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  1. spladle08

    Takuto Otoguro

    Absolutely, but I guess when a favorite dominates it's always "expected' That said: we were streaming it in our FB group and I made the comment, "Hopefully Snyder has been playing opossum, because Sad seems unbeatable and Snyder seems like he belongs with the rest of the field, but he always wins so I'm holding out hope".... After a 1min pin, I was like "Nobody is beating Sadulav for a long time... Overall most dominate performance if we wrestle that tourney 10x, give me Sad all day baby. but.... Well there is no "but..." for a second I lost track of what we were comparing, but for overall dominance Sad was the award winner, Surprise Champion give me Sidakov or Otoguro All the other weights had pretty good competition with no otherworldly performances.
  2. spladle08

    Takuto Otoguro

    I think knocking off 3 separate gold medalists on your way to your first gold deserves the biggest tip of the cap, but I guess it's all opinion. Otoguro's only real noteworthy win of the tourney was Chakeav right or am I missing one??
  3. spladle08

    Takuto Otoguro

    Add in Tsabolov just to make his team... dude had a hell of a run
  4. spladle08

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    I talked about this before, but as I said then I will say now, his defense is offense, so when he gets a guy he can't score on, he has a lot of trouble not being scored on himself. It currently just doesn't translate to senior level success, if he can get that defense looking a little nicer, his ability to throw is other worldly, he COULD definitely be a force. Just not as currently constructed
  5. spladle08

    Enjoy the current US overall lead...

    Greco program doesn't get enough credit for consistency, it's never been a roller-coaster of expectations, that's hard to do
  6. spladle08

    Dake = Dynamic

    I So again, yes they won a world title, and I couldn't be happier, but also again I wish the weights were uniform year round, regardless of year. I think this would cause other countries to focus more on getting a great representative at those weights (and ourselves). I'm not saying they purposefully throw lesser wrestlers out there, I think a lot of athletes just stay at the Olympic weights and it looks like our situation when we had Dake/Taylor/JB all fighting each other. Yes I think the "non olympic" weights lacked depth, yes I am pumped we capitalized on that and brought home 2 golds, No I am not saying our wrestlers suck, again I was the only person saying "Cox can win gold this year"... I was just saying hold of on anointments, and just enjoy the rest of the tournament.... Greco is up, and doing GReco things
  7. spladle08

    Dake = Dynamic

    I was saying, I would like to see these weights at the Olympics or not at all. Either have 6 weights for both events or have 10 for both events. Shifting from 6 to 10 and back is ridiculous, and if there were 10 every year, the weights would develop, but as is, the most talented guys stay at the Olympic weights (for the most part) to condition their bodies, and become use to the competition.
  8. spladle08

    USA freestyle recap

    I was explaining this too somebody else, that the talent tries to get to the Olympic weight and get acclimated to the everything about it, world medals at non-Olympic weights are nice but much easier to come by, I just with it was uniform and the only thing that separated World and Olympic competition was how often you got to try each.
  9. spladle08

    Dake = Dynamic

    Congrats on the title, I mean Hasanov isn't top 3 in the USA.... The non-Olympic weights are always interesting Same with Cox (who I referenced a few weeks ago, should be mentioned as a possible champion, in that bold predictions thread) The non-olympic weights just lack depth. I'd like to see them developed into Olympic weights or just done with. I feel like the frequency of chances to win a world medal should be the only thing that differs between "Worlds" and "Olympics", again not crapping on these guys accomplishments, just saying pump the brakes, both may not even make the team in 2020. I just wish the weights were uniform for all events regardless of year. Cheers to the ever so versatile Kyle Dake
  10. spladle08

    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    For Gold? James Green 8.3% (Can lose to 6 guys at the weight, losing his separation) Jordan Burroughs 30% (Chamizo gets the other 30%, the remaining 40% can be spread across the 4 other wrestlers who could easily be finalist) Kyle Dake 30% (First worlds, been dominated by #1 seed go go ) David Taylor 40% (Yazdani, and a game Torreblanco, keep it below 50/50) Kyle Snyder 40% (looked semi vulnerable this year, and Sadulaev is a murderer Nick Gwiazdowski 5.5%  (would need a miracle)
  11. spladle08

    World Championships 2018 - Bold Predictions

    Have you noticed nobody every predicts Cox in the finals? I don't think he will win it and his "lack of urgency" style, makes it impossible to make it a confident prediction but if we are just yelling things out. COX-GOLD Most of the other predictions here seem to be more, observations than bold predictions. Deep in my gut I feel like one of Dake/Taylor won't medal, and if it happens I will be interested in the slew of posts that develop about how the repechage system screwed one or the other.
  12. spladle08

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Disappointing so far Warner has been eliminated.... Deprez should be pulled back in, I think Saunders has a chance, hoping Lewis sneaks into the finals... rough day Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. spladle08

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Lump me in with that group. I thought Lee would take some lumps early due to his size....I had totally forgotten about those conversations... kid is a destroyer of worlds though. So I'm feeling a Gold Silver and Bronze out of the group. Gable still has a Gold with his name on it Lewis/Warner could easily catch fire and snag a medal. Not feeling it for Saunders and I simply dont know who Deprez is w
  14. spladle08

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Team is looking so saucey.... I'm very impressed.
  15. spladle08

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Bey misses out on a medal, taking 5th with an 8-1 loss lets hope Schultz can snag one