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  1. I fully agree and expect him to be at 33 but.... As far as NCAA expectations go, 33 or 41 I don't see much of a change in Championship probability. I think 41 would be more beneficial to his international career (which he may not pursue) but yeah as far as team construct would go. I'd prefer them both in the line up.
  2. I hadn't heard any rumors (I was keeping up with Super 32 and was like "wonder what's going on in college ") ......but yeah, Seabass looked adequate at 65kg , a little thick but adequate. .... 133 is clearly ideal. But 125 just seems so out of the realm of possibility, I didn'tknow he posted something semi-cryptic. Figured it was just Jimmy C doing Jimmy C things. I don't know where Seabass goes though. 133-141 are full of tough guys, I'm not sure cutting puts him in a better situation, and if he's going to be 65kg next level .... Might as well stay at 41.
  3. ****Decides to scroll the college boards*** "Seabass to 125 wtf is this ridiculousness" *Sees Jimmy C's name ..... Damnit ..... He's elite level trolling, between him and NJ Dan ..... . Razor thin contest .
  4. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/October/21/Humphrey-brothers-in-Veterans-World-finals-in-freestyle
  5. Thanks for chiming in. Appreciate the info. I don't think we ever switch to freestyle obviously but I really wasn't sure if the other countries kind of kept with the "college" structure during those developmental years. Russia/Japan reminded me I'm all about stereotypes. Clearly we think of any Asians and assume schooling and discipline are too of the heap. Russians are clearly dangerous tough guys. So it's easy for me to imagine Japan having similar if not tougher school/career requirements. While Russia is just a bunch of cavemen who live to grapple. I'm going to have to take some time tomorrow and learn a little more about the sport/school interaction in a all the top countries .
  6. Clearly if we did freestyle full time we would have better freestylers but... Do you think our youth (Teens) would be able to seriously compete, like Russia's men or Japan's women. Or is that a reflection of having the freedom to be fully dedicated to the sport for forever. (Clearly I assume Russian men and Japanese women have limited obligations outside of wrestling) That's a better question. In other countries do you become, essentially a (developing) "pro wrestler" a lot younger.... or are the kids developing into alternate careers just as we are here? I feel dumb for asking but I genuinely don't know the answer as far as school/social demands vs athletic dreams.
  7. The beers are weighing on me and I'm trying to finish some work before I pass out in 1hr :) +4.5 continually seemed too easy. Let's go 1 match. (I fully expect DT to win, so the spread is where I was/am living.) :) I am open to any future propositions though! (When I'm more clear headed) #LetsGo #Cheers @bnwtwg
  8. (Obviously duration of bouts set before first bout takes place)
  9. Feel like that leaves me too much of an out. I'll go as many times as @bnwtwg wants to go through the 2024 trials.
  10. You're awesome btw. Good Wager!
  11. Oh well now that we have that! Deal!
  12. So the whole thing was Zahid has done cocaine so he will not touch DT? Fair. Either way. I'd of been down for the $100 ;) Also (NFL Beers, forgive me)
  13. Deal. Unlike the Sig Bet, this one I'll collect on . Zahid +5 vs DT, anytime it happens in an actual tournament/wrestle-off ? Is 5pts enough to cover the "Rolled up"?
  14. Also thanks for sharing this! Proves a lot moving forward
  15. God I hate to do this, but heres proof that nobody can improve
  16. Don't fanboy too hard. We all know Bo is a unique match-up and can pull off a win like that anytime. Give the Zahid some credit for teching multiple senior world medalists over the past 2 years. And like DT said, "These aren't easy matches, stop acting like they are" :)
  17. Is Vito not going 33, and Mini Diakomihalis 25? I'm so clueless . Anyways knees, wheelchair. Prosthetic arm. I'm assuming Lee wins the Natty
  18. Snyderman already has 3 World/Olympic Silvers. Who has the most silvers in American history ? Lots could change moving forward but if he stays our rep. He could easily end up with 6+ would be a notable record (impressive even though not winning it all carries a negative connotation)
  19. Would be really cool. Can't believe he is only 25
  20. Yeah I hadn't been on this thread for a bit but 100. With everyone having endless film on the top guys. People transferring countries so they can compete. Mid career change in weigh-in policy. There are a ton of things to be said about staying on top in the current world of wrestling. Whether you're wrestling 2, 3, 4 matches doesnt matter, when comparing it to a much less competitive "Field"
  21. Same, well some minor excuse or something. He was clearly gassed at the Olympics. Cool to see him acknowledge he wasn't prepared. I thought we would either see the same Saduleav at worlds and if it was close Snyder would pull it out this time. Or Saduleav would want to make a point that he is clearly better and get more separation. Obviously Snyder had a bad semi's and it made us all a little skeptical. But yeah, he was just a different wrestler at the Olympics.
  22. Well again, not sure how many times I can say it. I expect Taylor to win the match . To your other point..... Taylor's legs aren't terribly hard to get to. Finishing is extremely difficult, especially for foreigners who aren't ready for the "little guy" wrestling DT gets into once you're there. Zahid however is a little guy turned big, and wrestles like it. Dake and Burroughs are better than DT on their feet, Zahid got to their legs.... Guess you're seeing something different than me.. dudes lightening fast. Again, I expect Taylor to win, but if Zahid turns out to be a terrible match-up for him and comes in with a gas-tank and just wins in 2 . I would not be surprised .
  23. Alright. I'm cool with blind fandom. Skillset wise (aside from the gas tank) I think his takedowns and "understanding of American scrambling" will be an obstacle for Taylor. He definitely could gas, but I can't envision Taylor running a TD clinic. To be clear I expect Taylor to win. But if Zahid was clearly better and won 2-0 in the best of 3 I'd be 0% shocked....
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