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    Circle out of it. That's going to be the answer to a lot of your issues as a beginner. Rather than just stay in the same spot or try to back out, always try to circle out of situations.
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    Took my son to the first open mat session I spoke about above and I have to say it was pretty good. They went over a few things my son had not learned as well as some reinforcement of the basics, double leg, single leg, proper stance etc...Now I just have to sit down with my son and we'll make a decision. The only cost of the open mat thing is the purchase of a USA wrestling card which my son already has for the year so it's baiscally free and the coach running it has a ton of wrestling experience and works really well with the kids.
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    Bearcat reacted to JohnS in He wants to get better.   
    Thanks guys!!
    Jersey Joey I agree completely! He does play baseball in the summer in our town league and he's pretty good at that too. He's a pretty good pitcher using the two and four seamer I taught him. Last year he was one of only three kids on the team that could make the throw from third to first without bouncing and accurately. He must get these skills from his mothers side of the family because believe me the only thing I was ever decent at was wrestling. LOL! We are actually looking into doing the wrestling club thing after baseball season has ended but we wanted to go around and check them out now to get a jump on it. I do appreicate the input though!
    Bearcat, That's a great idea! I never thought of tumbling but really see how it relates to wrestling by teaching control of your body not to mention balance which is essential for wreslting. I'll look into that, thanks! I had to stop him from doing back flips off the couch. After visiting a few places for their group classes and speaking to my son I agree about the whole social aspect and I think he would work better in that type of setting anyway even though I did not try a private lesson.
    I think the last place we visited is the one we will go with. I've got an invite to another town by their coach who I'm friendly with for some open mat sessions on mondays so we're going to take advantage of those on the days it doesn't interfere with baseball.
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    “Why would someone choose a life that is completely ridiculed their entire life? To me, people can’t wrap their head around that, there’s no point in me trying to talk to them. I’m not going to change the way their mind thinks,” said Pucillo.
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