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    spladle08 reacted to hammerlockthree in 92 Kg   
    if he gets covid from a gay reality star dating a prominent political figure on 4/20 we'll have something. 
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    spladle08 got a reaction from flyingcement in Seabass to 125   
    I fully agree and expect him to be at 33 but.... As far as NCAA expectations go, 33 or 41 I don't see much of a change in Championship probability. I think 41 would be more beneficial to his international career (which he may not pursue) but yeah as far as team construct would go. I'd prefer them both in the line up.
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    spladle08 reacted to flyingcement in Seabass to 125   
    After missing weight least year, I think I remember Goodale said that Alvarez would never be at 133 again - because he has actually grown a little (I think even in height) since starting college.  Given Alvarez is may be the third best wrestler on the team after Seabass and Jon Poz, I would think they would like to ensure all three are able to start.  Alvarez going up to 149 is a big jump and would displace Van Brill or someone else - probably not good for the roster.  I would be shocked if we saw Seabass at any weight other than 133 this season.  
    edit: I just took a look at the official Rutgers roster page for 2022 and it seems to reflect nothing of what I have written above.  Could be they are just waiting to update or I am just flat out wrong
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    spladle08 reacted to JasonBryant in Humphrey   
    Maybe the front page of the site of the forum you are reading?

    TheMat, UWW, Flo … well, those are three of the biggest wrestling sites in the world.

    IndianaMat, major news outlets retweeting the info on social platforms, my daily wrestling newsletter … if you were looking for it and didn’t see it, what do you actually look for on a daily basis?

    I’m asking sincerely, since if people can’t find this easily, then maybe someone’s doing something wrong.

    Cause it should have been impossible to not read the brothers line by most.
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    spladle08 reacted to LJB in Top 10 at 65 kg   
    2050’s posts are at least as worthy as any from the pastry or the guido…
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    spladle08 got a reaction from wamba in Ferrari and Saturday Night Fever   
    Lol this is great.
    Dude is such an idiot on so many levels but the talent is undeniable.... If he was a fringe AA guy and acted the way he did ..... I can only imagine.
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    spladle08 got a reaction from nhs67 in Humphrey   
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    spladle08 reacted to wrestlingshoe in American System/Competitive Age   
    Youth wrestling used to be freestyle through the early 90s. I wrestled Freestyle only from 6 years old until I started middle school and then only wrestles folkstyle in school. When I graduated college in '93 and started coaching, little guys were wrestling folkstyle first and maybe freestyle. 
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    spladle08 reacted to Grecojones in American System/Competitive Age   
    Thanks for sharing. 
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    spladle08 reacted to Plasmodium in American System/Competitive Age   
    He wrestled while he attended college.. He was an exercise science professor when I talked to him at the Olympic trials in Indy.  He lost to Ed Banach in the finals of the 84 Olympics and said Banach was a good wrestler, but substituted strength for technique.  He loved Iranian wrestlers because  "Their spirit for wrestling is the greatest in the world."  Real nice guy.  Stayed in the same trucker motel we did and  split a shuttle to and from the venue many times.
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    spladle08 reacted to Grecojones in American System/Competitive Age   
    Care to elaborate on that conversation?
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    spladle08 reacted to Plasmodium in American System/Competitive Age   
    Doubt there are many opportunities for former wrestlers in Russia.  I will speculate wrestling chews up and spits out the indigestible portion of all but a couple dozen wrestlers per year in Russia.  I think Japanese wrestlers fare better, based on the sample set of one Japanese former wrestler I had an extended conversation with.
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    spladle08 got a reaction from DocBZ in How much credit can NLWC take for Maroulis?   
    I dunno man.
    For whatever reason, I'm just very anti "who gets credit"
    The people who deserve the credit seemingly never get it or ask for it.

    Like all our fans wanting to combined men's and women's to say "we won an overall title" I feel like it's generally just people wanting to feel more important than they are.

    Clearly it made a difference for Gilman, claim Gilman .
    But Snyder and Helen performing like they always do. I guess they did a good job of fulfilling expectations. But I'd give the credit to the person who built them up to their first titles.

    Jden Cox could go prepare in his garage for a month and come back and wrestle and medal again in the exact same bracket. May win it..... But that Garage WC doesnt get credit no matter how many people are fanboys.
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    spladle08 got a reaction from DocBZ in How much credit can NLWC take for Maroulis?   
    Is the question, how much credit does the NLWC get for one of the most dominant female wrestlers we've had losing the match we expected her to lose at the Olympics and then winning an unexpectedly watered down worlds bracket? 
    I guess as much as they want... 
    But I think she would've been able to win regardless of the program she was a part of 
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    spladle08 got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Sadulaev Interview Post Worlds   
    Would be really cool. Can't believe he is only 25
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    spladle08 reacted to nhs67 in JB and Cox post Oslo   
    You need to settle that with @bnwtwg
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    spladle08 reacted to nhs67 in JB and Cox post Oslo   
    Is this for the FIRST time they meet only?
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    spladle08 got a reaction from bnwtwg in JB and Cox post Oslo   
    Oh well now that we have that! Deal! 
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    spladle08 reacted to Mphillips in Indirect rivalry of Snyder and Yazdani   
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    spladle08 reacted to Lunaticfringe in February 12th 2022-Team USA Vs Team Iran-official   
    Why the hell won’t Snyder move up to wrestle Zare if Gable doesn’t go? He’s not that big of HWT. 
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    spladle08 reacted to Uwwdoc in February 12th 2022-Team USA Vs Team Iran-official   
    If he struggled with Goleij, I think Zare would be a nightmare for him. The Zare that beat Geno and Taha. Can't see Snyder having much of a shot. Zare isn't the biggest but he he is a good bit bigger than Kyle.
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    spladle08 reacted to ShakaAloha in February 12th 2022-Team USA Vs Team Iran-official   
    No one wants to see this.  Snyder would get worked by Zare.  I'm not sure if Snyder can beat Ghasempour.
    These fantasy matches with guys wrestling outside their weight are silly.  It would be an amazing dual if both countries bring their #1's in each weight.  Let's not make this more complicated than it needs to be.
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    spladle08 reacted to Timo in Soviet breakup impact on men's FS medal numbers   
    Somehow the attachment didn't make it the first time?
    Soviet Breakup Info.xlsx
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    spladle08 reacted to Timo in Soviet breakup impact on men's FS medal numbers   
    I have compared 2 time periods - 1960-1991 with 1993-2021 to estimate the impacts on medal counts for the former Soviet Union and Soviet bloc countries before and after the soviet union breakup.  It is an excel workbook with 2 pages and would print on 4 printed pages.  If you can't get excel and would like to look at, email me and I will paste it into Word or something else (timjoemcc@gmail.com).  The information is shown by country for both time frames with total medal count and gold medal count.  I found it pretty interesting to do but I am a nerd number type guy - not for everyone I know.  The several key messages are:
    * The Soviet Union won 26% of all medals and 46% of gold medals in the 32 year period from 1960-1991.  The former Soviet Union won 47% of all medals and 53% of gold medals in the 29 year period from 1993-2021. Russia performed much better in acquiring gold medals than did the other 10 countries in the former FSU that won wrestling medals.
    * The USA won 13% of all medals and 13% of gold medals in the 1960-1991 time frame.  The Soviet Union won 113 more medals than the US and 100 of them were gold during this period.  The USA won 11% of all medals and 16% of gold medals in the 1993-2021.  The US medal count dropped overall but the % of gold medals increased.  The US had 45 fewer gold medals than Russia and 85 fewer than FSU.
    * As everyone knew, the breakup of the Soviet Union led to the FSU countries dramatically increasing their total and gold medal counts.
    * I compared the Soviet Bloc countries to see what happened to them (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia). Their total medal count went from 26% of all medals down to 6% after the Soviet breakup and the gold medal count went from 9% of all gold to 4% of all gold.  So the change was dramatic and the opposite of the countries in the FSU.  I had not realized this impact and don't know why it happened (eg. maybe the Soviet Union subsidized wrestling in these countries and the money dried up?, or ???).
    * The combination of the Soviet Union + Soviet Bloc won 51% of total medals and  55% of gold medals before the Soviet breakup and 52% of all medals and 57% of gold medals after the breakup.  So the breakup of the Soviet Union made it harder for a non Soviet related someone to win a medal but not nearly as dramatic as when you look at the FSU numbers alone.
    * One other detail, the average number of weight classes was 9.4 for the 1960-1991 period and 8.0 for the 1993-2021 period.  So the wrestling talent was more concentrated in the fewer weight classes in the post Soviet break up era (same number of wrestlers in ~85% of the weight classes).
    * Wrestling medals increased for Cuba, India, and Iran after the Soviet break up (as measured by % of total medals won).  Turkey remained constant.  Every other significant wrestling country had their overall medal count drop after the Soviet break up - including the US which went from 13% to 11% of the total medal count as mentioned previously.  Japan had the biggest drop - they went from 9% of all medals to 3% of all medals.Soviet Breakup Info.xlsx
    I can send anyone a list of all the wrestlers names, medals, weights, countries that I used if you want the next level of detail. Just email me if you are a glutton for data.
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    spladle08 reacted to jackwebster in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    Re Reinoso loss: Smith (and Cowboys in general, I think) didn't put as much emphasis on total domination as, say, the Brands, e.g. in the 91 US Open Smith opened up a huge lead on a young Tom Brands, but once the score was out of reach he gave up a few takedowns without any attempt to counter. Smith's defence was as good as his offense, but he didn't seem all that interested in the shut out. In contrast, Terry Brands lost Olympic gold bc he refused to concede an imminent takedown and gave up a feet-to-back as a result.
    Reinoso was always a tough match for Smith, but that match was more-or-less meaningless . . . Like when NFL teams rest their starters after cliching play-off berths. 
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