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  1. I'm out of the loop, why did all these Dake Taylor threads sprout up? Is it all one big joke or....
  2. The fact that my fellow Oklahoman (little guy with man body) Ladd Rupp took a period off Dake.... Makes this result all the more insignificant hahahaha but I love it
  3. "since starting college" The OP is just a really big Dake fan and wanted to hear Dake praise
  4. I really assumed you meant against other competition. But yes I think everyone knows Dake owns DT H2H
  5. I didn't get to complete my thought, somebody came in and started a conversation. (So I just hit send) But I like what you added, I knew all the matches were close but never more than 5pts wow that's insane
  6. Kurugliev looks so much more equipped when he wrestles them, but a lesser JB/Dake situation if you can't beat your countryman
  7. Yeah those would be totally relevant guys to bring up.
  8. I meant to quote "minnow is minnow". But I'm guilty of feeling like I should smile and typing "lol"... This was a genuine lol, I had to verify so he'd know I wasn't a fraud
  9. I love it ! Man that's a tough team
  10. I generally hate the idea of adding weights, but a 215/220 seems like a great move for both NCAA and developing bodies for our senior team.
  11. Hahah he'll be a 141 lifer I'd guess. Lol y'all really hate how much Fartsmeller cut. It had to the extra 8lbs that year, not the heavy drug and alcohol use ...
  12. I think he needs to limit the "wrestling", which I assume you mean diving in on DTs legs, for his gas-tank absolutely. But position, holding center, forcing your opponent to the edge.... That is wrestling, and that had him the lead with short time left. Yes DT ended up getting a TD but why was he allowing the "wrestling" to be limited. I think we are differing on what we consider wrestling.
  13. Hahahah sorry it bothers me. I mean if you can snag an underhook and run 100% of your opponents off the mat forcing them into taking a bad shot, getting out of position for an easy knee pick, or giving up the 1-pt pushout.... How much more dominant can you be ? I understand he doesn't want to abandon his bread and butter and get tangled up in a high-c in the middle of the mat with scrambly-a$$ MagicMan but why is that a bad thing? People are acting like he wasn't seconds away from a 2nd Olympic title.... Sigh* they're both great, just dominant in different ways .
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