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  1. You guys are having some fun. :) Beef-Cake is the worst thing you can call a dude! I don't like the idea of that match-up, with Taylor being so significantly bigger, feels like a recipe for injury, especially with DT's style. But.... I do respect their hustle, talk a little trash, wrestler a hard 6, and cash a fat check. After Chamizo/Dake's pay... how could you resist.
  2. Of those listed give me Deakin. But if I you told me somebody was going to tech* the entire bracket, I'd assume Valencia found his HS form!
  3. All I'm saying is 57 65 Burroughs Taylor Cox Gable Makes heck of an Olympic Squad. Still really excited for that Chamizo vs JB final, and Cox vs Sad. Does Yaz have the lungs to put together a full match vs DT? Has Gable improved enough to take an Olympic medal? Is anyone going to give Zare the respect he deserves, or will somebody always say "Mason Parris caught him in a dump, he literally can't be better than anyone" SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS
  4. They were both weaker, which is part of the "non-olympic weights" however, we have some serious talent there, so we think they have a good shot at the weights they have chosen. Cox is never making 86kg again, but it doesnt discount the fact that he was (and still is) a talent. Of course the weigh-in rules have effected where people compete. If we are just saying current DT has evolved that much. DT isnt beating JB at 74kg under current weigh-in rules. If you're implying past Cox, who did make the weight isnt beating DT in that old match (if the weighin rules were different), theres a strong chance he may of never even competed down a weight.
  5. I would like to see him vs both, but I would be hard pressed not to bet on Cox... Dake is likely walking around significantly smaller. but yeah, I love what DT brings to the mat, but I just think it's more suited to surprise foreigners. I can't ignore what he did to Mymar, and if he does it to Ringer or Zahid, I'll probably start wavering, but if he wrestles Cox at some Flo Event.... Show me the money!
  6. I think he is saying they competed at the same weight, at the same time, so it's hard to say he is somehow better than Cox (which is clearly implied when saying "He's done something Cox was unable to do") for achieving something at a later date when Cox was absent. If we are going by the time they were both there: "They both failed to win a Gold medal." If we are just arguing just whenever.... who has won a gold at the weight: Yes Taylor has won a World Gold at 86kg something Cox was unable to do during his attempts. I haven't read the whole thread but @nhs67 lol you're better than this. @Crotalus isn't even being rude. Lets get over these semantics and cruise on!
  7. As it always should be #Cheers!
  8. Well said man. I think you hit the nail on the head
  9. So real talk: Does anyone see him rising above Bellator name who only has a following because we know him from wrestling? Think of the quality of wrestlers who never make the UFC (or still havent)
  10. I got in an argument Freestyle/Folkstyle, (Rules) in a Facebook group last night. Their main argument was "Freestyle rules promote flopping like a fish to score points by luck" The argument soon devolved into how much of a "pu$$y and flopper" I was myself. I clicked on their profile and it was just racism and hate (which soon followed in the rhetoric )..... so I deleted my contribution to the thread (Which deleted the argument) Then I glanced at the forum (for some real wrestling conversation) before bed, and I saw this and thought.... "There's no way, this is about me".... but I was scared for 10 seconds Either way, wonderful timing. Really did have me stewin.
  11. The "destroys" was a joke Not sure of your age but the "JK" stood for "Just kidding" I would favor Cox (Who leads the series obviously) in a rematch, and I'm hoping we see it at one of these FLO events... depending on their technical difficulties.... but until then, we shall have fun speculating.
  12. Also neat factoid, Taylor fans are unable to accept "close match" or "toss up" with DT vs Anyone.... DT wins by Tech or Pin, or you're a moron.... I hate this logic..... Dake fans were the same way.... sooo glad he wrestled Chamizo
  13. I mean "Owning people" in 2020.... doesn't fly. He should've used "Destroys on the scoreboard" JK JK.... but real talk. Taylor doesn't beat Cox or Dake. But he is great.
  14. So admittedly, I haven't read through this entire thread (like I should've before responding). So I'm sure somebody has already mentioned this: While anyone with half a brain would think "Saduleav is too strong, fast, huge, technically sound, etc...." ( it was 100% my initial reaction, just a vision of DT getting rag dolled around the mat, like each Yazdani match early, but more-so.) We gotta give a little recognition to his circumstances. He is a bit of a baby/wussy/whatever, when it comes to losing and I dont think he would call out somebody he isnt confident he could beat. He used to be modest and silent, now he is all about "I'm the best in the world and I aim to dominate everyone in my path"... I understand he is trying to manufacture extra respect for his brand, but I hate it (Which doesnt matter, completely respect the guy, just hate the antics).... He trains with Snyder, and what this tells me... is he probably beats Snyder easily, and he wants to cement his claims of being unbeatable in the eyes of the public, and how better to prove this than beating the guy we consider the best wrestler in the world. Obviously Cox said "lets see who's the best in America".... I don't know if that'll ever happen but I would guess not, because it ruins his (DT's) whole hype train when he loses (I genuinely think he loses that match) I believe he handles Snyder, and has faith he can "gas" the Tank. (This also amplifies my belief in J'den over Snyder.... deep read) Just my 2cents....
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