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  1. spladle08

    Oklahoma St

    Been preaching this since before the season started, and even more-so now that its been proven. Brock's style isn't as effective up a weight, and Gfeller CAN WIN MATCHES. I dont care if Brock has his number in the room. Or if Boo does.... the most effective line up starts Picc-Fix-Gfeller-Boo.... but yeah Weigels points are so sad to lose. but potential for 8 AA's maybe a couple finalist, they will be in the mix for second, depending on how other teams preform. The lack of potential champions though is the biggest problem, Fix/Picc/JoJo all seem like they "could" win, but only give Fix a realistic shot. Iowa has Lee. in my opinion only Lee (I dont think they end up with another finalist) Ohio State has Mymar and I guess Moore (but im not sold) Mckenna is pretty likely a finalist, not Jordan, Yeah just going to come down to performances. would be a super exciting team race if Penn State wasnt there.
  2. spladle08

    Let's Scuffle (brackets out)

    Pretty excited. Thanks for the link!
  3. spladle08

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    He caught Snyder in a silly move. It resulted in a pin, but he did that to nobody else..... and not trying to say you're trashing Cox, just giving Saduleav too much credit. Too be determined Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  4. spladle08

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Agree to disagree my friend. If the match ever happens though and I can get you to bet even money on Saduleav by pin/tech. I'll take Cox win or lose by decision, all day. You're really undervaluing the world champ Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. spladle08

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Lol you must not be a gambler. Very few things are +10000 I would say he'd be closer to +400 (4/1) lol 100/1 what are you smoking
  6. I think he goes up and tries to take out Snyderman, rather than going down and trying to keep up with the gas tank that is David Taylor.... Thoughts? Obviously every other year we are strongest with Dake/Cox filling those extra weights. But Olympic year, I think Cox gets the job done up a weight, Give me input.
  7. spladle08

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    I said it before worlds, Cox can beat ANYONE IN THE WORLD when he decides to wrestle..... Wouldn't be surprised if he goes up and takes out Snyderman, rather than stay down and have to deal with super-shape DT.
  8. spladle08

    Joe Smith

    "plastics".... thank you, lol when people call them sauna suits or sweat suits, I don't know why it bothers me, PLASTICS damnit. I used to run 5-8 miles every morning before school in em,... tried to run 5-8 blocks as an out of shape adult the other day wearing some..... thought I was going to die 2 minutes in. Not an old mans game.
  9. spladle08

    Aaron Brooks to Wrestle Midlands

    In an interview he said he had been taking it seriously and training wrestling full time for awhile now, said his weight was down and he hadnt been doing MMA at all... when I heard that, I thought, damn he was trying to genuinely win, but he said with ufc contract he wasnt sure if he would still wrestle, but I was an initial doubter of how well he would do.... knowing he was this into it.... wouldve liked for him to compete.
  10. spladle08

    Cornell's Logjam at 133

    149 isn't the percieved gauntlet 141 is but Kolidzik, Jordan, Leeth, and Ashnault are some tough cookies. I'll take em over any lighter guys bumping up. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  11. spladle08

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Yeah I just assumed he lost a wrestle-off I just wondered what weight, or was their injury, all those things
  12. spladle08

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Is that how severe it is? I didn't realize, I'm hoping he gets his shot for the year. I should know more about this, but my Oklahoma source for news is acting like he is guarding damn national secrets. Whats the deal with Joe Smith? Heard anything
  13. spladle08

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Can I also add. Gfeller should start over Brock. Brock may be able to beat him in the room, but that comes when you regularly wrestle somebody. But as far as vs the rest of the nation.... Give me Gfeller all day!
  14. spladle08

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    No doubt 133 is as deep as it gets. That said, I don't think there is anything "New" to it being competitive AF (Main reason I said Desanto wouldnt AA last year, he got close though) Last year had: Micic, Gross, Mueller, McKee, Brock, Desanto, Bridges, Pletcher, Wilson, Tereo, Forys, Parker, Gustafson, Erneste, etc..... Last year I think I liked 165 for having the most competitive top 10, but 133, after the top 2 you had about 15 guys you couldn't "Count out" for AA honors last year. In a separate group I'm in, people are saying RBY should be in the top 10, I'm like "no doubt is he a talent, but have you seen the weight, it's terrifying"
  15. spladle08

    Takuto Otoguro

    Absolutely, but I guess when a favorite dominates it's always "expected' That said: we were streaming it in our FB group and I made the comment, "Hopefully Snyder has been playing opossum, because Sad seems unbeatable and Snyder seems like he belongs with the rest of the field, but he always wins so I'm holding out hope".... After a 1min pin, I was like "Nobody is beating Sadulav for a long time... Overall most dominate performance if we wrestle that tourney 10x, give me Sad all day baby. but.... Well there is no "but..." for a second I lost track of what we were comparing, but for overall dominance Sad was the award winner, Surprise Champion give me Sidakov or Otoguro All the other weights had pretty good competition with no otherworldly performances.