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  1. The team line up names, is it is he coaches responsibility to report the names to the score table??, to complete the line up for the score table???? Is it the score table responsibility to get the line up from the coaches and fill out the names???
  2. Penn State lost a dual a couple of years ago, due to a mis-applied rule and the PSU coaching staff not realizing the error, if the "scorebook graphic" was in place at that time, many knowledgeable wrestling fans would have noticed the error and would have emailed/phoned contacts... Just one example of why we need to get this idea to the people who can implement the concept. BTW: YOU MAY BE A WRESTLING FAN IF...the wife tells you to take down the Christmas tree...and you "TAKEDOWN" the Christmas tree!!
  3. The Wrestling scoreboard graphic should be formatted somewhat like a standard scorebook, instead of the present type used now showing the team scores, individual score, time and so on. (T2,N3, Ws,Cfs...ect). There is plenty of room on the screen to allow this, unlike most sports. This would help new fans to learn the scoring system, parents new to the sport learn how to help out at local hs events, flag errors in the score, and so many more advantages...The size of the field for each period would be dependent on how much scoring occurred. The background color for each wrestlers name would be red or green, while the rest of the graphic should be primarily color the schools colors. There more to this concept but I think fans will see my general idea???
  4. http//video.btn.com/allaccess ; monthly fee, big ten digital network....
  5. as a TRUE wrestling fan, I have to ask the obvious question...what the heck does NIT TOURNEY mean?
  6. I was incorrect....Scribe was a major player in the 5 page thread, however "lightweight" and "hurricane wrestling' were the fans that went into the SAT debate. (you can review all your post by logging in and clicking unto the "view your post" field to search though all your or anyones posts). I've walked into too many headlocks and hit my head off-the-mat too many times in 59 years...not to mention I messed up in more matches than e-harmony.com...Back to community college for me :oops:
  7. I got into a heated debate over the fact that the "online Cornell enrollment guide" stated in the frequently asked questions section the following," Do I have to take the SATs to enroll at Cornell. ANSWER, "NO". Part of the debate was started because many of the Cornell athletes are enrolled into the " NY state agriculture program" which is a part of Cornell and may have slightly lesser enrollment requirements....further debate continued about Ivy League teams do NOT redshirt, however they sometimes enroll at Tompkins community College for a year before going to Cornell... Scribe (one of my favorite posters) went on to say that there are several types of SAT exams in defense of Cornell...I posted the link which plainly stated that the SATS were not required, (the link did not give any mention that there were any different types of SATs)... A few days after the debate had cooled down, I returned to the link I had posted only to find the remark about SATs not being required was now replaced with the statement,"this page has been removed by Cornell..." I never debated with Scribe again thinking that if he had the clout to have the page removed from the Cornell website...he could probably also just as easily have me "wacked" , or worse, sent to community college (again)...Frank Rizzo and several others were also players in this debate
  8. Another factor MIGHT be that there was no Olympic Training Center before that timeframe and our wrestlers were true amatures with no $upport; Sanders, and several others, were paid as coachs at Russ Houk's camp where he also trained prior to the 72 Olympics. Russ Houk was the team manager of the 72 team. As a camper in August 72 I actually got to go takedowns with Sanders in a round robin fashion with several other campers who were chosen by Rick, I was going into my senior year of High school. A month or so later I watched him on tv winning a medal in awesome style, I stayed up until 3 AM EDT just to watch him. Sorry if I helped change the subject of this thread
  9. Thank you...research said that Fozz overcame polio and told about the arm, BUT photos did not show anything out of normal...both are credited for being the first ,this is news to me. Sanders was awesome and by far the most popular coach/character at Russ Houk's Camp back in early August 1972; not sure where I got my mis-information. http://www.examiner.com/article/okla-st ... ll-of-fame
  10. They both won worlds in 1969. BigApple -- check your private messages. I just sent you one. They're in the toolbar toward the top of the page. Sanders, or "the little hippie coach" as he would sometimes be called at Russ Houk's Camp, was assumed to be the first US World Champ because he was in a lighter weight class than Fozzard and would have normally wrestled before the heavier Fozzard. They both won at the time (Tourney/date); but Fozzard actually wrestled and won mins or hours before Sanders ??? this is a question
  11. Kaloust wrestled at the University from 2007-10 before earning his degree in political science. He was an all-star scholastic athlete at Massapequa High on Long Island and won 10 career matches as a walk-on at Binghamton. He was a dedicated team member and valuable training partner in the practice room. http://www.bubearcats.com/index.php/new ... g_accident Here is the link and story from the BEARCATS...very nice photo,,,a GREAT young man,
  12. rumor has it that Terry and Tommy were born as siamese twins...they were actually attached at the d**** ; during the separation operation the twins died, BUT the d**** lived! :D
  13. NO...but I did stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night :D
  14. The guys from FLO are more fun than the Alton twins at Happy Hour! And I'm cool with that even if I am a grumpy old man. Here's some suggestions that I believe would make the FLO coverage rival that of ESPN and the Big Ten Network coverage: without losing the younger fanbase they want. 1) Mute the open mics, the comments that were over heard is what kicked off this thread to start with. 2) For every wrestler that steps on the mat give the following stats as the minimum: a. College, year in school, b. Win Loss record (if they are 34 and 2, who are the 2 defeats), c. other titles won ( 2x NY state champ ) , d. maybe high school/hometown (fans have "bragging rights" when their hometown or area is mentioned) , e.Do they have a brother coming up, or was their Dad their HS coach.. f.. Maybe their college major and other trivia/interest. 3) How much would it cost to make a nice looking backdrop/interview area with the FLO wrestling logo and their sponsors logos (it's all about the $ponsors), instead of seeing bleachers in the background. 4) I'm a bluejean and tee shirt guy myself, but I get alot more notice and respect when I throw on a decent sport jacket on (even over a tee) when doing bussiness with people.. I'd bet that instead of seeing Coach John Smith walking past in the background, he'd be more willing to stop by give a quick interview. To sum it all up, with the new software and graphics which allow fans to switch from mat to mat, and the outstanding camera work, the fun loving guys now doing the audio could take FLO over the top with only a few minor changes. Also, IMO; Some of the comments made toward the hard working guys at FLO really were not needed and certainly does not help promote the sport we all love.
  15. You must be kidding! I actually turn down the volume and go to Penn State all-access audio commentary while watching the FLO video. The open mic comments, so called humor, screaming into the mic , talking over the top of each other and rumbling on of the FLO annoucers is totally unprofessional. They need to listen to some of the Penn state announcers and take notes...PSU announcer is very professional and gives information such as how many each team has in the finals , stats and so forth. FLOs video coverage is excellent and so are the new graphics and software which allows you to go to mat to mat (except it doesn't show the college of each wrestler just their name). FLO could really be on to something I would pay for more frequently if their audio commentary was professionally done, I don't mean to be harsh on anyone, the guys at FLO are GREAT people who obviously love wrestling; but this is just my opinion.
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