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  1. What a bizarre post by the OP.
  2. Dude, what is your malfunction? Are you THAT dense? I KNOW he is at LEAST 3 years older than what he is listed as. Why would I wanna share my source with you? Believe me or not, I really do not care. I know what I know.
  3. It's Pan Ams, not worlds. Relax.
  4. He's around 3 years older than that, and I will leave it at that. Trust me.
  5. I had to look up tautologous.
  6. What the hell was she trying to give him?
  7. Cejudo is a different beast. It's in his DNA. Grew up streetfighting for money as a kid and barely had enough food to eat.
  8. I just want to make sure I understand correctly. Someone is complaining that he choked out Royce Alger who was an absolute monster? Man, times they are a changing.
  9. He was a tough son of a gun from the old school of wrestling. Different times. The sweetest guy off the mat though.
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