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  1. Pls let this whole thing whither and die.
  2. nom


    Oh, Olympic redshirts require the student leave campus and take no courses? I’m finding that they need to train just for the Olympics but I’m not finding that they must leave school.
  3. nom


    4 years undergrad. 4 years for Doctorate. He is getting one right? Better be. Why else be on campus that long? Perhaps folks should call him Dr. Micic. An honorary doctorate in wrestling?
  4. Looks like a title IX lawsuit helped make this happen (big time). How many other important wrestling colleges that have had title IX challenges have decided to rectify by adding women’s wrestling? I’m pretty happy with the decision by Iowa to do so.
  5. They wrestle freestyle. This is gigantic. Wow. Kudos to Iowa. Funny, seems like people recently were giving Iowa a load of grief regarding women’s wrestling. This has to shut up those folks. Huge credit to Iowa for getting out there first amongst the big time wrestling schools.
  6. Flo is saying the Russian entry is right there with Sidakov. Says he likely would have won a match if not for the ref avoiding backs against Sidakov when he hit a granby trying to avoid a TD. Guy is no slouch.
  7. Ahahhahaha. You are right. What the hell is Nick Piccininni doing on there?
  8. Not the same, and you know that. I bet NCAA wrestling has many more fans than senior freestyle here in the US. Many consider NCAA / folkstyle as the pinnacle. You clearly disagree. All good. I get why people would pick Taylor. I’m in the camp of putting Olympic gold in a higher tier, but not a much higher tier. I also feel that one tournament, even if it is the Olympics, does not wipe out the 10 years of prior history with Dake out placing Taylor in almost every common tournament (including almost every WTTs and OTT) up until they both won a gold at worlds in 2018
  9. Is this true? Wow. That’s so little money for the time, energy and cost (gym, trainers, health insurance, etc). Add to that the risk. I had no idea that the pay is so low.
  10. But not called ‘national duals’ here. So perhaps Cael is making it clear that he doesn’t feel that this is a dual championship.
  11. Ahh, it is actually a journeyman press release and not an Intermat article. Missed that!
  12. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/24839 Very cool. (One Q about the article - Intermat doesn’t feel that Cornell is a top 22 team? Does Intermat have respectable rankings?)
  13. I’m seeing some posts that have Dake and Jordan Oliver practicing together. Over course of a few days. If JO wants to embrace 70Kg, seems like there could be some good synergies.
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