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  1. spladle08

    Anthony Echemendia

    I haven't watched so completely talking out if my a$$, but.... you know how bad our senior mens team is on the world stage... actually all our levels of wrestling on the Greco World stage..... because we simply don't do it.... So I wouldn't put to much stock in a guy who has only practiced/wrestled freestyle/Greco his whole life, crushing our part time international-style athletes. That said.... it was a great performance
  2. Just saw you bolded the last part. Cruise control in: 1 or 2 takedowns and avoid engaging. Cruise control in: lack of action
  3. In your experience DT destroys people from relentless neutral attacks? Or on the mat action? Of the 2 who is better from neutral? If you saw DT winning would it be on the mat? How often does Cox get taken down/turned? I think Cox controls the bout on the feet and wins a low scoring affair like 3-1
  4. Elaborate? Cox is hella defensive. DT is a master scrambler and that is a tiring endeavour. DT kills people's gas tanks in scrambles..... What part of that Is ridiculous.
  5. I understand the thinking but Cox is just so positionally sound, I question Taylor's ability to get to his legs and create those positions he thrives in. We all know foreign wrestlers have that mentality of create action off your opponents shot and "getting to the legs" is usually only half the battle. I think that is a big factor in the rise of DT he's just so good in those scrambly situations it's just not fair, and its exhausting. If he can't create these spots with Cox. I see it being a cruise control victory.
  6. 100% agree. When I consider the matchups he could potentially have DT, MyMar, Nickal, Downey, Heflin, Zahid, I can see him winning on greatness + strength, or at least being very competitive But in no way, can I see him beating Cox. Bigger, stronger, faster, wrestling almost the same style ....he's just so damn good. I don't see anyone at 86kg beating him, but I do want to see Taylor's approach.
  7. Lol yea but when somebody says these 4 guys wont win an NBA title next year, Harden, Griffin, Kyrie, Tom Brady, even though its true. Its worth a "wrong sport" I agree though, doubt he makes it. But close 2nd to Cox wouldn't surprise me.
  8. spladle08

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    @Housebuye Well I would cheer him on but I'm from Oklahoma so I ride and die with Fix and Ringer :) Good luck though hope he comes in a very close 2nd :)
  9. I don't know his Dogu weight. Hopefully somebody can chime in. I just saw it circulated he was more than 2 under for Final X (I assume kg) He looks fit as ever, but 2 (lbs or kilos) under...seems dramatic for a guy as big as he appears. It doesn't really mean anything obviously, hell, maybe if he bumped up he would stay the size he is now, but you would think he would want to spend some time bulking to compete with bigger guys and get adjusted to that higher weight. It's so very hard on the ole gas tank the heavier you go. Lol the more I type the more I realize he is going down and I was silly a few months back when I made a similar thread
  10. spladle08

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Don't know why I thought he was on the '96 team, I'm steady looking at old Olympic results now. Thanks
  11. spladle08

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Yeah I mean he was "right there" 3 years ago but injures, lack of activity, so on and so fourth, I personally don't think he is a consistent top 4 at the weight anymore, so if he wins, it'll definitely qualify as a "dark horse" performance for me... but I think his "serious contender" days have come to an end.
  12. spladle08

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Yeah after Jr. Worlds definitely said he doesn't like freestyle and prefers folk then I think after NCAAs he said something about not wanting to do freestyle I'll find the exacts. Definitely surprising as his game is made for freestyle, but he likes what he likes. Sent from my SM-S260DL using Tapatalk
  13. spladle08

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Nice mention, I don't know why he had escaped my "list of contenders/Darkhorses" probably because he is in there with juggernauts but that said, he is head and shoulders above his age group. Will be interesting how he does with the next year of preparation for wrestling men, and possibly making the team (I would assume he takes an Olympic SHirt)... He wrestled some senior level stuff last year or the year before right? Always hard to decide how much credit to give a kids results while still in HS. #OneToWatch I'm telling you, the kid is very hard to score on, and has enough offense of his own.. The weight has some greats at it, but would just be neat if he came out and made the team like winning the title this year.
  14. spladle08

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    and again, this guy slipped up SOOOOOO BADDDDDD that he gave a teenager a shove, hard enough to knock him back what 4 inches? Ban him from wrestling! Lol yall are being silly, he didn't fly off the hinges to the point of abuse.... he messed up, let him apologize and it's over.