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  1. That is not how things work. Nor should it work that way. If you want to slam a person’s character and accuse him in a public way, you need the proof. We don’t need to prove your guesses and ‘beliefs’ are wrong. I’ve heard you’ve had ‘relations’ with some heinous acting (and looking!) people. Folks should believe me unless you can prove me wrong. And it needs to be super solid proof. None of this ‘I did not’ crap. See what I mean?
  2. nom

    Who's #1

    What's up with the half shirt? Looks ridiculous.
  3. All will be very interested in how Taylor is doing. I think he’s our best shot at Gold at 86kg. I’m in the camp that Cox will go up in weight. Even with Cox at 86kg. But only if Taylor is doing great and has had time to train well. That said, we know that Penn State shields this info with the mindset on what is best for Taylor. Even so as to mess with WTT. They think long term. Very strategic. Also think of Suriano his freshman year before big 10s and NCAAs...remember, he was drilling - all is good. In that case it was outright disinformation, NCAA brackets and the rest of the wrestlers be damned. This is the Olympics we are talking about. Expect no info and if there is info, I’m sure many won’t trust it. And just to be clear, if Penn State does it, it is OK.
  4. Seems to be an issue with the wrestlingreport forum. No posts since Sept 20th. No congrats to Kyle on the Cornell board. Lehigh board silent. Anyone with the scoop?
  5. Koll’s note to fans said Dake to 74kg. And said his next event is OTTs.
  6. Does anyone know if Dake is a good coach? Sure, he is a stud wrestler. But can he motivate, train, and connect with those that he coaches? Grey is showing he is an excellent coach. Dake may be as well but we shouldn’t assume.
  7. Trip - I think you read Phish’s post too quickly. He isn’t saying he should wrestle for Israel. ———- From a UMich student to wrestling at a world championship to being in the middle of Middle East politics. Big time life experience.
  8. I got in off the whistle. Best tix I could get were lower level in corner. checked few minutes later and best seats were in the end zones. Yuck. That said, I got some.
  9. This doesn’t feel right. Olympic team trials. I get holding some tickets out for key folks, like family member, etc. But allocating 8 tickets for Penn State season ticket holder, each, seems way excessive. I can’t blame Penn State for doing what is in their and their fans best interests, even if this royally screws much of the rest of the fan base. I’m surprised USAW / Olympic component is ok with it. I would have expected the contract be more limiting.
  10. Got a whisper that Fanta may not have deserved some of the heat he got on this thread. Anyone able to confirm Yianni status?
  11. Fightingsioux - amen. Thanks for this post. I hope it will make a difference. But I think some people, deep down, get a feeling of self worth by insulting others. Makes themselves and their ‘clan’ feel better about themselves. I think the WSJ has an article on this recently - pretty insightful. I think Mdogg is directionally right as well — it’s a limited set of folks that are the worst offenders.
  12. This isn’t a complete list of all entrants. There are others that are less credentialed (and thus not listed). Perhaps you mean of the entrants listed here. But yes, 65kg is nuts. And so is 74kg. Didn’t realize how stacked it is.
  13. That’s harsh. —— Regarding the next few years - Cornell has a shot. Which is damn impressive. Hoping they can do it but so much will need to fall in place. Very little room for off performances. Which means likelihood is low. Going to enjoy the ride regardless.
  14. This rocks. Thank you! Will really help with watching the event and picking the matches to watch.
  15. Well, based on conversations I’ve had with those that did transfer, I would disagree. I suppose it depends on the major (engineering and biology for the two conversations I had). Once got to Cornell, they were a bit shell shocked by the comparative rigor. One transferred from RPI (private) and another from SUNY Stony Brook. But you did say ‘most’ — so there is a lot of wiggle room. I just have the two data points. Hard to know for sure without talking to many people that actually made the switch and experienced it.
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