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  1. It's a post questioning Brands/Iowa's lightweight development. I think you already know the answer.
  2. Yes he did, jacked up his elbow. Yes to the PR tourney as well. Won Super 32 2 times. Beat Ayala as a Soph, was injured his JR year I believe. Won as a Sr against Lujan. 2x Fargo Champ as well.
  3. We are available on stitcher for android users and itunes for ios. Hope that helps!
  4. You don't know what it means to win. If it was about being the first to break it, we would have. We chose not to. Why? Because it is not as important as you think. He won the first 100 meters of a mile race. Then we lapped him.
  5. We didn't lose crap Willie. We had the information from Griffin well before Haddad tweeted anything. We could have broken it first had that been our goal. We elected to do it the way the recruit wanted. We let him announce it to the whole country on his terms with his timing. That's winning. A tweet from Haddad who famously tweeted "You heard it here first, Kolodzik to UVA" bothered me none. The viewership for the show was outstanding in a prime slot.
  6. Jesse won states as a Junior. 3,3,1,4 are his Cali State placements. -CP
  7. Anyone been able to watch anything? I got nothing from those links.
  8. Please remove the plank from your eye, Collegewrestling444. Don't worry about everyone else's speck.
  9. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/69758-Van-Ride Here ya go! It is a good one!
  10. Side headlock is supposed to be called stalling now. Yeah, that's all he's got on top.. : :|
  11. Dardanes is bad on bottom. Schopp is amazing on top. Bad match up. Wouldn't pick Richards over Dardanes, probably wouldn't pick Brewer either.
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