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  1. Lol they'll be up within 30 min you know that Mike P... Good look today I'm cheering for y'all.
  2. Well it's upon us . Let's talk crap and be shocked when Maple beats Lee ;) . #Cheers everyone Bring on the upsets
  3. He's just not beating JB. But also I'm an Oklahoma guy so always cheering for him
  4. Oh nice I didn't realize this. .... Suriano from the top rope!!!! I wish. You think we will get any surprises?
  5. Fortunate/unfortunate... That's what I was saying, he did show up and did win and for his troubles he gets a difficult-ish draw . But I think the top 4 all advance to semis US Open Champ auto 1 seed is silly but thems the rules .
  6. Hey thanks :) so as the 1 seed Maple will have the most difficult path of the top 4 to make the Semis .... congrats! But the rest are seemingly very predictable techs
  7. I hope you're right. I prefer Henderson's wide open style. There will be points either way but I tend to favor the stronger defensive guy. It's a great first round match.
  8. The more you know! Henderson is always down for an "upset" Lugo feels like the Pants of 65kg (maybe not as much as a contender and slightly more offense oriented) But just a solid wrestler and strong defensively, so I have a hard time predicting who will beat them unless it's just a clear talent disaprity situation. Could beat most but several could also beat them so... Lugo is the favorite to me but 0 surprise if Henderson gets him . (Same with Pantaloons vs anyone at 70kg... Cept JO ;) )
  9. So we are guessing Lugo ? Cause I think he gets by Henderson (although Hendy is clearly capable)... I think Maple is the clear favorite there, but we all have our opinions. Draw up these brackets already
  10. I get ya ... But I don't think anyone predicted him winning the bracket. I think he's great (for what it's worth) but he had a couple good wins and then no other results for a full year and people are like "you have no idea, he really put up some backside points one time .... He's the rep" He's great and I think he could be the rep but I just need to see more. I mean I picked him as the making final X ... I'm not saying he's chopped liver. But also it's a result of y'all's fandom that I picked him, I really wanted to call the upset by old man Maple.
  11. I know Lee looked good on the backside once against wrestlers who's dreams were just dashed but I don't know if that makes me think he's made that many leaps... Haha we can definitely talk nonsense when it comes .... He's my finals pick but I'll still be cheering for Maple .
  12. Solid take! I think he's right there, he's my pick this year .
  13. Harder with the field getting deeper or current guys improving
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