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  1. I probably missed it … has anyone done a good in depth interview with Dake where he discussed his loss at the Olympics in decent detail? What he thought went wrong … if he learned anything .. etc. If so .. where can I find it?
  2. Woops. I forgot. Thanks for the correction.
  3. Seemed like 5-8 or so years ago wrestlers were ranked top 3 across the weights. Most if not all weights. No more. What are the theories behind the drop off?
  4. If he wants 57kg - auto spot to Gilman right? If 61kg - good q.
  5. I love clear pronoun usage.
  6. Agreed. I like the changes. More likely for the best to make it. Goes against having more varied country representation. Curious how much that matters to IOC.
  7. I’m going to suggest that the decision is jointly discussed. Wrestler and parents are the final decision makers. Koll provides his thoughts. Wrestlers and parents deeply weigh his perspective and put a lot of stock in it. Sounds incredibly crazy. I know. Deserve a ‘gotcha’ thread just like this one.
  8. Please do your best to not lock the thread. It would be a shame. Would prefer if posts were deleted or posters put on hiatus.
  9. Why does it not make sense to do U23? Good competition. Good experience. His long term goal is high level FS success.
  10. No word on new location yet?
  11. Nice post. I’d like to see more weight shift to dominance. The winner of the hodge should be a complete hammer. Most dominant against the best competition. Subjective to a degree. I know. Can’t be only 10 matches … so not simple …. … key change — way less of a weighting should be given to past accomplishments.
  12. @Amplitude7 - I finally got back to your post and watched the video. Thank you, deeply, for creating the video. Your explanations and thoughtful discussion are appreciated. I am one that wishes America would embrace much of what you explained as it relates to respect, humility, and appreciation. I think there are many like me. But we get drowned out. When I see a wrestler who behaves much like you positively describe, I have so much more respect for that wrestler’s inner character. Also - Your video has made me a bigger J’Den fan. I too loved his embrace at the end of the match. Seeing two competitors put it all on the line, and then embrace and express respect at the end … that is maturity and that is sport. That said, I don’t mind shouts of joy and exaltation at the moment of victory. To reach the big prize can be a joyous moment. But get it out and also find a way to be respectful to your opponent once it is out.
  13. Moore is good I’m hoping there is a younger guy in the college mix can make jumps and become a star at this weight.
  14. Wait - is this the answer for 2023? Or a guess.
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