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  1. Actually he made his point. You say pushing is not wrestling-in the FS rule set you do not get rewarded for ONLY pushing your opponent OOB “straight arm”. You do however get rewarded for the risk of attempting a takedown, grabbing your opponents leg and forcing them OOB as the only way to avoid giving up 2 points.
  2. I just used those as examples, the best wrestlers in Russia most likely have the best of everything, including performance enhancing drugs and the methods to beat the testing systems used to catch them.
  3. For doping to be effective at the olympic level, it is all about the ability to train harder and longer correct? Meaning these guys are putting in crazy amounts of work and finding pharmaceutical methods of recovery. While yes this is technically cheating, let’s not pretend like Joe Blow is taking HGH and EPO and beating the best wrestlers in the world. Like someone else said, in Russia they view the built in advantages of America (access to nutrition, mental health, recovery) as equivalent to their gained advantage from being able to run through the Caucus mtns on EPO for hours at a time... as the same thing.
  4. Brent Metcalf was not a good scrambler
  5. In almost every other sport being tall is a certain advantage. But in wrestling, and especially folkstyle where control is the most important thing. Being short can become an asset if you have better than average defense. It's very hard to get a short guy out of his stance, it's very hard to get inside control, and at the D1 level it's very hard to pull guys underneath you. Think of a Frank Molinaro, at 49 he probably isn't much taller than Pletcher, but was a national champion. Wrestling is the best sport because every perceived disadvantage can become an advantage very easily. That's why any BODY can wrestle.
  6. So boconnell made a lot of my point(s). I think some people who assume Pico would dominate on his feet to the tune of multiple takedowns per period forget the defensive mind set to defending a shot is wayyy different. In college there's funk, out of bounds, more potentially dangerous situations, which could allow Zain to fight off takedowns he wouldn't in a freestyle match for fear of exposure. Also Zain's top wrestling was absolutely amazing, and you can't negate the energy expenditure it takes to actually earn an escape in the best possible situation, and just trying not to get turned which is more likely. It's almost a guarantee Zain scores on top, gets an escape so the real question is can Pico make up a potential 3-5 point deficit with takedowns and cutting him.... I don't think so Zain wins 8-6
  7. No one mentioned JO so I will. Up a weight with more time to heal, could be a breakout performance on US soil.
  8. That's like telling a cop you shouldn't get a ticket because you weren't going THAT much over the speed limit. Just follow the rules and you have no problems.
  9. Can we get Willie and JB to help make this go viral?! I want every kid at NCAAs doing the "Brands Shake"
  10. Wrestling is 3rd in Gold medals won for the USA and for Russia it's the 2nd highest in Gold per sport (1 medal behind track and field) not saying it WOULD happen but to say the USOC or Russian Federation doesnt care about wrestling is incorrect. While a boycott would be a longshoy, the THREAT could be used as leverage.
  11. What if the USA and Russia BOTH threatened to boycott 2020 without wrestling in the Olympics? That means millions if not billions in lost revenue for the sponsors and IOC. We all know the only language the IOC speaks is cash. What does everyone think?
  12. Crappy way for any career to end. Good luck with your next endeavor Justin. -Lewis Baker
  13. Your logic becomes flawed when you bring up Caldwell vs Metcalf. Because Caldwell actually won 66% of the matches wrestled and 100% of official NCAA matches. Including one by pin.
  14. I don't think there's any way this happens, not only because of the team aspect, but because as a competitor I doubt DT would do it. Now what about if Dake did it? He is actually certified at 157, and would not nearly hurt hs team in the same way DT dropping would. Dake has already beat DT and therefore by dropping would almost guarantee a 4th title.
  15. If DT dropped to 57 and won his 2nd NCAA title, would anyone hold it over him that he lost to KD? Or is winning the national the most important thing?
  16. You must establish separation for an escape, if I have one arm around a leg that's still control until the bottom wrestler separates himself from the top wrestler. DT did not establish that separation.
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