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  1. nom

    Weight Cutting Education

    Old dirty - thanks for that info. I am sure mat side weigh ins are not too hard to do. And it would remove so much of what sucks from the sport. How many kids grow to hate the sport due to weight cutting? It should not be such a big part of it. I’ve never heard a real impediment besides tradition.
  2. nom

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Question -- do people like Kent State's scheduling? Let's get our tails thoroughly kicked 2x at beginning of season. Is that supposed to be a motivator?
  3. Game / set / match for dmm53. NJDan needs to slow down, read, and not be so hyped to jump down someone's throat! This board has too many folks like that. On to other upsets and surprises .... Reading that Chaz Tucker beat teammate Vito Arujau (both Cornell 133). Chaz seems to be putting some real points on the board. If this is really a sign of him choosing to open up, this is a big deal. With his defense, a bit of offense will go a long way.
  4. nom

    Weight Cutting Education

    I'd like to second Zebra's post above. Matside weigh ins. Easily done. Do it. Easy to do. Get it done.
  5. nom


    ‘I’m healthy but I think I will lose since I don’t think I’m capable of beating this wrestler right now (for reason X) so I’m not going to wrestle him.’ Call it ducking or avoiding a loss. Ducking has more negative connotations, admittedly. But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck .... well ....
  6. nom

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    JB's post earlier in this thread really opened my eyes to why the event in the US doesn't happen all that often. Lots of reasons.
  7. nom


    FT - awesome job here. I'm going to cast my vote with folks that are saying that a world team rep does deserve some points if you are going to give credit for NCAA finalist or NCAA AA. I can see the argument for it being more valuable than NCAA title. That would make this list pretty damn long though. Perhaps you need to be a world medalist for any lesser achievements to be counted ....... looks like you are doing that anyway. I like your point spreads otherwise. Including the Olympic / World title / medal approach.
  8. 65 kg is a particularly fascinating weight for the US. We’ve been struggling internationally yet when you look at the domestic studs, it seems like we will do better going forward. Missing from this year’s trials — Zain and JO. Young guns on their way up - Yianni, McKenna, Eireman. And of course there is Logan. After watching Zain in college — and recalling that he did win trials in 2017 (right?) - and thinking focus on freestyle will help him —my head thinks that Zain is the lead horse for 2019. By 2020 - my head thinks Zain will still be lead horse. But my heart wants to lean Yianni. I have no confidence that Yianni can beat Zain and frankly I think JO would be a tall challenge. I think he will need another couple years to really come into his own. Then again, other young guns have showed up on the scene ahead of schedule. Does Yianni have what it takes? Some of you feel at ease with making strangely confident predictions. How do you all see this unfolding?
  9. nom

    Sad / Taylor

    Sad has shown he is an American Giant killer. Taylor is mopping the mats with Russians. How cool would it be if Sad decides to target 86kg to purposeful dethrone the American there. Unlikely I know. But he seems to be motivated by challenges like this. Would be an incredible story line. 92kg in 2019 to take on the defending American gold medal winner. Then 86kg in 2020. ultimate legendary status —- what a freakin story line that would be!!!!
  10. nom

    Maroulis gets smashed.

    I’d suggest that her training routine was suboptimal. I’m sure you’ve heard the backstory.
  11. I saw the Snyder interview on a UWW feed. Twitter maybe? Snyder basically shrugged and said he didn’t think he talked too much but ok, good comment.
  12. Thanks for posting this. Seems like a great guy. Yes, I wish Snyder won but I’m also a fan of Sadulaev. Thanks to both of them for making it so great to be a fan.
  13. nom

    Records set at 2018 Worlds?

    So which of these are records set? I kid, I kid. Good info. Thanks for compiling.
  14. Sorry, Sad knew what he was doing. It was not like it was a sudden weird position. I’m happy to define ‘getting caught differently.’ Some here may think any pin set up by an opponent is getting caught.
  15. I’m not saying the sky is falling though. Snyder will be back.