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  1. judaspriest

    Russian coach receiving team trophy

    Thanks for identifying the mystery man, FreestyleWrestler. Yeah, I am sure he fits quite well. Curious that they had to take the guy who wrestled for Kazakhstan - Russia isn't exactly lacking for wrestling champs and this one does have baggage... He also isn't listed on their coaching staff page I linked above, but no doubt this is the guy
  2. Who is the Russian coach receiving top team trophy award? Can't recognize the name, nor does he seem to be any of these guys ...
  3. I am sure Budapest is a great host city for a World Championship (and they seem to host it not infrequently) and the city and the people are great. However, I find the dedicated website completely useless. Besides having some rudimentary info about every member of their country's wrestling teams and the general schedule and ticket buying info, it has very little useful content. I cannot believe well into the 21st century a website about a 9-day World Championship does not have any results, medal counts or live updates! The news section is a bunch of useful anecdotes, mostly centered around the home team or the venue. No link to the individual countries' wrestling federations. No stats. Not even talking about the "best move of the day", "biggest upsets" or anything else a tad more advanced, but even the basic updates... Nothing!
  4. judaspriest

    Adam Coon has a great draw

    I am not a Greco expert either but agree with you. Kamal Bey got a pretty decent draw and bracket as well looks like. With any luck, there will be some medals in Greco this year...
  5. Why would we want to? Are we Italy? Spain? Bahrain? Canada? The US has a very competitive national wrestling scene; may not dominate the world like the Russians (Dagestanis and, to a lesser degree, Ossetians) do but certainly in no need to add imports just to boost up the team a bit (while denying a bunch of US kids the spot). Now, supplementing the coaching staff with some external expertise would be a diff story. Beloglazov would be one example...
  6. judaspriest

    All 10 medalists...greatest team ever?

    Incredible team and great results, I agree but they aren't exactly all young bucks (due to folkstyle or Olympic weights cut down to 7 or whatever): Burroughs - 30 Taylor - 27 Dake - 27 Stieber - 27 Colon - can't find stats, assuming he is about 26 Green - 25 Gwyz - 25 Gilman - 24, relatively young Cox - 23, relatively young Snyder - 22, young (I might be off by a year here or there but this is the ballpark)
  7. judaspriest

    Who would have thought??

    Also, looked far better than Dake in the final. I was expecting fireworks from Dake but he totally shut down. Still, a win is a win and I am super happy for team USA!
  8. judaspriest

    Russian Coach

    UWW, despite being quite young, is already as corrupt as all the rest
  9. judaspriest

    Our singlets - yuck

    Ugly singlets, awesome action by those wearing them! Forget the ugly singlets and just keep going!! Russia has been in the same situation for a number of years lately - ugly brownish (with some bizarre Alien nest - styled pattern on their warmups) and yet they've been doing pretty well despite (even in the completely disastrous 2017). They seem to have changed that this year. Who knows, this may even help to throw off fashion-sensitive competitors, esp. among the women
  10. judaspriest

    Mix up the two bronze medal brackets!

    That wouldn't be bad either. But the current system of nearly random seeding is bound to create lopsided nonsense unless an adjustment of some sort is put in. I don't buy the argument that they are trying to be intentionally unfair but certainly very far from perfection. Thinking of a better seeding system, it is easy to criticize the one they have in place (as I do) but it's not easy to come with a better one either. For example, the one at the NCAAs is far more subjective and is (rightly) complained about every year - it would never work at the international level where politics and corruption would make it impossible to implement
  11. judaspriest

    97kg Discussion

    No, I am talking about Dzhambulat Tedeev, Russian head coach, not Elbrus Tedeev, his cousin (and world and olympic champ who was wrestling for Ukraine and benefited from FILA shenanigans to get past Kolat). Dzhambulat Tedeev pushed a ref today during the final vs. Cuba
  12. judaspriest

    USA wrestling 4 weight classes 4 medals.

    I hope Taylor's record of dominance only stands unbeaten for 1 day - Dake has a chance to exceed it if he wins tomorrow.
  13. judaspriest

    97kg Discussion

    A lovely bunch they are, esp. Tedeev who pushed a ref to better get his point across
  14. judaspriest

    Gwiazdowski takes third.

    Only in comparison (to the Russians at other weights and other Russians heavies over the years and to the Iranian he was facing) I think Gwyz against that guy would have been a far more competitive bronze medal match that Gwyz wouldn't have won without breaking a sweat. But certainly a lousy performance by their standards from their heavy
  15. Best of luck to Green but he is in a crazy bracket and his Russian is very tough...