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  1. More than the horsepower. When guys can match your strength and are that much longer than you, everything else becomes more difficult.
  2. Yeah Frank is a 65kg... he kind of got away with 70kg but wasnt world class. Def to small for 74kg.... all about body type and at 5'5 overall your options are limited
  3. Yeah im hoping some videos emerge...or at least a detailed write-up...im nearing the end of a 12 hour drive. College football and result hunting soon.
  4. Mehki and Ty both lose in the semis.... dangit!!
  5. Looks like Mehki to the semis with a 7-0 win... he isn't techin guys but he isnt giving up points and getting stronger as he progresses. Encouraging
  6. Спортивная борьба Дагестана. Wrestdag.ru Having trouble copying the link from twitter on my phone but they have results in the thread. In pure Russian lol but its something
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