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  1. What about a Hart - Mauller - O'Toole - Mocco - Harman? I'd heard that during O'Toole's freshman year they wanted him at 57 and Mocco at 65, but they wanted a spot for Jacques and Kent couldn't make 74 anymore, so O'Toole and Mocco bumped up. Not sure this is even possible now that O'Toole and Mocco have lifted/grown into their existing weights. It's just a shame to sit Harman (he did so well when Mocco was out) for "Take every match to OT and lose by a TD" Jacques...
  2. Interesting that 2015 is mentioned...Missouri actually went undefeated that year and won the National Duals by beating Iowa (remember Gillman slamming Waters, then Waters running out of the arena and bumping into Cory Clark on the way out...classic). If I recall correctly, had Waters and Cox held their seeds (placed 3rd and 5th, respectively), and Eblen didn't get DQ'd and lost all of his team points, I think Mizzou would have pulled out a Natty (because Cox would have scored the semi's points vs. Snyder). Oh what could have been...
  3. That's probably the right term for it. Not that the seeds are bad, the draws are...
  4. How much does the seeding committee hate the Tigers? 125 - Surtin gets Teske in Round 1 and if he somehow makes it past Teske, he has the #2 seed waiting. 141 - Allan gets Micic in Round 1 and if he makes it to the quarters, he runs into Nick Lee. 149 - Edmond get's Heil in Round 1... 157 - Jacques gets Lewan in Round 1...if he makes it past him, he gets Iowa...then Carr in the quarters... 165 - Wick for sure got the easy side of the bracket. O'Toole gets Valencia in Round 2 and will have earned a finals trip if he makes it past Wentzel, Amine/Marinelli 174 - Mocco runs into Massa in the quarters... 184 - Kent gets Amine in the 2nd Round.... 197 - I don't hate Rocky's draw... 285 - Big Elam gets Hilger in Round 1, then if he somehow makes it past him, he gets Gable. It's going to be a rough tournament for Brian Smith's squad, but I have faith...probably going to be a lot of matches on the back side of the bracket.
  5. When do they typically announce the selections for the at large bids?
  6. 1) Zach has done better this year; another year in the weight room has helped him. That wasn’t my point though. My point was that he needed more than a decision to win the duel for his team and he rode for the last 2 minutes of the match. Sure he “attempted” a couple of turns, but sitting and waiting for an opportunity to cradle or catch his opponent isn’t aggressive and doesn’t get you bonus. And I know he wasn’t trying to get bonus for his team because when ISU tried to get out of bounds, Elam kept his foot in to get more riding time. Do you think Gable, Shultz, Kerk would ride like that or would they go out there to win it for their team?? 2) Fair, but you would think not having a weight cut would help in the conditioning department. An 8lb difference in weight class doesn’t really seem like an excuse for gassing out in the third. 3) Where is the Rocky that stormed back through the consi’s last year? Because that Rocky was constantly shooting and pushing the action…this one isn’t. 4) Thanks for agreeing that he gassed. 5) That’s right and a reason I wasn’t high on Surtin prior to this season. But something has changed with him and he’s aggressive, in shape and looks great. Of course these guys “want” to win, but saying it and showing it are two different things. Again, if you can honestly tell me that we’re wrestling aggressive, pushing for bonus and trying to dominate our opponents, then agree to disagree. But it’s ok to be frustrated with a team that looked like legit top 5 contenders before the season and now look like they’re just doing enough to win. That’s why PSU is dominant year in and year out…they expect to bonus and wrestle the entire 7 minutes. And these guys aren’t getting nothing…most of them are on scholarship and are getting a free education.
  7. You have anger issues and need to get over yourself. What do you mean I didn’t realize Hart was out? You a mind reader? If you can tell me that Edmond didn’t gas the last 3 minutes of the match, that Jacques against ASU didn’t give up at the end in OT, that Kent didn’t lay flat in the third tonight hoping to stall out a win, that Rocky is aggressive and shooting constantly like he did last year that got him 5th as a true frosh and that Z Elam (who is a world junior silver medalist) is wrestling to his potential, then I don’t think I’m the clueless one. I’m a Mizzou homer too but at least I’m realistic. And disappointed that we have no aggression when we have multiple world medalists on this team. Surtin, O’Toole and Mocco seem to be the only ones that want to win.
  8. What was the point of Z Elam riding out in the 3rd? Needed a major to win…didn’t go for it. What is going on with this team? I don’t get it. Really thought this team was going to be over the top competitive this year. Ability is there…
  9. If these matches were 1.5 periods, Mizzou would dominate. I don’t get the lack of aggression at the end of these matches. Feels like the Chiefs/Bengals game. Get up early then let them creep back in. Hopefully Smith gets it figured out before March or it’s gonna be another disappointing national tournament.
  10. Great win by Kent! Again gassing though. I don’t get it. The whole team seems to not have the aggression and stamina to finish strong. If Kent didn’t get that huge move at the beginning that’s a big 6 point swing….
  11. Agreed. He is quick too with that double. I just wondered if he was sucking too much because he seemed to gas. Also agree he has looked a lot better in matches than his record and final scores show.
  12. Edmond gassing too. Wrong time of year for that….
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