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  1. I’d suggest that it is because, for the large majority of his matches, when you watched Taylor, you said ‘wow.’ The variety of his moves, excellence in every position, and his dominance created an aura. Seemed untouchable outside of Dake. Stieber was awesome, but he just didn’t seem to create the same aura.
  2. Buck - you do make me laugh. You’re often annoying and sometimes you clearly go to far. But perhaps we’ll raise a beer again sometime.
  3. Your sarcasm meter didn’t go off apparently.
  4. Sorry for sounding like that. I’m just tired of people whining about things like this or similar (last year seniors should get another redshirt year). These kind of issues need to be seen in the big picture. They are minor and we should not expect big accommodations given the bigger issues. Many are missing the big picture.
  5. Get a grip? Because I’m pointing out that states and public schools are facing significant budget gaps which will be compounded for public school athletic departments that heavily depend on major sport ticket sales to help fund their large budgets? All while many states are finding it very difficult to continue removing restrictions. A 15% salary cut for the highest paid people on the campus is step one. Should their rosy revenue prediction not pan out, expect more pain. Get your head out of the sand.
  6. You all have no idea what the budget crunch is like for states and public schools. Might be a slippery slope? LOL ... he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have to let staff go. ‘Barta says the cuts are based on the assumption that both football and basketball seasons will be competing, with fans in stands. ’ So this rosy picture assumes packed football stadiums. Or partially packed. We shall see. I predict more pain. Yea, slippery slope. Brands should say hell no.
  7. nom


    You do not want to spend any money or time trying to see this bout.
  8. Wow. JO and Nolf - horribly boring match. No attitude of putting on a show for a charity event. Too afraid to lose a meaningless match. A shame. Happy to contribute $20 but ... this will damage the reputation of these events. For example, I might not be in much of a rush to block off time to watch again in the future.
  9. BigTimeFan - how can you tell how many people are watching? I’m sure you aren’t talking about people in attendance given Covid limitations.
  10. Lugo looking good vs Pletcher. 5-0 lead.
  11. I missed something. Pletcher is out of Pitt RTC?
  12. Downey needs an oxygen mask. Loses 9-4 to Rau. 1st period was Greco. Rau up 9-0. Downey gets two TDs in freestyle second period. Rau explaining that he took ‘the entire COVID off’ .... so is out of shape. He looked in better shape than PD. Taylor is going to tech PD in the first.
  13. The fact that the announcers can’t explain scores or what happened is not a good look for wrestling. No discussion on Downey getting put down twice. Earlier situations announcers thought score would be X but it was Y. Expressing surprises when scores eventually get on boards. Need to find a much better way for fans to understand what is going on. Transparency on scores. With computers today, refs should have to make it clear what the points are, and what the calls are (for example, reason for Downey down again) and what they are for. Should be put up on TV.
  14. Took off shoes and symbolically put them at center of mat after winning a quick tech at BTS Chicago. I was always impressed by him. Our ladder just lost some important depth. Says he is going to focus on the kids and give back. Can do more on this front if not competing.
  15. The two guys on the flanks need to be introduced to spf 50.
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