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  1. Koll has impressed me with his openness and his sincerity. I’ve spoken with him several times. For example, I was on campus for reunion, walked into the Friedman Center with a friend to check it out. He took me into his office and we had a great convo. He does have a dry sense of humor and he isn’t super careful with all that he says. He has opinions and perspectives. I thoroughly enjoy talking with him and feeling the passion he has for the sport, the staff, their families, and his wrestlers. I think he is awesome.
  2. @Husker_Du - can you clarify the end of your comment regarding Colon? We have seen the last of him but he is going to fight? For all - Can Nick Lee get to 61kg? May not want to. But I can see him doing great if he can. Gross still game? Will be surprised if Nahshon gets the spot there.
  3. Physics? True? If so - amazing. Where did you get this?
  4. Thank you for posting this. What does SHW mean in the second bullet?
  5. Not one of your better ones Gimp!
  6. Would you agree that 4 figure donations are likely not going to sway things? I’m guessing you need to go quite a bit higher now to get the extra help for admissions.
  7. The wrestling team is a big reason why I donate to my alma mater (team specifically but mostly school general purpose). If they stopped the program I would stop donating. Would piss me off. Would kill good will. Used to be that legacy admissions policies might engender donations. I think, unless the donations are very big, this is drying up as a reason to donate (I donate more than chump change but not nearly enough to matter here I figure). Legacy admission favoritism is getting the stink eye now at many places.
  8. nom


    Well, I prefer the more careful selection. You’ve made the board better recently. We need less ‘dik persona’ around here and more good dialogue. Disagreements are fine and cool. It’s the petty back and forth a that turn this place into a cesspool at times. Not saying you were a driver of that. Just appreciating all the good posts recently!
  9. http://bigredbears.com/aiovg_videos/kyle-dake-cornell-university-ncaa-wrestling-highlight/ Cornell wrestling fan site has a lot of historic videos. This one was good ... in large part due to Dake of course but also the sound / music selected. Really set an ominous ‘beatdown’ tone. Toward end the sound track made me think of the track used in one of the best movie trailers of all time .. ‘Alien’ ... if I recall correctly. Also showed that Dake Bombs were being foreshadowed. So heavy lift returns that if done in freestyle you know he would have been able to do with more, shall we say, oomph.
  10. @wrestlingnerd - I posted about this in a very long thread. Thought I’d make it’s own. Have you shifted styles? You are quickly becoming my favorite poster on here. Previously, your posting style was often quite condescending and egotistical with some wisdom that was colored by your antagonism at times. It seems to me that recently you are simply smart, insightful, and helpful. And good to engage with. Sure, some sarcasm periodically but nothing like the past. just wanted to say I’m liking the new you. Hoping this isn’t all a figment of my imagination!
  11. Woulda - rocked at freestyle on Senior Circuit coulda - by their excellent showing in folk (and some age group freestyle) Shoulda - I think so but could not due to medical circumstances highlighted. I’m glad you think you could define the purpose. But I’m good.
  12. Thanks for this. Believable. I learned something.
  13. The purpose of the thread is careers that could have been. I posted about their freestyle career that could have been. Is that ok with you?
  14. I’m optimistic. He and his coaches at NLWC are game planning. Kyle Snyder is a monster. He will represent us well!!!
  15. Then how know when someone is coming on and has the fire lit? Is feeling healthy vs others hiding their injuries. You conjecture that your way is better at selecting a team. I can’t prove you wrong. But I can be confident that your way would lead to deeper factions, playing of the system, corruption, and tantrums.
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