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  1. Dake / Burroughs is pretty damn big. The OTT is going to be FIRE!! Can’t wait to be there in person to see what will be, to me, the greatest wrestling tournament I will have ever been to. And given the names and the back stories I know, the greatest of all time that I have ever seen — again, for me.
  2. J’Den going 97kg ... wow. It must be tough for the Ohio RTC to fully commit to having him defeat their golden child. I’m sure they still have very strong bonds to Snyder. It’s easy to say they (Ohio RTC staff) will do all they can to help Cox beat Snyder .... but .... will they? Every weakness exposed (there aren’t many I’m sure), every Snyder go to position / move they know, every nuance etc. .... Ugh. Glad I’m not them.
  3. ... was spent on doing better at your job — would you be promoted several times over or have significantly higher job success? ... was spent improving relationships in your life, would your relationships and social connections be much better? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the info and banter ... but damn, some of you post all day every day.
  4. The last time they wrestled it was Yianni comfortably. But that was then. Would love to see the match now.
  5. nom


    For those that are slow. Gable’s last name doesn’t have an ‘n’ in the middle of it. Now reread the posts above.
  6. Anyone willing to post results by weight?
  7. Did Koll mention Scribe and what he is up to?
  8. @justafan - thank you. do you have a link or an image of the bracket showing the later approach you mentioned?
  9. I'm no fan of Desanto .... I remember using some foul language on here after watching him try to injure wrestlers in the past. Wanted him gone. I'm now indifferent towards him. All that said, it''s been very interesting to see how people react and respond to this situation. The tribal mentality is fascinating even when dealing with the health of someone. And it reflects the tribal nature of so much debate we see out there in the world. Very few actually try to rise above it. Instead it is more fun to join the 'us' and degrade the 'them.'
  10. Yes, very true that there are many ways one can be injured. But, if we take this logic to the extreme, why have any illegal moves? So many positions can result in an injury, why make any of them illegal? I'm no expert. I readily admit it .. But the eye test to me suggest that having your knee planted like that, and then having the ball of your foot grabbed and your foot twisted as your lower leg is swiftly pulled outward like that is inherently bad for your knee. Very swift pull, no time to release pressure in any way. I do hope folks with actual expertise review this. And even Askren has modified his take ... his discussion on FRL acknowledged that grabbing the end of the foot like that and twisting outward is iffy. He didn't say it was illegal .. but he did acknowledge that it could cause problems.
  11. He was reacting to some bracket structure and saying it was not right ... he would populate the brackets differently. I'm wondering what the comparisons / approaches look like.
  12. @Scorenomore - this is another post where you seem to think the Iranian is somehow influencing JDen’s decision. I doubt it. The decision would have been made before the Iranian turned heads.
  13. Ben Askren went nuts on FRL today about how the brackets are being drawn up for weight classes where someone is sitting in the semi final. Focus was on the 74kg bracket with Dake sitting in the semis. Can someone break down the issue here? Would love to see a rationale and calm discussion of the bracket approach being proposed and alternative approaches. (LOL)
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