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  1. Warren_Haynes

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    He coaches wrestling at a couple different MMA gyms around the St. Louis area
  2. Warren_Haynes

    Mizzou Assistant: Any Word?

    I absolutely love this hire.
  3. Warren_Haynes

    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    I had always heard that Mizzou was considering ending the program because of not being competetive. Not sure if that is true.
  4. Warren_Haynes

    Missouri's next assistant

  5. Warren_Haynes

    Your States top 3, college career only, 2000 to present

    I think Cody Brewer's Nattie bumps Bailey.
  6. Warren_Haynes

    Team with most All-Americans from their home state

    Jaques actually moved around a bit and ended up in Columbia his junior year. First he was in Kirksville (Northeast missouri) then he was at Owensville (central MO) and ended up at Tolton Catholic in Columbia. His dad is a high school principal and got a couple different jobs. The school he ended up at near Columbia didn't have wrestling and Jaques ended up at Tolton.
  7. Warren_Haynes

    OK this might actually be racist

    I never understand why people get upset that there is a topic on here that they don't think should be on here. I don't like mainstream country music. I don't get mad that it is on the radio. I just don't tune my dial into it and keep playing Tyler Childers at full blast. Just pass the thread up and click on one of the hundreds of other threads on this board.
  8. Warren_Haynes

    OK this might actually be racist

    No way that lady should be allowed in another gym to watch and she shouldn't have been allowed to finish the day in the gym (Not saying she was allowed. Just saying I woulda tossed her from the gym.)
  9. Warren_Haynes

    Thoughts are with Willie

    I think I'm more afraid of ALS than anything else. I don't pray, but the Miklus family is in my thoughts going forward. I'm so glad he got to have this time with his Dad. This Mizzou fan will always root for Willie Miklus
  10. Warren_Haynes

    Indiana's singlets?

    I like them.
  11. Warren_Haynes

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Bryan Snyder was my favorite wrestler that wasn't at Mizzou.
  12. Warren_Haynes

    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    Max Askren had a nice start to his freshman year
  13. Warren_Haynes

    Missouri - '18/'19

    The three consecutive starters from 141-157 are all from the same high school (Fater Tolton Catholic) and club team (Eierman Elite.) Most interesting part is that Tolton usually fields a program of about 15 kids total.
  14. Warren_Haynes

    Steveson’s Behavior

    In the great words of the Miami Hurricanes: If you don't want us to dance, don't let us in the endzone!
  15. Warren_Haynes

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    Some people say a cucumber tastes better pickled.