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    updated - my first post with stats people may find interesting
  2. Bearcat


    Rasheed loses in the quarters on the PSU side- not too far off expectations thus far but helps keep tOSU in it. Nevils goes down in the quarters as well- keeping the team race close
  3. Bearcat


    down goes both Bo and Moore- hopefully they both wrestleback. Two big loses from a team standing
  4. Bearcat


    Looking really good so far, one thing that hurts them is Sorenson losing, Hayes now has the winner of Sorenson/Deakin. Considering how close he was to the semis he now has a brutal draw to wrestle back and AA General Notes: tOSU - 6 in the semis PSU - 5 in the semis tOSU - 3 in the consis PSU - 3 in the consis tOSU - 1 out PSU - 2 out tOSU - 2 favored , 3 toss ups, 1 underdog for finals PSU - 4 favored, 1 toss up tOSU - likely to lose one in the next round PSU - should get all through to the AA round I would wager both wind up with 8 AA's In the semis (italics means favored) 125- as expected- in the semis, tough winnable match against Lee 133- doing well/as expected- in the semis, tough but winnable match against Micic 141- looking great with more bonus points then expected- in the semis against Meredith- both have been looking great this tournament should be a heck of a match 157- In the semis better than expected- has Nolf- very tough match but anything is possible 184-as expected- strong bonus showing - winnable match in the semis 285- as expected- should be in the finals In the consis 149- tough quarter loss and brutal wrestle back against Sorenson next round. not looking good 174- Tough quarterfinal loss - no reason he shouldn't make it to the 3rd place match 197- big loss in the quarters, need him to wrestle back- winnable match tonight, will have to beat Rasheed to place Out 165- as expected- won 2 lost 2 and is out- good effort almost had a 3rd win PSU In the semis 149- seems unstoppable 157- Has head to head against tOSU in the semis, should be in the finals 165- Has undefeated McFadden in the semis winnable but tough match 174- Hall has Lewis who just beat Bo- anything can happen but Hall is unreal should be in the finals 184 - Nickal has Abounadar in the semis, despite a huge upset should be in the finals In the consis 141 - 3 and 1 in the wrestle backs had a clear path to the 5th place bout by seed he is favored to make it there but that's why they wrestle matches 197- winnable wrestle back and then should have a head to head with Moore 285- Winnable next match, then Stoll (also winnable) then most likely will have Duke to decide who goes for 3rd or 5th Out 125- N/A 133- 1 and 2 In general I would say tOSU is doing better then expected with the only real drawback thus far not even being their fault (Sorenson and Deakin losing). (update- new drawbacks are Bo and Moore losing) Anyone want to summarize PSU in one place?
  5. Binghamton - Donnie Vinson (unless you want to count Gwiz since he did AA one year as a bearcat) Hofstra - Nick Gallo
  6. Not a GIF, but I saw a video not too long ago. A female interviewer went to a world team practice (I think it was Eastern Europe) and asked to have a move done to her and the suplex this guy hit was so hard and fast I couldn't believe it. She was fine but was just laying on her back laughing at the shock of it all, has anyone else seen this video or can send a link?
  7. There are things that can be done to make wrestling more popular: 1. You need to create a fan culture- think Iran with their annoying horns, it's fun to be a part of that. The majority of matches I've been to have no chants or anything, the atmosphere is dead. You feel like you're watching golf. We need to figure out a way to get the fans interacting and actively involved. 2. More dual meets less tournaments. Besides NCAAs and BIG 10 finals and semi finals the majority of fans have no interest in watching any other tournaments outside of following maybe a handful of wrestlers they feel some kind of connection with. 3. Create connections- flo would be a good advocate for helping fans create connections with athletes by showing a side to them outside of just their matches if they reached everyone. The pay for service only really serves the already die hards. 4. Change the uniforms to make it more fan friendly 5. Unfortunately less is more- no casual fan wants to watch a 2 hour dual meet. figure out a way to bring it down to an hour and a half. 6. We need a better way to quickly get interesting information like a weekly half hour recap or a better run news page people can check at their leisure and get the information out there of where to find it. I find most articles to be fairly dry- flo does a good job but the paid service is killer. 7. Once people get that information there should be a good place to discuss. With the invention of twitter and such I found that forums have been slowly dying. Active debates and tons of posts seem to be a thing of the past. We need to find a way to get people more engaged. 8. Find a way to make every dual meet count in the season. Also, make it so that theres more to bet on/fantasy type situations because that quickly and easily gets people actively interested. 9. More events at dual meets, more meet and greets with athletes, more weekly updates per team, more fan clubs where fans of certain teams can get to know each other and socialize outside of just dual meets. If you become friends with people who also follow a certain college team and make it easy to become a part of that group people would be more likely to continue to show up at events. You need to create an atmosphere where people are texting each other "hey are you coming to the event later?" or "we missed you today hope to see you at the next one!" if people feel like they are a part of it they'll be more likely to show up
  8. Why try and bulk everyone up when they have a 2x NYS Champ ranked 13th in the Country out of high school Sisti at 197? Granted he only went 5-3 in open tournaments but I feel after he adjusts to the college level he has some real potential.
  9. That's awesome your son has that drive! Of course you want your son in the right program, I wouldn't worry too much about one on one. Wrestling should be social especially at this age, Jersey has tons of great clubs to take your guy to the next level. I know the guy above me discussed cross training, maybe he could even go to gymnastics once or twice a week. Metcalf did gymnastics, Zac Rey can do a backflip off a wall, Darrion Caldwell had some great tumbling (before getting pushed), Dake did tumbling all the time at the Shamrock wrestling club (Scott Green at Wyoming Seminary- one of the top high school coaches in the nation emphasized it. I remember watching his club team warm up at one of my first practices and feeling like a fish out of water with all the crazy tumbling going on). There are a lot of great wrestlers out there, but one of the key aspects to getting to that next level is having full control over your body coupled with crazy explosiveness.
  10. Not sure anyone else brought this up, but really disappointing year for NY huh? Less then half the qualifiers as last year. What gives? Typical ebbs and flows or did a lot of our guys just not show up for conferences?
  11. Interesting that only 1 person not seeded 1st won the tournament.
  12. Funny PSU recap says #7 PSU drops close one to number #3 TOSU, as opposed to the TOSU recap saying #7 Buckeyes knock off #3 PSU. #1 each team selecting the rankings to make themselves look better #2 surprised to see such a big gap between the two rankings and that they're identically switched http://www.gopsusports.com/sports/m-wrestl/recaps/011115aaa.html http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/011115aab.html
  13. Great free live stream! Thank you for the post. It was the first time I got to watch Snyder compete, I can't believe he is only a freshman. I know the guy he was facing isn't a top 20 opponent but he was an Fargo greco champ and freestyle all american so he certainly wasn't a chump and Snyder put on a clinic. Hopefully he stays healthy, I can't wait to see him get put up against a real test in Vegas!
  14. Also, pretty interesting to think one of our Olympic champs would not make the list. Henry Cejudo, despite winning an Olympic gold having not continued on the World level and not competing in college leaves him with only 7 points.
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