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  1. Outside of one aberrant match against Retherford (whether he took him lightly, was recovering from illness, or whatever), Logan Stieber has just had one of the most dominant two year runs that any wrestler has ever had. He must be favored in this matchup, it's silly to suggest otherwise. That said, I don't think it's impossible to imagine a scenario where Dake wins, much less is it somehow insulting to do so. The whole "oh my god, you're saying he would lose to a freshman?" is so 1980's. In today's era, the gap between college seniors and top freshman (and in some cases, top high schoolers) is much less than what it once was. It's exactly like the poster who pointed out that anyone who said a freshman Logan Stieber could beat Jordan Oliver before it happened would have been deemed crazy- then it happened. Hell today you've got a sophomore in high school (Pico) who, no disrespect meant, you have to say would stand a chance to beat Logan in a freestyle match (I'd still take Logan, just saying you have to take note that Pico owned Retherford three straight times). I just think that whenever you have two impressive NCAA's champs (and Dake did win very impressively in the finals against Montell Marion, the match was never in doubt, though his match with Reece Humphrey was), you can almost never say that it's a foregone conclusion. Especially not when they have the big game track record that Kyle Dake has demonstrated (not that Stieber's isn't sterling as well). In summary, Logan all the way, but let's not act like Dake winning is impossible, much less insulting to Stieber.
  2. This is wrong. I spoke with a member of the Kent State staff at the tournament, and he said that Miller never weighs more than in the high 160's, and had no trouble making 157. He just didn't feel the need to cut to 154 for an off season tournament. You could see he was absolutely dwarfed by both Jordan and Caldwell. He's a 157 all the way, which makes his showing this weekend that much more jaw-dropping. He's really not even a big 157.
  3. I think it's great. It stands out, makes you remembered which is the key to marketing, the gurus will tell you. Some will hate it, but better to make a good impression on some and a bad on some, than no impression at all on everyone. Enjoyed the line about your opponent needing a new singlet, lol.
  4. Ashnault will be top four at either 141 or 149 imo, only question is how high he goes. He looked like the real deal and freestyle has never been his best style.
  5. Clearly this guy needs his own thread today. What a freaking badass. Freestyle is made for him. If he continues to wrestle like this in freestyle, he is going to be a serious threat to the big dogs at this weight imo (for those who don't know, he teched BoJo in like two minutes, and then scored two falls over Tyler Caldwell in under a minute apiece). By the way, if you didn't see the match live or on flo, you must watch the first Miller/Caldwell match when it comes out- it was just unreal. Just think what the 163 weight looks like in 2016- The Champ Kid Dynamite The Magic Man Andrew Howe Ian Miller Nick Marable Aaron Pico (should grow into this weight by then) James Green
  6. This forum and others like it are pretty much idiot proof, that way any retard can quote the post that they are replying to. With a little hard work and some perseverance I'm sure you will figure it out soon. Hang in there little buddy. Thanks for your words of encouragement, I'll get there one day!
  7. [. Hey man, in high school I was a varsity wrestler and was in the orchestra (upright bass). One of my fondest hs memories was when a bully-type kid who didn't know I was a wrestler called me a "band geek" and tried to push me around. I let it go the first time, but not the second. Hard blast double. Great story about how you blast-doubled that bully. I bet you still remember her name.
  8. You're the one who said Blubaugh would destroy Dake if you switched their training situation, with absolutely nothing to back up your absurd assertion. It doesn't have to do with "access to advantages that old timers didn't have" as much as it has to do with people being bigger, faster, stronger now than 50 years ago when that vid was taken. Check out the average height and weight for people 50 years ago compared to today. We start off with a better base athlete today than 50 years ago. I assume that you are just "in character" in your chosen role as the forum's court jester or village idiot, but I'll play along and respond anyway. Even if people were bigger than they were 50 years ago (probably fatter is more like it) what difference would that make it a sport like wrestling where we have weight classes? So your laughable position seems to be athletes are not better today because of improved knowledge of technique and training that has been built up over the 50 years, but because human beings are just superior today, JUST BECAUSE. Why? Did Human DNA just evolve that much in two generations? Do you not understand that evolutionary changes are something that happen over thousands or millions of years, not two generations? Cooch says it perfectly. "Newton advanced science based on Galileo and Copernicus' work, and Einstein advanced from Newton. They were all pretty smart. None were better, just better off as a result of those who came before." And in the same way, wrestler have advanced on each other. 50 years ago, you wrestled for whoever took the job of wrestling coach at your school, and that's who you learned from, for a three month season. Today, wrestlers have their own personal Russian Olympian Coach training them year round by age ten. Your smugness at diminishing the old timers who didn't have these advantages is pathetic.
  9. If you don't think athletes in most every sport, and not just wrestling, are better today than during the era that vid was taken then I don't know what else to say to you. Apparently reading comprehension has not advanced the way athletics have. If you read my entire paragraph, not just the out of context sentence, I am not stating that athletes are not better today, I am asking "what is the reason they are better?" And the reason is because they have access to advantages that the old timers didn't have. But to demean the old timers because they didn't have access to said advantages is the height of ignorance. I mean, if Stephen Hawking were born 40,000 years ago he'd have been a caveman communicating with a combination of gestures and grunts. What's your point?
  10. Based on what evidence? Well, counselor, I have no evidence as my time machine is in the shop currently, so I am using logic to explain why the wrestlers are better, which is no less solid that your value judgment that the techniques look primitive from that era. What is your position as to why the wrestlers are better today? That we have become a superior evolved species over the past 50 years, and Kyle Dake born in 1941 and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin would wrestle exactly the same as Kyle Dake born in 1991, and just toy with everyone?
  11. This topic is so nauseating....."gee, look how superior we all are compared to the old time greats, with their funny stances". So what if Kyle Dake would kick Doug Blubaugh's ass in a time machine? He benefits from 50 years of advancements in technique, strength training, life long exposure to the best coaching and competition, etc. In another 50 years we will have genetically engineered athletes (probably) that will make Dake look like a JV wrestler. If you reversed Dake and Blubaugh's eras and thus their training situations, Blubaugh would kick Dake's ass. Which proves absolutely nothing. No disrespect meant in this response to Kyle Dake who is a legendary competitor, btw. He just wouldn't be quite as good if he had been born in 1940.
  12. I gotta say Mocco is #1. Back in the day, his first few years of college, literally every third topic was about him. Mocco vs. McCoy was perhaps the most anticipated match in forum history. Also, Nick Simmons probably should be on this list, due to the controversial surrounding his choke out techniques.
  13. You don't think that's too generous? In 5-6 years, he may be a FACTOR on the Senior Level? With good development and no injuries no course. maybe the high school kid that just took down Gatsalov can at least be somewhat of a factor by then.
  14. It's a good thing we have "Quanon" to set Gable straight!
  15. I think Schlatter's freshman year without question was the most impressive- though Logan's is close. Zack Esposito was comparable to Jordan Oliver (slight edge to Oliver) and Dustin majored him. He also dominated guys like Eric Tannenbaum (combined score of 14-0 in their two matches) and Jon Masa who were legit studs. Tannenbaum owned a win over Mark Perry when they were Seniors, as a point of reference. Outscored the competition at Big Ten's and NCAA's by a combined 72-2, with the only points allowed being escapes. Nobody on earth could have foreseen at that point that this would be his only title.
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