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  1. I clicked on the link, I went to Rokfin from there and I can't find the full rankings there.
  2. I’m hoping someone in the wrestling media can dig into this a bit. Are ‘official’ scoring records available to review and would it be made clear what the points were awarded for? Seems completely bogus to me at this time. If it is bogus, it deserves a bright spotlight.
  3. I’m seeing a lot of ROCK BOTTOM reactions. If The Rock acknowledges this Dake Bomb, it will be bigger news.
  4. Opponent challenged. Not Gilman. Gilman felt that he won. I thought so too. And then ....
  5. ????? Gilman’s semi final in France ... Last 15 seconds ... Gilman did step out. No way there was a takedown. How did opponent get 2 pts? 1 pt was awarded but upon challenge 2 were awarded .... how?
  6. Vito beat Suriano Gilman beat Vito Suriano beat the guy who beat Gilman Throw in more ... have fun seeding this weight class.
  7. Suriano - Vs Bazarganov (AZE) Suriano has let his hair go. Doesn't look super styled. Swinging arms, looks loose .. let's go! Lots of hand fighting ... Suriano with back to middle. AZE goes but misses on a Suriano strong sprawl. Suriano on clock. 0-1 AZE. AZE now warned. Suriano gets a TD with short time. 2-1 USA going into 2nd. A flurry ... flurry ... woah, nada. Suriano keeps at it and gets the 2! Good for him. Never let AZE get settled. Nice work. 2 min left. 4-1. Push out Suriano! 5-1. 1.5min to go. AZE tries a throw by, nothing. 45 sec to go. Suriano has him backed to warning line. Now back to center. 30 sec. Both on knees, Suriano gets an underhook and schucks him by and gets behind. Very cool. 7-1. 11 sec to go. Suriano keeps the pressure going to the final whistle. Gold medal Nick Suriano. Great job by him. Congrats.
  8. Yianni v Green - Yianni strikes first via a lightning high crotch off a tie. And again but this for a push out. 3-0 Yianni. Snyder looked so so early but looked great late in that match. Credit to the GEO guy for the throw attempts. (Zahid rolled by the way --- last move was off a standing upper body contest ... I'm not sure how but Zahid put the guy flat to his back .. Tech so guy just laid there for the pin) End of first Yianni up 3-0. Dake and Grey in his corner. Green in deep, on both legs. Statemate. Green in again ... should have this ... does ... NO. Yianni glides it to a whizzer. How? He was dead to rights. Neutral. Green driving Yianni back. Yianni goes to knees and gets to Green's leg. Locks. Green pushes in with hip and pushes/slides Yianni backward and OOB. Smart. 3-0 Yianni in. But now Green has a leg. Yianni covering. Behind hip. Gives 2 for Yianni. That wasn't given to him in an earlier match. 5-0. Green in .. yianni sprawls out ... no go. Yianni is going to win this. Does 5-0. Congrats Yianni.
  9. I think each got a passive pt. Suriano got a step out pt. Going off of memory.
  10. Vito vs Bujia ... (GEO) ... Beautiful throw by GEO for 4. Vito says FU and forces his own position and throw! 4-4. Now GEO in. Vito does ill advised high flyer and 4 for GEO. I'm guessing there is a challenge but I'm not seeing it working. Kind of works. 2 for Vito, 4 for Geo, 1 for GEo. 9-6 GEO. Vito now gets a step out 7-9. Crazy first period. 2nd period. Hand fighting. Now Vito in on double and GEO pulls him up and over ... similar to last one ... and 4 given to GEO ... Hmmmm. Then a step out for Vito. 7-11. Huh? Only 2 for blue? Not sure what's up. Very similar to last one where Vito hoisted GEO over. Kinda sucks that there is such judgment to be applied. Vito's momentum was NOT stopped. OK Vito gets the points. 11-11 is on the board .... huh? Now 13-11 GEO? WTF. This is not the first time the scoreboard folks can't get it right. Now 13-11 Vito. ??? I'm so confused. Vito now turned in a scramble and in a bad spot. Another turn. ... but only 2 given. 13-13 GEO has criteria according to the scoreboard. Sounds about right. 51 sec to go. GEO in, VIto trying to lift hi over. GEO swings legs, both expose back but GEO gets the points. Wins 15-13. :(
  11. Ok. Try this. 8-0. Yianni goes in. 2-2 awarded with Kinch getting last 2 .. Yianni gets control for 1. Then a turn. 13-2.
  12. Went and found the Dake match in Semifinals .... HOLY CRAP he drove that guy so hard into the mat. I like the joke about needing to repair the permanent dent. Damn. I expect the victim didn't have much air in his lungs after that. Dake Bomb exemplar!!!
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