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  1. Nick Lee has looked super stellar, but man Mckenna just seems made for Freestyle, I would like to see the match either way!
  2. I thought that same thing. I thought '"I wonder if Lugo can even make 143"... then I saw JO looking enormous... and thought: "yeah no sweat"
  3. I just re-watched, without a kid draped over me lol, Lugo looked all of 160lbs lol but anyways. Onto* the Flo event in a month
  4. Hahaa I feel all the shame. :( Lugo looked strong and that defense was on point. @nhs67 I was under the impression there were no weigh-ins for this, but if Lugo can look that solid at 65kg hes gonna be tough. @Gantry Lugo was always a tough dude to take down so I figured it might be low scoring, but he showed some things, wil be interesting to see how he looks down to weight, could pull an upset or 2, or look like James Green Im just excited to have competition back.
  5. I dont want to see any former greats, smudge their legacy with a TF loss to a 2nd or 3rd tier current guy.
  6. He has found a way to pull out a W against a ton of tough hombres and its truly impressive. Hopefully he's spent the last few months upping his game. This year its all JO though. And I'm also not convinced your horse can beat McKenna or Retherford consistently, going to be a tough ask to make the team
  7. Thanks for being reasonable :) It'll be a great match! Look forward to discussing after! #Cheers
  8. Its crazy we have so many seemingly top tier guys who CAN beat the top world level guys, but beating 2 or 3 in a row seems literally IMPOSSIBLE 57kg kind of the same boat, but the weight overall isn't as deep so beating 1 or 2 likely lands you in the finals. I hope we start seeing consistent World Medal threats emerge from 57kg-70kg in the coming years. (and i hope we don't lose any possible killers to MMA) Not sure how much longer KD, DT, JC, Snyderman, will go, but itll be a shame to see them leave. I think a couple of saddening retirements will happen after this quad but life goes on
  9. He's going to be a muscled up mini horse right? I don't see the strength being an issue. Length maybe but it's always been. I think he's going to be a real problem for most. I think the way JO is able to get-to and finish that double will be a problem for him, but the rest of the guys Im not seeing it. If Lugo beats him Sunday, I will retire from pre-match analysis for at least 30minutes.
  10. Hmmm I will have to re-watch some of his matches. Maybe I am over-remembering his scrambliness, I just didnt remember him as a "Clean" finisher He was always a hammer on top, but that cross-wrist stuff is tough to get to in FS matches against decent guys (Belly out and wait) People always says "FS is garbage because 30 sec leg lace techs ALWAYS happen" but... the GOOD guys arent getting rolled up often, if at all... It usualy comes down to takedowns and AA is a tough task on his feet. I do remember them being close when they did wrestle back then... hell I will jump on wrestle-stats let me look... 1st meeting 10-1 2nd 5-1 3rd 8-7 So it got closer, but as you said it was 2017 and AA did win them all. Lugo isnt a small 49 right? Maybe this first BTS will give us a little insight as to where Pletcher is at. 2017 NCAA's although theyre definitely both different athletes today
  11. 100% understand how you feel! Back in 16 or 17 whenever that was AA did get the best of that matchup and is a talent... his pace and top game will definitely make for some quick techs in freestyle. Size is an interesting question mark for me as well and may come into play here, but ultimately they will wrestle the same weight and I had my doubts about Pletcher in his move back up to 41 but he seemed strong and Im sure he's added size since the NCAA season.... I've always liked his (Pletchers) neutral game for Freestyle, his defense is super solid, not a lot dancing, moves forward and is hard to get out of position. Conversely AA is a little more dancy, let me get in on a leg and my superior scramble skills will win out most of the time. In freestyle Im always reluctant to give these guys a very high ceiling. Domestically we have Yainni and DT that really thrive with that style but differently than AA.... I mean maybe he has a sick cross wrist series that he will be able to use to run up the score, but given Pletcher's more "open" offense we saw this year, the scarcity of turns in freestyle, AAs limited freestyle experience, and the push-out point..... gimme Pletcher by 3 or 4 points... If he gets crushed though, we can definitely revisit this .sorry if this was too cluttered with nonsense....busy at work and tried to speed through it
  12. I thought he was going 41 and Yainni was trying to add some meat at 49* Anyway, Eireman is ok but Lee is better... I'd say Eireman finishes 4th before he wins it.... we shall see
  13. If everything goes right for Eierman he has a real shot at 2nd as a senior, before MMA and such... hope he gets it
  14. Yeah dude was talented enough to win the spot under less than ideal conditions, interested if he will thrive with the changes.
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