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  1. That seems to be accurate based on the bracket move. I didn’t look at the brackets earlier when they had Precious beating Boo in the team results so not sure if that is any indication.
  2. Deleted. Track fixed the results.
  3. That's correct. I didn't mention him because he doesn't have any ranked matchups...
  4. Did he say they were the only starters that are going or just mentioned them by name?
  5. Assuming everyone goes from Mizzou, OSU, WVU and Wyoming, these are the ranked wrestlers (according to Intermat). Big tests for Mauller, Keegan and Rocky. Hoping they make the trip to gauge where they are as we approach the postseason... 125: #15 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (OSU) #18 Connor Brown (MU) 133: #1 Daton Fix (OSU) -- Is Fix back yet? #12 Matt Schmitt (MU) #20 Ryan Sullivan (WVU) 149: #3 Brock Mauller (MU) #4 Boo Lewallen (OSU) 157: #10 Jarrett Jacques (MU) #16 Wyatt Sheets (OSU) #19 Jacob Wright (WYO) 165: #4 Travis Wittlake (OSU) #9 Keegan O'Toole (MU) 174: #10 Hayden Hastings (WYO) #11 Peyton Mocco (MU) #12 Dustin Plott (OSU) 184: #9 Dakota Geer (OSU) #16 Jeremiah Kent (MU) 197: #4 Noah Adams (WVU) #10 AJ Ferrari (OSU) #12 Stephen Buchanan (WYO) #15 Rocky Elam (MU) Hwt: #15 Zach Elam (MU) #16 Brian Andrews (WYO)
  6. I don’t really see the difference in sending some of their wrestlers vs. all of their wrestlers to Stillwater (related to COVID) unless they plan to quarantine those that go when they get back. And then the starters that don’t go won’t have practice partners if they’re in quarantine. This just leads me to believe that if Smith says some are going, they’re all going (as it relates to skipping for COVID concerns). There would have to be another reason if some starters don’t make the trip, whether that’s rest or nursing an injury. No way Smith or his team ducks anybody.
  7. I know they lost all team points that he contributed...almost like he never wrestled in the tournament at all. Interesting that this is a discussion topic...I just watched Mizzou All Access on Flo this weekend and this was one of the storylines...
  8. Because it's clickbait to get you to pay for the content on Rokfin..."Here, look at the additional rankings....oh wait, you have to pay for it!"
  9. What I really like is that if Edmond takes over at 141 and 57/65 is O’Toole/Mocco, that puts 7 underclassmen in starting roles. The future is bright!
  10. Curious about your thoughts on the lineup since you’re an insider, if you don’t mind sharing...
  11. Best guess at Mizzou’s lineup after the Black & Gold. Very exciting to have such a young team of studs! Thoughts? 125: Connor Brown 133: Matt Schmitt 141: Allan Hart 149: Brock Mauller 157: Keegan O’Toole 165: Peyton Mocco (can Jacques beat Mocco?) 174: Jeremiah Kent 184: Colton Hawks 197: Rocky Elam Hwt: Zack Elam
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