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  1. I thought I read somewhere that Kent couldn't make 174...
  2. Agreed...we have two amazing true freshmen that did extremely well. And it's even more exciting that we have guys like Edmond and Hawks in the room that are itching to break into the lineup!
  3. Meh...hard to fault a 22-23 y/o for following what he thinks is right. The only thing that aggravated me, while never said publicly, was the impression he gave that he thought Mizzou did him wrong. I can’t remember if it was on Flo or the On The Mat series where he said his mom thought he should have gone to Iowa out of HS but he chose Mizzou because he seemed to feel he should. Totally fine...but I heard and got the feeling he was unappreciative of Mizzou, which is what bothered me...
  4. You get the first 5, I’ll get the second...
  5. Offense scores points. You can’t win a one takedown match unless you score points. Our culture doesn’t just love offense...its what wins games. That’s why offensive players are paid more in every sport. Not because people like that they score, but because that’s what wins games. My only point is that we’re young and sooo talented...if everyone on our team was constantly shooting like Keegan, I feel we’d have more guys on the podium. Look at Rocky’s 1st match vs the rest of his tournament. Not aggressive and flat and loses in round 1 vs beats Intermats #2, #3 and #8 (and #8 was a lot higher at the beginning of the season) when he starts being the aggressor and not waiting to counter.
  6. Relax. I’m not crapping on anyone. If you think we were all aggressive and everyone was constantly moving forward like O’Toole did the entire tournament (or Iowa or Penn State), then that’s your opinion. But that’s not what I saw the majority of the time from anyone not named Keegan or Rocky. After the first round, how many shots did Schmitt, Hart, Mauller, Mocco, Kent, Z Elam take? Mauller looked like he didn’t want to be there in the semi’s and the consi semi’s. I’m not dogging anyone...I love Mizzou. But I’m disappointed in our lack of aggressiveness. If that means I’m crapping on them for being disappointed, then i guess it is what it is...
  7. How in the world does Fix make 133? Looks like one of his legs weighs 133...
  8. If O’Toole moved to 157 and Mocco to 165, it would really just be swapping Jacques for Harman. Not sure which is better. Or.....how well does Brock make 49? You could always bump him and slide Edmonds or Hart in at 49 with the other going 41. Either way...it’s awesome to have such a young team! With that said, Smith has got to figure out how to peak these guys at the right time or get them to be more aggressive. Outside of the first one/two rounds, O’Toole and Rocky were the only ones that showed any sign of offense. Keegan literally shoots nonstop and I love it. But we aren’t going to be able to get or keep top recruits like him if the rest of the team continues this “wait til they shoot and counter/scramble”. We have a team that can compete for a national title if they go on offense like they can.
  9. As a huge Mizzou homer, it wouldn’t surprise me to see O’Toole transfer. As much as I hate to say that, he’s a true frosh and the only one on the team that had any aggressiveness this weekend (outside of Rocky). I’d love to see him and Rocky drive some big recruits and help challenge for a title, but I wouldn’t blame either of them if they decided to look elsewhere.
  10. That seems to be accurate based on the bracket move. I didn’t look at the brackets earlier when they had Precious beating Boo in the team results so not sure if that is any indication.
  11. Deleted. Track fixed the results.
  12. That's correct. I didn't mention him because he doesn't have any ranked matchups...
  13. Did he say they were the only starters that are going or just mentioned them by name?
  14. Assuming everyone goes from Mizzou, OSU, WVU and Wyoming, these are the ranked wrestlers (according to Intermat). Big tests for Mauller, Keegan and Rocky. Hoping they make the trip to gauge where they are as we approach the postseason... 125: #15 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (OSU) #18 Connor Brown (MU) 133: #1 Daton Fix (OSU) -- Is Fix back yet? #12 Matt Schmitt (MU) #20 Ryan Sullivan (WVU) 149: #3 Brock Mauller (MU) #4 Boo Lewallen (OSU) 157: #10 Jarrett Jacques (MU) #16 Wyatt Sheets (OSU) #19 Jacob Wright (WYO) 165: #4 Travis Wittlake (OSU) #9 Keegan O'Toole (MU) 174: #10 Hayden Hastings (WYO) #11 Peyton Mocco (MU) #12 Dustin Plott (OSU) 184: #9 Dakota Geer (OSU) #16 Jeremiah Kent (MU) 197: #4 Noah Adams (WVU) #10 AJ Ferrari (OSU) #12 Stephen Buchanan (WYO) #15 Rocky Elam (MU) Hwt: #15 Zach Elam (MU) #16 Brian Andrews (WYO)
  15. I don’t really see the difference in sending some of their wrestlers vs. all of their wrestlers to Stillwater (related to COVID) unless they plan to quarantine those that go when they get back. And then the starters that don’t go won’t have practice partners if they’re in quarantine. This just leads me to believe that if Smith says some are going, they’re all going (as it relates to skipping for COVID concerns). There would have to be another reason if some starters don’t make the trip, whether that’s rest or nursing an injury. No way Smith or his team ducks anybody.
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