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  1. Oh yes 5 medals I agree is very optimistic I guess I was saying with the right draw i could see everyone but Miracle being a finalist, with the wrong draw, I think Mensah-Stock and Adeline are the only real "locks" for medals.... So for a realistic floor I think I'd be disappointed with only 2. I think between Helen/Jaccara/Sarah they produce a medal more often than not so I'm hopeful for 3-4 range... And my wildly optimistic hope is that we somehow get 5 of 6 competitors on the podium (which would still only be good enough for 2nd as you mentioned) These Olympics better not get cancelled
  2. The women should have a salty team. Feels like 5 medals... (I'd I missed somebody tell me). Obviously could be a lot of non-Gold, but a very high floor. 50kg Hildbrandt 53kg Jacarra 57kg, Helen 62kg, Miracle? 68kg Mensah-Stock 76kg. Grey
  3. I don't know the seeding criteria domestically, or if these smaller events really factor in with the top guys.... I do know World Team Member trumps Spanish Grand Prix champ... And so on.. but maybe you're onto something when we get down to those lower seeds, guess I hadn't considered how important that could be for their self-esteem
  4. If it's a ranking series event I'm 99.34% sure they use the actual weights.... All of these exhibition matches or non-point scoring tournaments. Have no effect on rankings.... Making weight is obviously difficult at this level and the extra 1-3kg helps tournaments attract a few more guys. No harm
  5. Lol Colin McGregor, come on man ;) And 27 fights in 12 years is a good pace... With injuries and other things 2 fights a year is average... Lastly MMA is centered around being good in a number of disciplines (one can make up for your deficiencies in another).... So as far as posting positive results, it's easier to last longer than in single discipline sports where you have to be the absolute best in the world
  6. My gut initially said "we gotta count John Smith, sucks I don't think he will even make the finals... Good problem to have"
  7. And by competitive I don't mean he is close to top 5 right now.... I just wonder if he is somebody who we think can emerge as our future 97kg...
  8. @moodybooty I don't think the win in any way changes his (perceived) chances against the top 2 guys.... But the way in which it was done, and his youth... does change my expections against the next tier down.... Moore, Zilmer, Gadson and such... I think he's competitive. @housebuye yeah super early, guess I just like the trajectory.... Straight out of highschool and looking savy.... we are just so shallow at the weight (as far as who could take the reigns in the future) ... Guess Ferrari will have something to say at some point.... I wonder what our team will look like in 2024 or maybe 2028 is more reasonable for this whole squad to be done.
  9. Thoughts? Fresh out of HS and on a mission. Of course he isn't beating Snyder or Cox anytime soon but impressive whoopin of a decent Brucki.... Might he be an emerging threat at 97kg?
  10. And you think they don't want to join the community because they'd have to understand the scoring?
  11. You think 99% of the wrestling community don't understand a criteria win in Freestyle? That feels off.... But If we are just talking about the youth community or something maybe.... Anyways, neat estimation
  12. Not a big story at all. But I'm glad he looks great. I personally never doubted the weight management side of his journey
  13. I think he is saying "no" because any wrestling fan with common sense sees a 4-4 win and says "he won on criteria" not "is this a typo" . But I guess if some person who was not interested in wrestling happened to see a score they would have to have it explained to them. But I don't think their interest would be any greater if they say 5-4 on paper
  14. Yeah as stated above Gadzhiyev was the 7-0 followed by a pin..... His 2 quick techs don't really say anything, those just weren't "world level" wrestlers. The Gadz win though... Was super impressive, but he wasn't going to lose that match. Dake's a 2x world champ who is brilliant... I don't think we learned much
  15. Are you talking about this recent tourney? I think you're referencing Yainni's results while typing Dake and Dake's weight.... The weight was really light (the other 2 opponents being Spain and Finesilver) but the Gadzhiyev crushing was definitely notable* I expected that to be a convincing win but not a throttling in the first period... I'd say he's wrestling at his level (so far) *(didn't wrestle a finals match)
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