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  1. What a bizarre post by the OP.
  2. Dude, what is your malfunction? Are you THAT dense? I KNOW he is at LEAST 3 years older than what he is listed as. Why would I wanna share my source with you? Believe me or not, I really do not care. I know what I know.
  3. It's Pan Ams, not worlds. Relax.
  4. He's around 3 years older than that, and I will leave it at that. Trust me.
  5. I had to look up tautologous.
  6. What the hell was she trying to give him?
  7. Cejudo is a different beast. It's in his DNA. Grew up streetfighting for money as a kid and barely had enough food to eat.
  8. I just want to make sure I understand correctly. Someone is complaining that he choked out Royce Alger who was an absolute monster? Man, times they are a changing.
  9. He was a tough son of a gun from the old school of wrestling. Different times. The sweetest guy off the mat though.
  10. Have they piss tested the Georgian yet who beat Moore?
  11. Take a good look at the Bajrang/Valdes match and tell me the Cuban gave it his all...….
  12. I would not put Taylor-Yazdani in the same breath as the other two match ups you mentioned. Plenty of people knew that Taylor would beat Yazdani the first time they wrestled. He ain't no Karelin…..and Burroughs came out of nowhere really to beat Tsargush. Everybody knows Taylor and what he can do. Yazdani has nothing on Taylor. Taylor exploits those underhooks and lack of cardio quite efficiently. Unless Sadulaev goes back down to 86.....right now I don't see Taylor losing the next 2 years. Unless Cox beats him for the 2020 spot.
  13. Had Olympic medal stripped due to doping. Nice to see that Russia is working hard in their battle against doping. Have a dope as your guy with the trophy on the world stage.
  14. A video that went viral years ago and an in-depth look into the very violent and patriarchal society. In America, wrestling presidents don't get away with beating up female wrestlers, coaches don't physically touch refs (Tedeev), brawls don't break out at every 5 tournaments, guns don't get pulled out etc....etc....etc...
  15. I think only Khizriev was born in Chechnya. Moved out of there at age 5. Chakaev is ethnic Chechen but always lived in Dagestan.
  16. Are they really called Easy Pipe?
  17. Anybody have a link to the interview where he talks about being the keeper of the gates to Valhalla?
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