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  1. OK, what happened? He was shut down in his loss. Could not break through the head hands / positioning defense. And when he did take big risks he was countered (I need to rewatch). I tend to think he is generally, at these very very high levels, on the wrong side of the strength comparison but that is a guess. Expert opinions on where he needs to focus?
  2. Really wishing I didn't mention Cox. This thread is not about blaming anyone for the US missing gold by a whisker. This is about the 'learning' that I've heard many wrestlers state ... I need to pull the trigger, I need to get on my offense sooner. It is such a ridiculous learning. It is akin to 'When I go out there next time, I want to try and win' ... no sh|t. How many years have they wrestled? How many other wrestlers have they heard with that kind of 'learning' ... all you folks at the very top of the sport ... it is already learned!!
  3. I don't think this is a hard one to figure out. They have very clear data that show how many people have been tuning into the freestyle matches and they decided that the cost and effort to do the flozone bit would be justified to the estimated value they would generate to all the people tuning in. However, when looking at how many people tune in to the Greco matches, they decided it was not worth the cost and effort.
  4. Add in Soviet breakup and the fewer weights ... I'm comfortable with believing JB having to go through much harder competition ... that offsets that Olympic Gold margin vs World gold. Plus, JB has earned 9 medals to 6 for Smith. I get your point Shaka, simply a difference of opinion.
  5. If it is not easy, then talk about isn't easy about it ... setups need work, something ... not that they need to attack earlier. OF COURSE YOU DO!! That is not a learning that is allowed any more!! GO DEEPER and fix it! I'm having a bit of fun with this ... but I am getting very annoyed with this 'learning' (I'm trying not to use the word 'excuse' as it doesn't seem quite right).
  6. Yes, with this gold, I bump him ahead in my GOAT rankings.
  7. DT now has something to really drive him. Really really drive him. I have confidence. This loss is going to really burn. He'll come back better.
  8. Just listened to today's FRL - had a snippet from J'Den Cox's interview post his loss. J'Den saying that he needs to have more offense in his match. Get attacks off earlier. WTF!!!! I'm SICK AND TIRED OF THIS ASININE 'LEARNING' ... NO FREAKING CRAP!! J'Den isn't the only one to use this line, he is just the most recent. IT IS NO LONGER ALLOWED. NO MORE! YOU FREAKING KNOW YOU NEED TO DO IT BEFORE YOU GET ON THE MAT... Next time say - I know what I'm supposed to do but for some stupid reason I am unable to do it. I need to figure out why I am so freaking afraid of taking risk earlier in the match. I apparently have no faith in my own abilities. I have a mental block that needs remediation. Again, I'm using J'Den as an example here. I've heard plenty of others do it. Including Gilman. Guess what ... Gilman has actually done something about it. All you other guys that want to compete for the US ... the lesson has been learned by many others before you. And some of them fixed it! YOU are not so stupid, so thick, so unable to comprehend that you can actually pretend that this is something that you haven't already known or figured out. It is NOW OFF LIMITS AS A LEARNING. OFF LIMITS!!
  9. It's fascinating psychology. Saw many on these boards say how little college wrestling means when looking at total resume ... but few here saying it. I'm curious to see more Penn State fans chime in. I think, in general, going out quickly on a high note maintains that air of amazement. Keeps that prestige factor so high. I think the combo of hitting such a high note in college, quickly on hitting the highest note on the world stage, and then poof .. step out of competition ... makes Cael's (and Gable's) perceived prestige so high. Even higher than someone with an Olympic gold, world gold, and a world silver. Psychology is interesting. For me, I would but Cael's full on the mat resume over DTs as well. I do value reaching such as high, and unique, pinnacle in folkstyle. But I'm not sure when I'd switch to DT. Perhaps just one more world silver or gold and I'd switch camps. No hard logic to it. Regarding prestige -- I'm really not sure about this one. The fact that we have so many other gold medalists right now seems to somehow hold DT back from the level of prestige Cael had. Again, psychology is interesting.
  10. Armenian got to Russian's leg ... and then ... Russian able to jump and kick out with seeming ease on more than one occasion. Huh? Armenian not know how to hold on at all? Forget how to do it? OK, let's go Kyle Snyder ... let's go.
  11. 163 Russia, 160 US, 150 Iran -- according to announcers.
  12. Kurbanov (Russia) vs Ghasempour (Iran) - 92kg gold medal match. Kurbanov on clock. Not much risk being taken at all. Forehead to forehead. Ghas gets 1 as Kurbanov lowers and goes in for 2. 2-1 Kurbanov. Warned for interlocking fingers .. both of them. Ref says next one is a caution. Ghas fires to his right ... and gets it! 2! 3-2 Iran as period ends. Big points at end of period. 2nd - head to head, pulling down. Iran in again on russia left leg. lifts and gets around for the 2! 5-2 Ghasempour. Ghas generally looking better. Kur just took a slop shot (Ghas might have made it look slop). But Ghas can't get behind. 1 min to go. point to Ghas for a Kur club. 6-2. Kur fires a double, whizzer situation. Gets the 2 and is on top. 6-4 ...trying turn ... can't quite get it. Tries again (gut) but Kurbanov steps over and holds him there!! Gets 2! 8-4 ghasempour! 8 sec left. Done. Ghas wins gold!
  13. Team score suggests we need Iran here. .... or does it not matter? Will Snyder need to beat Sad either way?
  14. Edit - I got confused. Yes, I'd call it a great day.
  15. that four point move ... had a high single, moved up higher in thigh, rocked him back and then forward as he lifted and the URK other foot came off mat and out and went straight to back. Interesting! I don't see that happen. How did JDen make it work?
  16. Generally apart. Some ties. Cox lowers but nothing. Cox holding center. Ukr doing nothing at all besides blocking off. Ref wants to call him again .. and does. Now on clock again. Cox lowers and fires with sweep to left but misses getting hold. 3-0 now. 1:30 to go. Cox fires a double, gets a single and BAM to back hard!! Nice!! 4 points. 7-0. restart. Cox fires again. Gets single to a TD. Trying a lace then moves to gut and gets the turn!! 11-0 JDEN with the Bronze!!!
  17. So, we are rooting for Iran for the 92Kg final ... Until then though .. Need Cox to bring home a bronze. Come on .... Looks calm, looking up ... a little prayer? Vs Vlasov - Ukraine. Cox holding center. Vlasov passive? Not sure. Looks like Vlasov went out but perhaps not fully out. Now Vlasov on clock. Not much going on beside pushing. Cox with back to center. 1-0 now with shot clock point. Some mild fakes by Cox. Vlasov pushes in .. Cox falls back onto mat but springs up. Hmmm, that was weird. No points. 3:25. Cox seems to be focused on pushouts. ??? end of period. 2-0 as Cox gets the step out.
  18. Let's go J'Den -- bound back. Let's go.
  19. The guy is a living, walking, in the moment legend. So great on so many levels. Such a role model. We are blessed to be active fans during this period of time.
  20. Points I posted above are from the announcers.
  21. I"m thinking they don't add points until the weight is done.
  22. Burroughs was on the top of the head A LOT ... I didn't see much in the face. The 2 on 1 post was side of head .. ref was ok with that. I really didn't see too much face slapping. I have seen him do much worse. I was looking down to fix typing position periodically though. He does club ... but not ridiculous here.
  23. Will forever be paired. Amazing doubles. Love when we see them from directly behind him. Opponents legs are splayed out and Burroughs has his wings out and hands wrapping with head in chest ... so classic.
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