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  1. RED - nice work. I’m hopping on board!
  2. I commend Flo. Very much enjoyed the first installment. I’m impressed about the discussion about Chase .... touching and seemingly very transparent. Looking forward to part 2! Seem meaty topics. If covered in a similar way, will be amazing.
  3. Quaker — I agree. Seeing the term greyshirt surprised me. I don’t recall seeing it used in the past. Edit: ‘grayshirt’. I never can tell if grey or gray is right.
  4. Damn, MN had a ton of champs that year! Heck, all of them! Too bad the poster screwed up the listing of champs. (Chuckle). All kidding aside. Good group here! Wish I had gotten back into college wrestling by this time to have watched them.
  5. Eagle26 - didn’t read your post but caught the last line as I skimmed past. Apology accepted. But please don’t do it again. The guy has become the most annoying poster on the board, and that is no easy feat. Engaging with him brings the whole board down.
  6. Folks that blanket say Taylor can’t beat Cox are just spouting off what they want to be true. DT has now fully embraced the weight. He is kicking ass. Would he beat Cox? I do not know. But to say he can’t is being biased. I love that DT called out the Russian Tank. Could be a best of 3 pay per view. I’d pay. I just don’t know how they would make the weights work. I’m sure Saduleav is trying to make His body right for 97Kg. A big leap from 86kg for DT.
  7. Fix has underwhelmed me recently. He’s good, no doubt, but not as good as the hype had suggested. I’d love to see this match as well. RBY has become a must watch wrestler for me. Fix, not so much.
  8. Gimp - thanks for that — I can see the virus wipe downs taking a bit. Did they explain that? I missed it if so. Had some folks over for outdoor viewing - might have missed that. Either way, a lot more direct communication on what was going on would have helped. And your idea of two mats is clearly a good one. I’m conscious of being over critical. But some thoughtful production thinking ahead of time would have identified the long break issues and figured a better way to deal with them. That said, they did a nice job with their commercial break graphic!
  9. Flo with 2 blacks eyes, but still standing. Glad they made this happen. But they came off as unqualified to do it. Between the early tech issues and then the freaking stupidly long breaks between matches - ridiculous. They had so much time to prepare and make this happen in their own backyard. Pretty damn surprising. But .... it happened, and I’m glad I got to see it. Not canceling my subscription.
  10. He did NOT represent the wrestling community well. Gassed in the second obstacle. Got destroyed overall. yea yea, he is an MMA guy now. But I was kind of pumped to see a guy representing the wrestling community (in my eyes at least) as a ‘Titan.’ Oh well.
  11. I find this a bit comical. The general wrestling fan thinks FLO is the best thing to happen to wrestling in a long time. And I’m one of them.
  12. I expect that this event is NOT about new subscriptions. It is about keeping the ones they have. I would expect that many subscriptions coming up for renewal are being cancelled with no new wrestling to watch. They need to have reasons for people to stick around and keep paying. And while it makes economic sense to pay the contestant proportionately what they are worth from the simple short term incremental revenue (or reduced rev loss) perspective, Flo needs to monitor their brand and how the politically correct winds are blowing. That later part can impact long-term revenue.
  13. I would pay money for someone to write a good article on the drama going on around all of this. Are there any investigative ‘journalist’ types in the wrestling media that would be willing to tackle this? I’ll subscribe to your site! Seems like all the ‘journalists’ around wrestling aim to play nice and tend to avoid hot topics. Suppose they are worried about getting ostracized?
  14. nom


    My eyes say Yianni D has crazy long arms in proportion to his body. Do measurements of this kind of thing happen? Anyone have a sense for ‘normal’ and who has been known to have extra long reach? Measurements?
  15. nom

    Worst Losers

    The guy was doing a flip in mid air. Even a minor bump could result in landing in a dangerous way. Could Metcalf have done something even worse? Yes, MSU, he could have. You are right on that. Still was a crappy thing to do, even in the heat of the moment.
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