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  1. Yeah i just looked, they (he and Baev) wrestled back in the 2019 Yarygin. 2-2 criteria win for Gazi. Thanks for your take on the matchup. *do you think they will wrestle-off... or just make a decision they feel is best for the team. ?
  2. Screw this flu.... bird flu, swine flu, gimme dat lime flu... would go nice with my corona... Mountain meet molehill... the games go on.
  3. I guess I forgot JB isnt going to compete in any of the events. That said. Ok so he could get JB or Dake early.. lets say he loses... then what he likely wrestles for bronze.... I dont get where you say him medaling is dependent on draw ?
  4. As returning World Medalist Sidakov and JB have plenty of points, if Dake or Gazimagomedov become their teams rep sure he could have a real bad opening draw. Other than that who do you see taking him out early? I know Demirtas has gotten him once before a couple of years ago with that last second push-out. But i guess he's clear top 3 in the world to me (as in the last 2 World championships he has only lost to JB and Sidakov) and he has now won the last 2 euros at this weight (Bronze in 2017 as we discussed with the pushout) and you're implying he's only a medalist if he avoids a certain draw? Hate to say you're a hater.. but i mean... you're a hater
  5. Really good point, constantly dodges just enough to get the 1 seed, in a format that rewards competing. Hopefully our guys find this same loophole and don't compete enough to get the #1 this year.
  6. I don't think losing at a ranking series event takes any points away, same as not competing. But I do think winning the Euros was more important, and if he had nothing to gain from the Pellicone appearance, no need to risk further injury. Really would love to see him and Dake though, I think it'll be excellent when it happens.
  7. Wish we had some video of this recent Salas match
  8. I mean, he loses to Burroughs and Sidakov... wouldn't quite say "Shell of himself"
  9. Yeah we kind of talked about this in the other thread. I wouldn't be surprise of Gazi could beat Sidakov, he seems to beat everyone not named Chamizo (jk... kinda). He's a killer. I was hoping @sidakova4991 had some perspective on this, but don't think he has said anything yet. I know he had those knee issues, but Beat Baev at the Yarygin this year crushed everyone else, beasted everyone at the Euro's including Kentchadze (who's gives Sidakov fits) Has that crushing of Yazdani in the world finals (years ago)... I don't know... he's good, but who knows how he compares? Hopefully he gets a wrestle-off
  10. Let us never forget the first time they met, and the spectacle that was :) (His destruction of young Yazdani in that World final was also spectacular)
  11. I mean I don't know if he is head and shoulders above Sidakov, maybe @sidakova4991 can give us some inside knowlegde, but i've always thought he was one of Russia's best. Absolutely destroys people and it's great to watch.
  12. I am admittedly drinking Whiskey right now, so sorry if I double talk. It's a damn toss. I wont be surprised if either wins, and I wont be surprised if Sidakov wins everything for the next few years (You dont beat both Chamizo and JB in back to back worlds without having a crazily impressive skillset) I just think people are putting more stock in the (79kg) World Titles than they should when it comes down to JB vs KD h2h
  13. Just saw this and its reasonable. Was kind of my stance on Cox vs Bo last year. You can say, Bo did this or that to Zilmer and company, but then you have to say "Nobody in the world has been able to handle Cox, since he started, I don't see how people expect Bo to do it" Not 100% the same but nobody at the Olympic weight, has been able to beat Sidakov in well over a year and a half. Not anyone from Russia, not Tsabalov, not Chamizo, not JB (All had multiple attempts)... so regardless of how much of our minds say.... "Look Dake beat Hasanov he has to be able to beat this skinny completely different wrestler".... Our minds have to at some point go.... "Maybe I am selling this dude (Sidakov) short.".. I just think JB gets the spot, but neither winning will surprise me
  14. Haha this is the correct statement. I only take such a strong JB side, because Dake fans are so "It's clear cut"... It's not clear cut, and nothing Dake has done, not one match, suggests that. I think it's 50/50 and i would favor Burroughs on history alone. I've stated numerous times, I think Dake is the "Safer" choice, for a tournament format, because he tends to really control the action with his defense, and although matches are close he is never in danger in the early rounds. Then there is Burroughs... whether its confidence, cockiness, gameplan or whatever.... will wrestle a local highschool star to a 7-7 criteria match in the opening round or 2, but when its a returning world medalist, he may win by 4 or 5 points... it's how he has always been and apparently will continue to be. I know it's fun to say "We'll Dake crushes these cans at 79kg he will definitely crush people at 74kg" but it's just not the same. Very excited about the match, but hate the guys posting that Dake is already going to win. If they are right, they will say "Told you so" if they are wrong "Nobody is going to call them out"..... its just one of those posts. Anyways. Fix (30% confident) JO (50% confident) JB ( 60% confident) Taylor (70% confident) Cox (80% confident) Gable ( 50%)
  15. Yeah I'm confused how more people dont realize this
  16. There have been a ton of *upsets. I'm loving it
  17. I guess the idea that JB has decreased so much is maybe my main hang up. In 2 years he's dropped 1 to Chamizo like 11-10 or something wild 1 to Imar in a best of 3 where somebody (good) is training specifically for you (I do tip my cap to Dake for not dropping one to Ringer or Z) and 2 to Sidakov the 2x defending world champ at a "real weight" :) Yes 4 losses over 2 years is more than we usually expect from him, but he's wrestled more serious competition than Dake as well. No knock on Dake seriously but I think: "his improvement" and "JB's decline" are both drastically being overvalued
  18. Better yet.... even back when he was down a weight who consistently beat Dake not named Burroughs? I think people think the championships mean hes a different Dake
  19. Why has he gotten better? Because he consistently beats Ringer or Hasanov at a different weight?
  20. Excuse my hyperbole :) the grind of a whole tournament, probably give me Dake, that defense early on in a tourney while you get your legs under you is invaluable... last year I was saying there was a good chance JB would drop one of those first 2 bouts, because he just gives up 2 many points and is a slow starter in that format. (And they were solid guys) :) but A h2h where you know the huge threat your opponent presents, no looking ahead, it's all or nothing vs this one guy... give me JB. Hes clutch, hes talented, hes won in the past.... all the things... I do admit Dake feels safer in a tourney but I think he doesnt win the spot
  21. I'll never understand the current level of disrespect for the great JB but I'd wager he gets the spot. No disrespect to the Dake fans our there, but man... he had that real solid finals performance a few weeks ago, but all the previous bouts at the very same tournament you could watch and say "I'm not sure how he will look against JB"... it's weird how sometimes we latch onto a favorable result and form our opinion off that. There's no way JB is a big underdog going into this.. not a huge favorite but yeah... he wins
  22. J'den is beating Snyder that's without question. :) that said Since yall are discussing every other weight. If DT goes down to Zahid or Ringer... I wont be surprised in the slightest. DT makes his money with pace and awkward scrambling position. He 100% is great at forcing foriegn wrestlers into these folkstyle positions... I just could see it not working the same against Ringer and Zahid... not saying he will 100% lose just saying I like their chances of at the least being competitive
  23. Not dumb haha there's wrestling everywhere, matches can be missed :) I'm just a Fix homer so that performance left a bad taste.
  24. I'm new go the convo but Gilman beating Fix h2h at the Matteo doesnt factor?
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