
  8. Well ffs...what was the final score? Some of us don't subscribe to the POS known as Flo.
  9. IMO, the only reason Askren is even in the conversation is because he was the so-called "founder" of Funk/extreme scrambling, if you will. He brought a different type of wrestling that wasn't popular until his time and that others weren't able to hang with because they didn't practice it a lot. I think if Askren was entering college as a freshman today, he wouldn't be in this conversation, because so many wrestlers today work on scrambling a lot more...really because of him. As opposed to John Smith, who's low single would be unstoppable no matter who he goes against. If you look at just college seasons, Cael is obviously the GOAT. If you look at accomplishments during the wrestlers college years, Snyder (Oly Champ) is the obvious GOAT.
  10. I looked here for the team list. It says Ohio State may not send full team, so would agree that we probably won't see them. We can hope, though. http://www.gomocs.com/news/2017/10/16/field-announced-for-the-2018-southern-scuffle-presented-by-compound-clothing.aspx?path=wr
  11. The entry list indicates that some teams are only sending "partial" teams, so those are indicated by a *. Couple of observations: - Will NaTo be back? - Looking forward to seeing Hidlay compete, if he's there. - Joseph against Marsteller, anyone? - 184, 197 and Hwt. will be great if everyone shows. 125: 1. Nathan Tomasello - Ohio State * 3. Nick Piccininni - Oklahoma State 4. Darian Cruz - Lehigh 6. Taylor LaMont - Utah Valley 8. Sean Fausz - North Carolina State * 9. Drew Mattin - Michigan * 11. Jay Schwarm - Northern Iowa 13. Connor Schram - Stanford 16. Louie Hayes - Virginia 133: 2. Scott Parker - Lehigh 3. Kaid Brock - Oklahoma State 4. Luke Pletcher - Ohio State * 5. Jack Mueller - Virginia 6. Austin DeSanto - Drexel 7. Stevan Micic - Michigan * 14. Dennis Gustafson - Virginia Tech * 17. Corey Keener - Penn State 141: 1. Dean Heil - Oklahoma State 4. Kevin Jack - North Carolina State * 6. Joey McKenna - Ohio State * 7. Josh Alber - Northern Iowa 11. Jared Prince - Navy 14. Luke Karam - Lehigh 15. Jered Cortez - Penn State 149: 1. Zain Retherford - Penn State 5. Ke-Shawn Hayes - Ohio State * 6. Max Thomsen - Northern Iowa 10. Geo Martinez - Oklahoma State 11. Solomon Chishko - Virginia Tech * 13. Ronnie Perry - Lock Haven 17. Beau Donahue - North Carolina State * 19. Sam Krivus - Virginia 157 1. Jason Nolf - Penn State 3. Hayden Hidlay - North Carolina State * 5. Alec Pantaleo - Michigan * 6. Micah Jordan - Ohio State * 10. Mitch Finesilver - Duke 17. Coleman Hammond - CSU Bakersfield 165 1. Vincenzo Joseph - Penn State 4. David McFadden - Virginia Tech * 5. Logan Massa - Michigan * 6. Chandler Rogers - Oklahoma State 8. Chance Marsteller - Lock Haven 11. Te'Shan Campbell - Ohio State * 17. Demetrius Romero - Utah Valley 19. Gordon Wolf - Lehigh 174 2. Mark Hall - Penn State 3. Bo Jordan - Ohio State * 5. Jordan Kutler - Lehigh 6. Myles Amine - Michigan * 7. Taylor Lujan - Northern Iowa 8. Jadaen Bernstein - Navy 10. Jacobe Smith - Oklahoma State 12. Keaton Subjeck - Stanford 17. Forrest Przybysz - Appalachian State 18. Will Schany - Virginia 184 1. Bo Nickal - Penn State 2. Myles Martin - Ohio State * 3. Pete Renda - North Carolina State * 4. Ryan Preisch - Lehigh 5. Domenic Abounader - Michigan * 7. Zack Zavatsky - Virginia Tech * 10. Drew Foster - Northern Iowa 15. Bryce Carr - Chattanooga 17. Michael Coleman - Navy 18. Nick Corba - Cleveland State 197 1. Kollin Moore - Ohio State * 3. Jared Haught - Virginia Tech * 4. Preston Weigel - Oklahoma State 7. Mike Macchiavello - North Carolina State * 9. Anthony Cassar - Penn State 10. Kevin Beazley - Michigan * 14. Matt Williams - CSU Bakersfield 15. Scottie Boykin - Chattanooga 16. Nathan Traxler - Stanford 18. Jacob Seely - Northern Colorado Hwt 1. Kyle Snyder - Ohio State * 2. Adam Coon - Michigan * 3. Nick Nevills - Penn State 5. Jacob Kasper - Duke 7. Mike Hughes - Hofstra 8. Derek White - Oklahoma State 11. Nathan Butler - Stanford 12. Jordan Wood - Lehigh 13. Thomas Haines - Lock Haven 17. Andrew Dunn - Virginia Tech *
  12. He'll have Yianni at the South Beach Duals, which will be no small feat. If he runs the table in Reno and wins against Yianni, I agree that he absolutely deserves the 2 seed (unless of course, he beats Heil, but that's even more wishful thinking).
  13. I hope so, and I hope they send their starters. Will be a good mid-season test for Lavallee (#6 Shields) and will help to see how close Lewis is to Zahid.
  14. What's interesting to me is the highly ranked Non-D1 guys filling up each weight class. Don't know anything about guys like 157 Weber (#1 in NAIA), 165 McLean (#1 in D2), etc., but will be interested to see how they compete against the big boys from D1.
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